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Camp Hill, Pennsylvania
United States
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Pennsylvania Parks and Forests Foundation (PPFF) began in 1999 as a statewide nonprofit organization to provide a voice for the Commonwealth’s 121 state parks and 2.2 million acres of forest land. With PPFF, citizens can donate or bequeath money to state parks and forests, become active and involved volunteers in the park and forest system, and find some fun and educational opportunities. PPFF’s status as a registered charity allows chapter friends groups to operate on our public lands for the benefit of everyone.

Riding Areas

nametrailstotal descenthighest trailtotal distance
Allegheny National Forest31-16,877 ft2,056 ft148 miles
Allegheny National Recreation Area15-9,286 ft2,198 ft81 miles
Archbald Pothole/Stabach Park20-621 ft1,451 ft6 miles
Asbury Woods8-464 ft842 ft5 miles
Bald Eagle State Forest19-6,166 ft2,069 ft32 miles
Bear Creek Mountain Resort8-1,354 ft1,142 ft8 miles
Birdsboro Preserve79-9,309 ft816 ft48 miles
Black Moshannon State Park36-9,572 ft2,414 ft103 miles
Black Rock14-1,149 ft348 ft11 miles
Brady's Run Park31-4,685 ft1,194 ft19 miles
Bruce Lake Conservation Area11-896 ft1,884 ft17 miles
Brush Creek County Park5-702 ft1,045 ft5 miles
Canoe Creek State Park20-1,793 ft1,349 ft27 miles
Cedar Creek Park2-521 ft962 ft2 miles
Cherry Springs State Park2-83 ft2,305 ft1 mile
Cheslin Preserve2-405 ft491 ft3 miles
Clear Creek State Forest - Kennerdell Tract17-3,557 ft1,531 ft37 miles
Clear Creek State Park21-2,426 ft1,635 ft33 miles
Coleman Park1-109 ft563 ft2 miles
Colonel Denning State Park12-7,581 ft2,188 ft40 miles
Cook Forest State Park42-2,723 ft1,610 ft50 miles
Core Creek State Park32-563 ft181 ft11 miles
Cornplanter State Forest00 ft0 ft0 ft
Cowans Gap State Park14-5,567 ft2,453 ft34 miles
Cross Creek County Park2-492 ft1,325 ft3 miles
Crow's Nest Preserve17-472 ft633 ft7 miles
Delaware Water Gap2-715 ft1,296 ft2 miles
Dick and Nancy Eales Preserve at Moosic Mountain32-3,901 ft2,292 ft27 miles
Eagleton Mine Camp Trail18-3,074 ft1,908 ft29 miles
Ephrata Bike Park @ Heatherwood6-357 ft461 ft8 miles
Erie Bluffs State Park16-662 ft706 ft10 miles
Fairmount Park (Belmont Plateau)61-1,803 ft249 ft17 miles
Falling Springs3-282 ft930 ft1 mile
Flight 93 National Memorial00 ft0 ft0 ft
Forbes State Forest4-515 ft2,903 ft9 miles
Fort Littleton2-329 ft1,723 ft4 miles
Frances Slocum State Park12-848 ft1,251 ft5 miles
French Creek State Park36-4,380 ft991 ft27 miles
Frontier Park5-52 ft673 ft1 mile
Gifford Pinchot State Park13-228 ft582 ft6 miles
Glen Park16-895 ft862 ft7 miles
Governor Dick18-2,021 ft1,149 ft13 miles
Green Lane Park34-3,383 ft468 ft24 miles
Haverford Reserve24-608 ft356 ft7 miles
Hawk Mountain Sanctuary9-1,255 ft1,516 ft8 miles
Hershey Medical Center16-1,317 ft664 ft12 miles
Hickory Run State Park50-3,928 ft1,967 ft46 miles
Hopewell Furnace National Historic Site15-827 ft993 ft6 miles
Hopewell Park33-1,570 ft884 ft11 miles
Hyner View State Park26-7,094 ft2,152 ft38 miles
Inclined Plane Trails19-1,699 ft1,692 ft5 miles
Jacobsburg State Park26-1,408 ft678 ft17 miles
Jennings Environmental Education Center8-1,034 ft1,478 ft13 miles
John Rudy County Park1-62 ft551 ft2,644 ft
Jordan Parkway10 ft338 ft125 ft
Kelly's Run Nature Preserve29-4,229 ft733 ft18 miles
Kings Gap10-1,878 ft1,513 ft14 miles
Kinzua State Park6-421 ft2,149 ft3 miles
Lackawanna State Park51-4,444 ft1,302 ft28 miles
Lancaster County Central Park8-1,059 ft397 ft8 miles
Landis Woods8-432 ft472 ft3 miles
Laurel Hill00 ft0 ft0 ft
Lazy Brook Park6-20 ft625 ft1 mile
Lehigh Gorge State Park8-1,448 ft1,534 ft26 miles
Leonard Harrison State Park18-5,206 ft2,155 ft33 miles
Loyalsock State Forest24-7,089 ft2,052 ft58 miles
Marilla Trail Network19-3,828 ft2,316 ft31 miles
Maurice K. Goddard State Park6-433 ft1,465 ft14 miles
McConnells Mill State Park9-1,139 ft1,272 ft10 miles
Michaux State Forest42-8,760 ft1,990 ft65 miles
Mingo Creek County Park1-348 ft1,209 ft3 miles
MK Goddard - Wykof Run Natural Area00 ft0 ft0 ft
Moon Lake State Forest Recreation Area36-2,554 ft1,359 ft20 miles
Moshannon State Forest24-8,688 ft2,382 ft85 miles
Nay Aug Park13-281 ft994 ft4 miles
Neshaminy High School Trails10-630 ft197 ft6 miles
Nockamixon State Park7-711 ft473 ft9 miles
Nolde Forest17-1,810 ft854 ft9 miles
Northern Michaux142-25,858 ft2,071 ft186 miles
Ohiopyle State Park22-5,595 ft2,448 ft33 miles
Oil Creek State Park42-6,197 ft1,595 ft189 miles
Opossum Lake Park1-504 ft507 ft4 miles
PA State Game Lands #582-937 ft1,409 ft6 miles
Parker Dam State Park12-830 ft1,935 ft11 miles
Penn State38-1,690 ft1,192 ft11 miles
Pierre Grey Lakes00 ft0 ft0 ft
Pinchot State Forest14-938 ft2,075 ft13 miles
Pine Creek Gorge Natural Area5-154 ft1,915 ft5 miles
Pine Grove Furnace State Park20-2,440 ft1,866 ft32 miles
Pinebrook Park4-57 ft518 ft5,013 ft
Pleasant Ridge Park12-140 ft914 ft3 miles
Poe Paddy State Park3-811 ft1,794 ft13 miles
Powder Mill Nature Reserve6-147 ft1,823 ft3 miles
Presque Isle State Park19-56 ft582 ft24 miles
Prince Gallitzin00 ft0 ft0 ft
Promised Land State Park28-2,188 ft1,868 ft30 miles
Prompton State Park16-2,425 ft1,454 ft23 miles
Quebec Run Wild Area12-5,695 ft2,739 ft34 miles
Quehanna Wild Area18-4,197 ft2,205 ft42 miles
Randolph Woods3-136 ft561 ft3,071 ft
Ricketts Glen State Park15-3,366 ft2,448 ft26 miles
Robesonia Water Authority11-1,373 ft896 ft8 miles
Rocky Ridge County Park59-3,512 ft1,015 ft33 miles
Ryerson Station State Park21-1,876 ft1,380 ft12 miles
Saint Peters Trails00 ft0 ft0 ft
Scott Park8-21 ft681 ft3 miles
Seven Mountains35-10,428 ft2,131 ft66 miles
Seven Tubs Recreation Area4-504 ft1,405 ft5 miles
Shawnee State Park16-1,531 ft1,482 ft14 miles
Shenango Recreation Area Campground3-153 ft975 ft5 miles
Simon's Hollow3-691 ft1,788 ft4 miles
Ski Mount Pleasant9-1,443 ft1,499 ft5 miles
Skunk Hollow24-324 ft368 ft5 miles
South Mountain Wildlands Conservancy21-1,976 ft1,019 ft13 miles
Southern Michaux State Forest90-19,207 ft2,096 ft122 miles
State Game Land 15613-3,633 ft1,171 ft17 miles
State Game Land No 991-986 ft2,262 ft7 miles
State Game Lands Number 711-2,721 ft2,303 ft12 miles
Sugarloaf Mountain Bike Area13-3,776 ft2,898 ft18 miles
Swatara State Park17-1,551 ft649 ft23 miles
Sweet Arrow Lake7-428 ft636 ft6 miles
Tiadaghton State Forest14-11,099 ft2,143 ft63 miles
Tiadaghton State Forest16-3,647 ft1,984 ft25 miles
Tioga State Forest22-5,365 ft2,341 ft42 miles
Tobyhanna State Park11-683 ft2,095 ft16 miles
Toscarora State Forest1-316 ft1,675 ft2 miles
Trexler Nature Preserve18-3,013 ft733 ft19 miles
Trough Creek State Park17-2,984 ft1,807 ft31 miles
Two Mile Run00 ft0 ft0 ft
Valley Forge National Historic Park43-2,464 ft655 ft34 miles
Warwick Park8-944 ft623 ft4 miles
Weiser State Forest Haldeman Tract26-4,399 ft1,719 ft52 miles
Welsh Mountain Preserve43-3,395 ft1,105 ft20 miles
West End Regional Park19-1,022 ft1,083 ft8 miles
White Deer Ridge24-4,394 ft2,182 ft51 miles
White Rocks17-3,550 ft1,397 ft23 miles
William H. Kain County Park16-2,713 ft749 ft18 miles
Williamsport Water Authority23-4,303 ft1,957 ft40 miles
Willow Creek ATV2-432 ft2,244 ft10 miles
Winter Green Gorge4-269 ft1,151 ft3 miles
Woodbourne Forest Preserve8-887 ft1,579 ft6 miles
World's End State Park34-12,464 ft2,119 ft74 miles
Zuck Park3-64 ft960 ft2,539 ft

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