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Some modern mobile devices such as the iPhone 12 Pro are able to create 3D models using the phone's liDAR scanner and camera.
This can be a valuable new tool for trail builders to see how other trail features are built. It's also a pretty cool trail preview feature for riders!

Click & hold the left mouse button to rotate the 3D model.
Use the mouse scroll wheel to zoom in on the 3D model.
Hold CTRL + holing down the left mouse button to pan the model.
Right click the model to re-center the panning.

On Touch devices you can rotate by moving your finger.
Use 2 fingers to pinch and zoom.

On Android devices there is an "Artificial Reality" button shown in the bottom right of the model view, you can view the 3D model in the real world using your phones camera.

View POIs with 3D models.

Creating 3D LiDAR Models

Example iOS app to create scans (there are many):

Export your scan as a .GLB file for upload to a Trailforks POI.
When scanning a trail feature, it's best to scan a bit of the trail before and after the feature as well.

With the 3d Scanner app we've found that scanning in the normal "low res" mode is best for trail features. And after scanning to keep filesize down you may want to choose the "Simplify Mesh" option. Doing this changed a scan from 50MB to 9MB GLB export.

You can also download the GLB file from Trailforks and view with desktop apps such as the free Windows Paint 3D.

Demo video of @BCPov scanning a trail feature with iPhone 12 Pro.
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