segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1Shindagin Hollow Rd Decend B13,626 ft208 ft559193410
2SH Welcome Mat Climb B11,057 ft35 ft52426303
3SH B1 Bite Me DH B11,871 ft90 ft43515063
4SH B3 Climb B32,214 ft42 ft38714232
5shrunken skull Skullwinder3,092 ft82 ft36818681
6Chair Trail Chair3,146 ft43 ft33315548
7PaperBoy Descent Paperboy1,698 ft197 ft301158514
8Scatman Crothers R54,560 ft62 ft29611741
9Rooty Climb Y4 Y41,031 ft53 ft2939165
10SH B6 Creek Trail (Northbound) B6 Creek Trail1 mile254 ft28813314
11SH Lower Y1 Craters of the Moon DH Y11,283 ft86 ft28712153
12R2 the climb out R22,265 ft97 ft28310860
13j-climb "J" Trail1,850 ft118 ft27112503
14Gorge trail down Rim4,484 ft91 ft2639566
15Chair (North) Chair3,025 ft37 ft2479323
16R2 into the gully (Southbound) R21 mile150 ft2458483
17Fluffy Pillows Reroute Descent B2 Dizzy D3,436 ft308 ft2299413
18SH B7 The Abyss DH Bitch Ditch1,991 ft131 ft22511751
19Skull Trail Skullwinder3,334 ft103 ft2138434
20Downhill run off road Bitch Ditch2,132 ft142 ft209101410
21Glove Trail (South) Glove2,412 ft57 ft2076411
22shortbus reroute down Short Bus4,071 ft263 ft1918525
23Dizzy D to Fluffy Pillows reroute. B2 Dizzy D3,219 ft301 ft1896696
24Creek Trail B6 Creek Trail1 mile195 ft1835363
25Shortcut B81,405 ft95 ft1795263
26SH Fault Line DH B81,379 ft96 ft1693570
27R3 Section 2 R31,955 ft49 ft1635301
28SH B7 The Abyss Climb Bitch Ditch1,908 ft126 ft1593241
29SH R5 Bad Motivator (Southbound) R54,523 ft54 ft1504912
30SH Paperboy Climb Paperboy1,497 ft148 ft1392000
31Bomb it Y12,463 ft165 ft1396651
32bumpy trail air time Y11,378 ft107 ft1294862
33Shindagin Hollow Rd Climb B14,650 ft306 ft1212282
34HH Anticipation (Southbound) Y12,047 ft40 ft1185061
35SH Y8 Mega Mud Run Climb B81,617 ft98 ft1072863
36Hold your breath Y61,135 ft91 ft974282
37SH R2 Not the Droid You're Looking For (Northbound) R21 mile147 ft841220
38SH Could Have Been Good DH "J" Trail2,821 ft152 ft801302
39Dizzy D to Fluffy Pillows Descent B2 Dizzy D2,615 ft309 ft691731
40shortbus reroute up Short Bus3,973 ft260 ft632031
41Fluffy Pillows Climb B2 Dizzy D3,618 ft272 ft61910
42HH Y5 DH Y51,203 ft93 ft591010
43Snowmobile Trail Descent Snowmobile Trail4,979 ft292 ft561783
44DH Off Trail 1 (Maybe) G14,120 ft253 ft42841
45Hammond Hill Rd Climb Snowmobile Trail1 mile316 ft34831
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