Mountain Bike
titleriding arearatingdistancedescentclimb
3,003 ft-239 ft
CCC LinkVictory Hill Sector
2 miles-352 ft141 ft
CCC to Victory ConnectorVictory
2 miles-325 ft608 ft
ClodhopperVictory Hill Sector
2 miles-643 ft155 ft
Cloud 9Victory Hill Sector
3,861 ft-4 ft223 ft
Field LoopVictory Hill Sector
2,513 ft-71 ft43 ft
2 miles-565 ft40 ft
LiefsVictory Hill Sector
4,004 ft-258 ft8 ft
Mac AttackVictory Hill Sector
3,589 ft-5 ft295 ft
MacAttackVictory Hill Sector
1 mile-567 ft106 ft
Mcgills ThrillVictory Hill Sector
1 mile-538 ft42 ft
Middle FingerVictory Hill Sector
5,279 ft-462 ft8 ft
Off the TopVictory Hill Sector
3,820 ft-526 ft
PoutineVictory Hill Sector
1 mile-244 ft
RidgeVictory Hill Sector
969 ft-21 ft9 ft
Stairway to HeavenVictory Hill Sector
1 mile-334 ft218 ft
The LiftVictory Hill Sector
1 mile-40 ft386 ft
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