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To make the Trailforks app easy to use, we do NOT require an account or login to start using the app and use most the features. This includes purchasing a Pro subscription. We wanted to make the purchase flow fast, so don't require an account or the user to be logged in to the app.

If you purchase a Pro subscription without an account or being logged into the app, then your Pro subscription is linked to your phones unique device UUID and your appstore account.

Your Apple or Google account/email on your phone which was used for the appstore purchase IS NOT a Trailforks account. You might have a Trailforks account with the same email, but they are not linked in anyway.

If you reinstall the app on the same phone you purchased, you can restore pro subscription.

If you have a new phone on the same platform and appstore account you purchased with, you can restore pro subscription.

However if you purchased on one appstore and have a new phone with another platform, this is where we run into trouble. For example, you had an iPhone that you purchased Trailforks Pro on. But you have a new phone that is Android. You will NOT be able to "restore pro subscription", your Google account knows nothing about your Apple accounts subscription purchase.

The only way you can share your subscription with a device from the other platform is to link your Pro subscription to a Trailforks account. To link your Pro subscription to a Trailforks account, you first need to create a Trailforks account in the app or website. Then you must login to the app on the phone where you purchased Pro, this is important! You must login to a phone with your Pro subscription working to have it linked to your Trailforks account. Once you've done that, you can then login with that same Trailforks account on your new phone on the different platform (Android).

You can have up to 5 personal devices active on your subscription when logged in with the same Trailforks account.

Once again, just because you purchased Trailforks Pro, DOES NOT mean you have a Trailforks account. Your Apple/Google email is not necessarily the same as your Trailforks accounts email.

If you do not have your original phone you purchased Pro with, or another phone on the same platform (iOS) that you can restore and login with. Then you may have to purchase Pro again on the new phone/platform (Android). Or ask a friend to borrow their phone, so you can login to the Appstore with your Apple account, restore your subscription in the Trailforks account and login to the app with your Trailforks account.
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