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Ever wondered where the best weather is for riding around you? Scoping out which destination to travel too on the weekend? Which trails won't be saturated by rain? Well we have a new tool for you, the Trailforks Weather Map.


It shows cities with trails on a map with a small summary of weather data important to mountain biking. Clicking will show a popup with more detail, including rain history and forecast charts, rain peak time, wind, sunset for that winter riding and recent trail reports in that region.

As you zoom out less city markers are shown on the map to reduce clutter. The more popular riding destinations remain.
The right side shows the same data in table form, clicking on a table row will pan the map to that city. Both places also have links to 3rd party weather sites for more detail, including Environment Canada and Drive BC for webcams.

You can go forward up to 5 days of forecast, or back to view historical data. The map also shows local webcams, hover mouse to view a larger preview image. Check if there is snow on the ground, is it actually raining? When viewing the current day some basic low res radar is shown on the map. But there is also a link to open a popup of more detailed radar data from Dark Sky.

Use this tool to make better riding decisions especially regarding riding certain trails in the rain! Example, say its only forecast to rain 5mm today, but looking at the historical rain chart, I see it's rained 20mm+ for several days prior. Probably best to skip riding this area, let the trails dry out!

Because Trailforks spans the entire world, updating forecasts for such a large area is an issue. So forecast data only updates 2-3 times a day. Historical data for the previous day updates during the night.
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