As stated in the last report, the 1 mile of uncleared blowdown is about in the middle of this section and was able to get bikes around it without too much trouble. North and South ends are mostly clear.
A big Thank You to the folks who help keep this clear!

Previous Reports

Aug 23, 2022 @ 8:37am
Aug 23, 2022
Have cleared 1.5 miles of deadfall between Joe Bower's Saddle and Bullion Parks Road. There's approx. 1 mile of uncleared trail. view
Aug 3, 2022 @ 6:56pm
Aug 3, 2022
Lots of deadfall after going south on this section of trail from Bullion Rd. view
Aug 3, 2022 @ 6:46pm
Aug 3, 2022
Started from Bullion Parks Rd. Found 3 small trees down in the first 2.75 miles. After that there was lots of deadfall, I turned around after... view


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