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10 MinuteHighland Mountain Bike Park
764 ft-182 ft
2,143 ft-192 ft
4 MilerLake Massabesic
3.1 miles-388 ft
48TDrummer Hill/Goose Pond
2,408 ft-10 ft
Access from Remick ParkPRKR MTN
1.1 miles-243 ft
Alp D' HuezBear Brook State Park
2,560 ft-86 ft
Anne's SurpriseHospital/Winant ParkTrails
3,493 ft-109 ft
AntlerMoose Brook SP
705 ft-7 ft
ApeLake Massabesic
2,947 ft-63 ft
Ashcroft TrailBeaver Brook
4,644 ft-105 ft
Avery TrailThe Pinnacle
2,694 ft-170 ft
Back LoopOak Hill
1.2 miles-147 ft
BackdoorDrummer Hill/Goose Pond
1,081 ft
Baptist HillThe Pinnacle
1,145 ft-19 ft
Baptist Hill BypassThe Pinnacle
665 ft-69 ft
BarkerStratham hill park
1.0 miles-145 ft
Barton WoodsThe Pinnacle
2,347 ft-44 ft
Bear BrookBear Brook State Park
1.1 miles-276 ft
Bear Brook ExtensionBear Brook State Park
3,536 ft-248 ft
Bear Brook LowerBear Brook State Park
4,080 ft-173 ft
Bear CaveLandmark/Boston Lot
2,996 ft-273 ft
Bear ClawPage Hill
3,494 ft-35 ft
Bear HillBear Brook State Park
1.3 miles-341 ft
Bear TrapThe Pinnacle
1.0 miles-310 ft
BearSpringNorthPine Mountain
1.6 miles-75 ft
Beaver Brook TrailBeaver Brook
2,102 ft-31 ft
Beaver DamLandmark/Boston Lot
391 ft-41 ft
Beaver Pond LoopBear Brook State Park
1.5 miles-180 ft
BeeFranklin Falls Dam
2,747 ft-94 ft
Beginner LoopStonewall Farm
1.7 miles-212 ft
Betty MackMusquash Conservation
2.6 miles-557 ft
Big BearBear Brook State Park
3,989 ft-309 ft
Big JimHospital/Winant ParkTrails
1,380 ft-24 ft
2,681 ft-109 ft
Birch ConnectorHampstead
735 ft-31 ft
BittenDrummer Hill/Goose Pond
1.5 miles-560 ft
Bitten-ThreaderDrummer Hill/Goose Pond
837 ft-8 ft
Black Cap ConnectorNorth Conway
3.4 miles-1,644 ft
Black Cap TrailNorth Conway
1.2 miles-19 ft
Blodgett Hill BypassHorse Hill
3,732 ft-45 ft
Blodgett Hill SummitHorse Hill
2,631 ft-54 ft
BlueMusquash Conservation
1.2 miles-240 ft
Blue LoopFort Rock
2,888 ft-88 ft
Blue on WhiteDrummer Hill/Goose Pond
4,025 ft-60 ft
Blue TrailFrench’s Ledges and Farnum Trails
2,541 ft-29 ft
Blue TrailCornish Town forest
2.0 miles-364 ft
Bobcat trailBear Brook State Park
1.5 miles-295 ft
Bone SawHighland Mountain Bike Park
1,182 ft-200 ft
3,509 ft-177 ft
Brad's TrailDrummer Hill/Goose Pond
848 ft-15 ft
Brad's TrailDrummer Hill/Goose Pond
620 ft-17 ft
Brad's TrailDrummer Hill/Goose Pond
148 ft-6 ft
Brake BurnerThe Pinnacle
1,510 ft-268 ft
Brian's Wood GapDrummer Hill/Goose Pond
816 ft
689 ft-15 ft
Broken BoulderBear Brook State Park
2.4 miles-439 ft
Bruce LeeLandmark/Boston Lot
4,091 ft-370 ft
BS_2_FRFort Rock
1.2 miles-98 ft
BuckshotHighland XC Trails
2,147 ft-112 ft
Bug OutPage Hill
2,245 ft-206 ft
Burnt MountainLandmark/Boston Lot
1.1 miles-287 ft
Burnt PathwayLandmark/Boston Lot
5,083 ft-77 ft
BurntsideLandmark/Boston Lot
2,273 ft
ButterDrummer Hill/Goose Pond
2,170 ft-24 ft
CaddywhompusFranklin Falls Dam
1,422 ft-36 ft
Calvin LoopLitchfield Town Forest
4,684 ft-228 ft
CampgroundBear Brook State Park
2.2 miles-323 ft
CanyonLandmark/Boston Lot
4,575 ft-17 ft
Cardiac HillNorth Conway
3,249 ft-48 ft
Carr RidgeBear Brook State Park
1.4 miles-387 ft
CascadeBear Brook State Park
1.0 miles-279 ft
Cascade ConnectorBear Brook State Park
483 ft-8 ft
Cat Scratch FeverHighland Mountain Bike Park
1,104 ft-126 ft
Cat's PawHighland Mountain Bike Park
3,773 ft-516 ft
Catamount HillBear Brook State Park
4,523 ft-115 ft
Catamount ShortcutBear Brook State Park
2,919 ft-357 ft
CaterpillarGrater Woods/Pond Parish
3,134 ft-146 ft
CCC Perimeter WMoose Brook SP
1.7 miles-94 ft
CCC-Link TrailMoose Brook SP
551 ft-9 ft
CCC_Perimeter_EMoose Brook SP
1.1 miles-365 ft
CellarHoleFranklin Falls Dam
969 ft-12 ft
Cemetery LoopHampstead
4,264 ft-113 ft
CentipedeGrater Woods/Pond Parish
5,260 ft-171 ft
1,481 ft-15 ft
CheaterNorth Conway
1.6 miles-344 ft
Chicken RavineFranklin Falls Dam
1,923 ft-111 ft
ChipmunkBear Brook State Park
2.0 miles-451 ft
Chuck NorrisLandmark/Boston Lot
1,257 ft-34 ft
Clay CornersDrummer Hill/Goose Pond
1,197 ft-1 ft
Claymore CourseHighland Mountain Bike Park
1,697 ft-238 ft
Climb to PipelineHorse Hill
673 ft-4 ft
Coit CrossoverThe Pinnacle
4,172 ft-135 ft
Coit SummitThe Pinnacle
4,910 ft-272 ft
Colt 45Fort Rock
2,804 ft-83 ft
ConnectorHighland Mountain Bike Park
78 ft-8 ft
connector trailFranklin Falls Dam
173 ft-17 ft
connector trailFranklin Falls Dam
216 ft-27 ft
connector trailFranklin Falls Dam
442 ft-16 ft
CouchThe Pinnacle
1,322 ft-49 ft
Cow LaneBeaver Brook
4,571 ft-136 ft
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