Type Trail Association
Primary Activity Mountain Bike
Phone 973-506-9293
43 Ramapo Road
Hewitt, New Jersey
United States
Associated Groups
JORBA Jersey Off Road Bicycle Association
JORBA Jungle JORBA Jungle Habitat Trail Monkeys
JORBA RIngwood JORBA Ringwood Ramapo
JORBA Stephens JORBA Stephens
JORBA Tourne JORBA Tourne
JORBA Mooch JORBA Allamuchy
JORBA Wildcat JORBA Wildcat
JORBAHi-Bridge JORBA High Bridge
JORBA High Mtn JORBA High Mountain
JORBA MercerCP JORBA Mercer County Park
JORBA Norvin JORBA Norvin Green
JORBA Sourland JORBA Sourland
JORBA Baldpate JORBA Baldpate
JORBA Wharton JORBA Wharton
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The Jersey Off Road Bicycle Association is a mountain biking association in New Jersey, USA, founded in 1999. Their activities include trail maintenance, sustainable trail building, group rides and skills clinics. JORBA is a 501 non-profit organization. JORBA is an affiliated club of the International Mountain Biking Association .

Riding Areas

nametrailstotal descenthighest trailtotal distance
Absegami Trails2-192 ft96 ft3 miles
Allaire State Park294-3,777 ft156 ft84 miles
Allamuchy Mountain State Park87-7,499 ft1,253 ft66 miles
Apshawa Preserve16-1,058 ft965 ft10 miles
Bass River State Forest21-252 ft77 ft19 miles
Bayonet Farm Park4-148 ft158 ft4 miles
Belleplain State Forest17-243 ft49 ft23 miles
Bergen Alpine00 ft0 ft0 ft
Black River Park1-125 ft755 ft2,797 ft
Black Run Preserve42-534 ft154 ft23 miles
Bog Trails29-332 ft74 ft6 miles
Brendan T. Byrne State Forest35-522 ft169 ft41 miles
Briar Ridge Park4-380 ft998 ft2 miles
Bridgeton City Trails15-193 ft93 ft5 miles
Brookdale Park1-55 ft244 ft1,270 ft
Brookwood Park2-17 ft706 ft1,286 ft
Bull Island Recreation Area7-56 ft94 ft2 miles
C.O. Johnson Park1-571 ft1,038 ft3 miles
Camp Alpine00 ft0 ft0 ft
Cape May Point State Park00 ft0 ft0 ft
Carasaljo Park7-74 ft74 ft5 miles
Cedar Grove Community Park3-88 ft427 ft3,291 ft
Ceres Park51-788 ft135 ft14 miles
Charlestown Reserve4-212 ft918 ft2 miles
Cheesequake State Park2-369 ft114 ft2 miles
Cherry Brook Preserve50 ft222 ft4 miles
Chimney Rock-Washington Valley Park62-2,005 ft505 ft19 miles
Chippewa Trails4-22 ft93 ft4 miles
Christie Hoffman Farm Park18-504 ft884 ft5 miles
Clayton Park9-415 ft233 ft6 miles
Cold Brook Preserve11-254 ft301 ft4 miles
Commons Flow Trails4-253 ft432 ft2 miles
Cooper River Park2-26 ft33 ft7 miles
Crystal Lake Park1-79 ft98 ft2 miles
Cushetunk Preserve10-1,297 ft808 ft6 miles
D&R Canal State Park00 ft0 ft0 ft
Deer Path Park14-270 ft222 ft4 miles
Dickerson Mine Preserve14-848 ft933 ft9 miles
Duke Farms70-402 ft137 ft21 miles
Duke Island Park10 ft0 ft0 ft
Edith Stevens Memorial Wildlife Preserve26-386 ft177 ft10 miles
Egg Harbor Township Nature Reserve22-536 ft100 ft7 miles
EHT BMX1-5 ft51 ft1,188 ft
Estell Manor Park8-272 ft65 ft6 miles
Evans Family Forest Preserve7-423 ft756 ft3 miles
Fairmount North9-575 ft843 ft3 miles
Forsythe Wildlife Refuge3-296 ft93 ft6 miles
Fort Dix Multi-Use family Trails1-154 ft161 ft3 miles
Frost Woods Memorial Park7-29 ft138 ft1,886 ft
Glenside Woods2-296 ft1,096 ft1 mile
Hacklebarney State Park14-927 ft785 ft5 miles
Hartshorne Woods Park50-2,585 ft264 ft20 miles
Hedden County Park10-845 ft883 ft4 miles
Hell Mountain Preserve4-154 ft693 ft2 miles
High Mountain82-7,698 ft873 ft41 miles
High Point State Park67-4,725 ft1,779 ft46 miles
Highlands Preserve17-1,351 ft1,402 ft18 miles
Highlands Ridge Park5-281 ft927 ft2 miles
Hoffman Park15-59 ft540 ft4 miles
Holland Highlands15-671 ft684 ft4 miles
Holmdel Park30-544 ft200 ft9 miles
Horseshoe Bend Park17-1,224 ft435 ft10 miles
Huber Woods Park23-772 ft184 ft8 miles
Island Beach State Park15-7 ft24 ft2 miles
Jakes Branch County Park2-152 ft71 ft6 miles
James Andrews Memorial Park5-287 ft996 ft4 miles
Jenny Jump State Forest29-2,735 ft1,115 ft17 miles
Jonathan's Woods13-367 ft851 ft7 miles
Jungle Habitat100-8,098 ft1,171 ft49 miles
Ken Lockwood Gorge WMA00 ft0 ft0 ft
Kittatinny Valley State Park47-2,246 ft988 ft21 miles
Kresson Trails9-86 ft67 ft3 miles
Lambertvile6-16 ft97 ft2,995 ft
Lambertville Water Co.8-458 ft423 ft7 miles
Landfill trails7-248 ft88 ft3 miles
Leon Smock 80 Acre Park10-34 ft71 ft3 miles
Lewis Morris County Park71-1,680 ft646 ft25 miles
Liberty State Park13-3 ft10 ft3 miles
Loantaka Brook Reservation26-155 ft314 ft10 miles
Long Pond Ironworks State Park25-2,810 ft947 ft43 miles
Mahlon Dickerson Reservation61-3,791 ft1,372 ft43 miles
Manasquan Reservoir8-292 ft125 ft9 miles
Manasquan River Wildlife Management Area50-780 ft110 ft18 miles
Marble Hill Natural Resource Area5-325 ft612 ft3 miles
Maurice River Bluffs Preserve9-444 ft65 ft5 miles
Mercer County Park69-665 ft174 ft29 miles
Mill Pond Trails7-134 ft60 ft2 miles
Miquin Woods8-293 ft829 ft3 miles
Monmouth Battlefield State Park27-146 ft164 ft4 miles
Mount Rose Preserve30 ft0 ft0 ft
Neil Gylling Memorial Park5-32 ft900 ft2 miles
Palisades Interstate Park57-2,959 ft534 ft41 miles
Parsons Pond4-190 ft448 ft2 miles
Parvin State Park15-130 ft111 ft13 miles
Pascale Farm Park00 ft0 ft0 ft
Paulinskill Valley Trail1-432 ft638 ft26 miles
Pennypacker Park4-39 ft39 ft2 miles
Pequest WMA12-419 ft714 ft8 miles
Perrineville Lake Park35-1,004 ft346 ft16 miles
PIPC Alpine00 ft0 ft0 ft
Point Mountain - Central Section18-1,282 ft933 ft8 miles
Point Mountain - North Section6-963 ft1,002 ft3 miles
Point Mountain - South Section2-23 ft853 ft1 mile
Pomona Trails3-88 ft83 ft2 miles
Port Trails13-250 ft68 ft5 miles
Prospect Park2-61 ft457 ft4,777 ft
Ramapo Mountain State Forest133-11,976 ft1,112 ft111 miles
Rancocas State Park24-20 ft41 ft3 miles
Randolph Trails5-116 ft998 ft2 miles
RCGC5-248 ft76 ft6 miles
Readington Recreational Trails13-426 ft235 ft8 miles
Rifle Camp Park4-693 ft565 ft5 miles
Ringwood State Park108-8,851 ft1,133 ft73 miles
Riverside Park00 ft0 ft0 ft
Rockaway River Wildlife Management Area17-1,978 ft1,278 ft18 miles
Round Mountain at Deer Path Park - Readington TWP36-1,630 ft561 ft9 miles
Round Valley Recreation Area38-2,835 ft831 ft22 miles
Rutgers Ecological Preserve11-586 ft122 ft8 miles
Schiff Nature Preserve16-1,614 ft705 ft11 miles
Schooley's Mountain County Park25-945 ft1,103 ft8 miles
Seaview Trails29-731 ft93 ft15 miles
Shark River Park16-343 ft141 ft8 miles
Six Mile Run12-518 ft106 ft14 miles
Smithville Trails3-58 ft40 ft2 miles
Sourland Mountain Preserve6-240 ft518 ft3 miles
Sourland Mountain Preserve22-1,171 ft541 ft10 miles
South Mountain Reservation97-5,429 ft593 ft47 miles
Spruce Run Recreation Area51-269 ft357 ft12 miles
Stephens State Park Area of Allamuchy105-5,604 ft1,258 ft48 miles
Sterling Forest State Park78-10,740 ft1,375 ft73 miles
Stockton University61-815 ft113 ft21 miles
Stokes State Forest82-7,209 ft1,522 ft51 miles
Sussex Branch Trail4-628 ft645 ft12 miles
Swartswood State Park11-1,050 ft897 ft9 miles
Tall Pines State Preserve25-227 ft68 ft3 miles
Tamaques Park2-10 ft77 ft3,701 ft
Tamarack Park6-480 ft1,079 ft3 miles
Tatum Park17-666 ft248 ft9 miles
Tatum Park3-38 ft237 ft2,060 ft
Ted Stiles Preserve at Baldpate Mountain14-1,309 ft478 ft10 miles
Teetertown Ravine Nature Preserve20-682 ft1,011 ft6 miles
Thompson Park46-477 ft125 ft15 miles
Thompson Park14-853 ft166 ft7 miles
Tourne County Park42-1,515 ft881 ft16 miles
Tranquility Ridge11-1,751 ft1,206 ft15 miles
Voorhees State Park34-1,286 ft837 ft10 miles
Washington Crossing State Park40-1,011 ft252 ft18 miles
Wawayanda State Park93-8,397 ft1,419 ft84 miles
Wells Mills County Park2-202 ft146 ft7 miles
Weltz Park5-35 ft62 ft2 miles
West Essex Park6-12 ft184 ft1 mile
Wharton State Forest32-995 ft192 ft67 miles
Wildcat Ridge WMA45-4,646 ft1,058 ft35 miles
Worthington State Forest20-3,365 ft1,597 ft34 miles
WSF - Equestrian Trails10-163 ft114 ft20 miles

Past Events

3 Reviews for Jersey Off Road Bicycle...

  • + 2
 If art is a trail nazi, then I am a sympathizer. Those trails are rad. JORBA does a hella good job of maintaining access and doing regular maintenance on trails that see quite the beating from weather and frequent usage. A+ for Jorba.
  • + 1
 I'm a little bias because I've taken some part in building many of the trails in northern New Jersey, but the state really has everything to offer. While we may be lacking in some of the elevation our neighboring states have, there are still plenty of 1000ft+ tall rocky peaks to play around on. Stand out places to ride are Ramapo Mountain State Park in Oakland if your looking for a quick spin, or Ringwood State Park if you want something longer. You can even link the two parks together for more then 50+ miles of technical riding to make a solid epic. Best part is, most of this terrain is rideable nearly year round!
  • + 1
 I am thrilled to have them in my state and happy to b a member.
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