There are many reasons why the app might not find you location, there are several phone OS settings that can prevent the Trailforks app from getting a location along with 3rd party apps.

First make sure you are outside in an area that can get a good satellite signal, if you're indoors or underground it can take awhile to get a location or make it impossible.

You must have the "Location Services" enabled on your phone, there are many versions of Android and iOS and this setting is located in different spots on different phones. Generally it's called "Location" on Android and "Location Services" on iOS, it needs to be enabled.

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Then the Trailforks app requires access permission to use the Location Services on your phone. The Trailforks app should have asked you to grant it permission the first time you opened Trailforks. If you denied the app access, then Trailforks cannot find your location, it needs this permission. You can go to your phones settings for location services or the Android settings page for the app and grant Trailforks permission to Location.

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If you are on Android you should have your location "Mode" set to "High Accuracy".

If your phone has a battery savings mode, or low power mod, this can also prevent the app from getting a location, or greatly reduce it's accuracy. We recommend disabling this.

If your phone is from one of the manufactures listed on this website, your phone might be trying to kill the Trailforks app when its recording your ride to save battery. Use the website above to troubleshoot this issue.

If you have tried all the above and still cannot get a location, try contacting us from within the app and send us the "GPS Tracking Debug Logs.
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