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BeeFranklin Falls Dam
2,747 ft-94 ft
CaddywhompusFranklin Falls Dam
1,422 ft-36 ft
CellarHoleFranklin Falls Dam
969 ft-12 ft
Chicken RavineFranklin Falls Dam
1,923 ft-111 ft
connector trailFranklin Falls Dam
173 ft-17 ft
connector trailFranklin Falls Dam
216 ft-27 ft
connector trailFranklin Falls Dam
442 ft-16 ft
Joe's Cut OffSpaulding Woods
Lost WallFranklin Falls Dam
2,271 ft-24 ft
Mighty ChickenFranklin Falls Dam
1,862 ft-152 ft
Moose GullyFranklin Falls Dam
2,711 ft-71 ft
Old BenchFranklin Falls Dam
2,462 ft-17 ft
Pine SnakeFranklin Falls Dam
1,388 ft-11 ft
RogueFranklin Falls Dam
3,596 ft-76 ft
Rusty BucketFranklin Falls Dam
1,466 ft-88 ft
Salmon BrookFranklin Falls Dam
1,360 ft-102 ft
Smallish VarmittSpaulding Woods
SniperFranklin Falls Dam
4,641 ft-66 ft
Squirrelagator DownSpaulding Woods
1,774 ft-150 ft
StumpFranklin Falls Dam
2,172 ft-58 ft
Swamp Donkey DiscoSpaulding Woods
2,152 ft-134 ft
WhalebackFranklin Falls Dam
2,637 ft-22 ft
Yellow Dot to WormholeSpaulding Woods
4.3 miles
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