SORCA 2022 Cinco #6 July 13
Race Details:

Mons Royale + Alice and Brohm Ice Cream Co. bring you your 6th cinco an Enduro for the ages.

Event Type: cinco- Enduro

YOUTH CINCO 5pm-5:45pm
SINGLE STAGE modified: hybrid to brodown to pseudo 3. (No phil and cams.)

# of Stages: 2
Race course: stage 1: Angry M
Course time: 5:30- 7pm

Stage 2: Lower hybrid -> browdown -> pseudo 3 -> Phil and cams -> pseudo 3
Course time: 5:45pm-7:30pm

Registration: Quest Gravel Lot starting at 4:30pm ending at 5:45pm
Youth course: 5-5:45pm
Full Course Start: 5:30pm
Apres: 'The Lot'. The address is 37773 Cleveland Ave, Squamish BC, V8B0S8.

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