Trail Conditions
  • Unknown
  • Snow Groomed
  • Snow Packed
  • Snow Covered
  • Snow Cover Partial
  • Freeze/thaw Cycle
  • Icy
  • Prevalent Mud
  • Wet
  • Variable
  • Ideal
  • Dry
  • Very Dry
Trail Flow (Ridden Direction)
Trailforks scans users ridelogs to determine the most popular direction each trail is ridden. A good flowing trail network will have most trails flowing in a single direction according to their intension.
The colour categories are based on what percentage of riders are riding a trail in its intended direction.
  • > 96%
  • > 90%
  • > 80%
  • > 70%
  • > 50%
  • < 50%
  • bi-directional trail
  • no data
Trail Last Ridden
Trailforks scans ridelogs to determine the last time a trail was ridden.
  • < 2 days
  • < 1 week
  • < 2 weeks
  • < 1 month
  • < 6 months
  • > 6 months
Trail Ridden Direction
The intended direction a trail should be ridden.
  • Downhill Only
  • Downhill Primary
  • Both Directions
  • Uphill Primary
  • Uphill Only
  • One Direction
Contribute Details
Colors indicate trail is missing specified detail.
  • Description
  • Photos
  • Description & Photos
  • Videos
Trail Popularity ?
Trailforks scans ridelogs to determine which trails are ridden the most in the last 9 months. Trails are compared with nearby trails in the same city region with a possible 25 colour shades. Think of this as a heatmap, more rides = more kinetic energy = warmer colors.
  • most popular
  • popular
  • less popular
  • not popular
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x Activity Recordings
Trailforks users anonymized public ridelogs from the past 6 months.
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  • mountain biking (>6 month)
  • hiking (1 year)
  • moto (1 year)
Activity Recordings
Trailforks users anonymized public skilogs from the past 12 months.
  • Downhill Ski
  • Backcountry Ski
  • Nordic Ski
  • Snowmobile
Winter Trails
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Least Popular
Trails are colored based on popularity. The more popular a trail is, the more red. Less popular trails trend towards green.
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Heatmap of where riders jump on trails. Zoom in to see individual jumps, click circles to view jump details.
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Trails are shown in grey.
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      237 trails
      titleriding areacityprovactivitytypeactivitytype
      "KC" Keswick CrusherKeswickReddingCAmtbmtb
      #1 #1BLM Chappie - Shasta OHVReddingCAatvatv
      #2 #2BLM Chappie - Shasta OHVReddingCAatvatv
      #3 #3BLM Chappie - Shasta OHVReddingCAatvatv
      #4 #4BLM Chappie - Shasta OHVReddingCA
      #7 #7BLM Chappie - Shasta OHVReddingCAmotomoto
      #9 #9BLM Chappie - Shasta OHVReddingCAmotomoto
      10 #10BLM Chappie - Shasta OHVReddingCAatvatv
      10 BridgesSacramento River TrailsReddingCAmtbmtb
      11 #11BLM Chappie - Shasta OHVReddingCAmotomoto
      13 #13BLM Chappie - Shasta OHVReddingCAmotomoto
      14 #14BLM Chappie - Shasta OHVReddingCAmtbmtb
      41 #41BLM Chappie - Shasta OHVReddingCAmotomoto
      75 #75BLM Chappie - Shasta OHVReddingCA
      Adams Lake 9W73Trinity Alps Wilderness (Eastern)Trinity CenterCAhikehike
      All Age ConnectorAnderson River ParkAndersonCAmtbmtb
      Alpine LakeTrinity Alps Wilderness (Southern)Trinity CenterCAhikehike
      Area 51Westside/Mary LakeReddingCA
      BackpocketMule Ridge and Swasey Recreation AreaReddingCAmtbmtb
      Bagpipes RoadKeswickReddingCAmtbmtb
      Bear Basin 9W10Trinity Alps Wilderness (Eastern)Trinity CenterCAhikehike
      Bear CreekTrinity Alps Wilderness (Southern)Trinity CenterCAhikehike
      Bee Tree GapTrinity Alps Wilderness (Eastern)Trinity CenterCAhikehike
      Big Bear Lake 07W03Trinity Alps Wilderness (Eastern)Trinity CenterCAhikehike
      Big Boulder Lake 8W20Trinity Alps Wilderness (Eastern)Trinity CenterCAhikehike
      Black Basin 9W12Trinity Alps Wilderness (Eastern)Trinity CenterCAhikehike
      BlastWestside/Mary LakeReddingCAmtbmtb
      Bob's BagpipesSacramento River TrailsReddingCAmtbmtb
      Boheh SasMule Ridge and Swasey Recreation AreaReddingCAmtbmtb
      Bottle CapMule Ridge and Swasey Recreation AreaReddingCAmtbmtb
      Boulder Creek 08W08Trinity Alps Wilderness (Eastern)Trinity CenterCAhikehike
      Boulder Creek LakesTrinity Alps Wilderness (Southern)Trinity CenterCAhikehike
      Bowerman Meadows 8W22Trinity Alps Wilderness (Eastern)Trinity CenterCAhikehike
      Brandy Creek Falls TrailWhiskeytownReddingCA
      Brandy Creek RoadWhiskeytownReddingCA
      Buck HollowWhiskeytownReddingCAmtbmtb
      Canal BypassWhiskeytownReddingCA
      Canal TrailWhiskeytownReddingCAmtbmtb
      Canyon CreekTrinity Alps Wilderness (Southern)Trinity CenterCAhikehike
      CC Ditch TrailMule Ridge and Swasey Recreation AreaReddingCAmtbmtb
      Chamise PeakShasta CascadeCAmtbmtb
      Chamise Peak ConnectShasta Lake CityShasta Lake CityCAmtbmtb
      Chonos QewelMule Ridge and Swasey Recreation AreaReddingCAmtbmtb
      Chrun Creek GreenwayChurn Creek GreenwayReddingCAmtbmtb
      Chrun Creek GreenwayChurn Creek GreenwayReddingCAmtbmtb
      Chrun Creek GreenwayChurn Creek GreenwayReddingCAmtbmtb
      Clear Creek Vista TrailWhiskeytownReddingCA
      Clikapudi Loop TrailShasta LakeShasta Lake CityCAmtbmtb
      Cloverdale ConnectCoverdale TrailsReddingCAmtbmtb
      Cloverdale LoopCoverdale TrailsReddingCAmtbmtb
      Cloverdale VistaCoverdale TrailsReddingCAmtbmtb
      Cosmos WayMule Ridge and Swasey Recreation AreaReddingCAmtbmtb
      Creamy KittyKeswickReddingCAmtbmtb
      Day Ranch (Ewok Forest)Weaver BasinWeavervilleCAmtbmtb
      Day Ranch SpurWeaver BasinWeavervilleCAmtbmtb
      Day Ranch TieWeaver BasinWeavervilleCAmtbmtb
      Deer Creek 9W17Trinity Alps Wilderness (Eastern)Trinity CenterCAhikehike
      Delano Dr.Mule Ridge and Swasey Recreation AreaReddingCAmtbmtb
      Dolly DitchWeaver BasinWeavervilleCA
      Dorleska Mine 9W65Trinity Alps Wilderness (Eastern)Trinity CenterCAhikehike
      Dow Lake 08W05Trinity Alps Wilderness (Eastern)Trinity CenterCAhikehike
      Dry Creek TrailBLM Chappie - Shasta OHVReddingCAmtbmtb
      East Garden Gulch TrailWeaver BasinWeavervilleCAmtbmtb
      East Weaver Creek TrailWeaver BasinWeavervilleCA
      EnticerMule Ridge and Swasey Recreation AreaReddingCAmtbmtb
      EscalatorMule Ridge and Swasey Recreation AreaReddingCAmtbmtb
      Event Area LoopMule Ridge and Swasey Recreation AreaReddingCA
      FB (Lower)KeswickReddingCAmtbmtb
      FB WaterfallSacramento River TrailsReddingCAmtbmtb
      FenceWestside/Mary LakeReddingCAmtbmtb
      FlanaganShasta CascadeCAmtbmtb
      Foundation Trail #15BLM Chappie - Shasta OHVReddingCAmotomoto
      Four Lakes Loop 9W13Trinity Alps Wilderness (Eastern)Trinity CenterCAhikehike
      French FryKeswickReddingCAmtbmtb
      French Fry ConnectorKeswickReddingCAmtbmtb
      Garden Gulch SpurWeaver BasinWeavervilleCAmtbmtb
      Garden Gulch TieWeaver BasinWeavervilleCAmtbmtb
      Gas CanWhiskeytownReddingCA
      Grand National 8W23Trinity Alps Wilderness (Eastern)Trinity CenterCAhikehike
      Granite Lake 8W14Trinity Alps Wilderness (Eastern)Trinity CenterCAhikehike
      Granite Peak 9W18Trinity Alps Wilderness (Eastern)Trinity CenterCAhikehike
      Granite Peak Cutoff 9W18ATrinity Alps Wilderness (Eastern)Trinity CenterCAhikehike
      GreenstoneMule Ridge and Swasey Recreation AreaReddingCAmtbmtb
      Hiltop Dr. ConnectorSacramento River TrailsReddingCA
      HomesteaderMule Ridge and Swasey Recreation AreaReddingCA
      Hornbeck (South Cutoff)Sacramento River TrailsReddingCAmtbmtb
      Hornbeck ConnectorSacramento River TrailsReddingCAmtbmtb
      Howe Ditch TrailWeaver BasinWeavervilleCAmtbmtb
      Howe-Hatfield TrailWeaver BasinWeavervilleCAmtbmtb
      Jackass Ridge SpurWeaver BasinWeavervilleCAmtbmtb
      Jackass Ridge TrailWeaver BasinWeavervilleCA
      Jump TrailSacramento River TrailsReddingCAmtbmtb
      JunkansWeaver BasinWeavervilleCA
      Kanaka PeakWhiskeytownReddingCA
      Kevin'sSacramento River TrailsReddingCAmtbmtb
      Kidd Basin #5457Trinity Alps Wilderness (Eastern)Trinity CenterCAhikehike
      LaGrange Ditch TrailWeaver BasinWeavervilleCAmtbmtb
      LaGrange RoadWeaver BasinWeavervilleCAmtbmtb
      Landers Lake 9W09Trinity Alps Wilderness (Eastern)Trinity CenterCAhikehike
      Landers Lake Spur 9W09ATrinity Alps Wilderness (Eastern)Trinity CenterCAhikehike
      Lion LakeTrinity Alps Wilderness (Eastern)Trinity CenterCAhikehike
      Little Boulder Lake 8W11Trinity Alps Wilderness (Eastern)Trinity CenterCAhikehike
      Logging CampWhiskeytownReddingCAmtbmtb
      Long Canyon 9W14Trinity Alps Wilderness (Eastern)Trinity CenterCAhikehike
      Long Gulch TrailWeaver BasinWeavervilleCAmtbmtb
      Lower Middle Creek (Paved)Sacramento River TrailsReddingCAmtbmtb
      Lower Sacramento Ditch TrailKeswickReddingCAmtbmtb
      Lower Salt CreekKeswickReddingCAmtbmtb
      Lower Sisson CallahanThe EddiesMount ShastaCAmtbmtb
      Lumerian Chute #12BLM Chappie - Shasta OHVReddingCAmotomoto
      Mary Lake Ditch TrailWestside/Mary LakeReddingCAmtbmtb
      McDonald Lake SpurTrinity Alps Wilderness (Eastern)Trinity CenterCAhikehike
      McKenzie Gulch SpurWeaver BasinWeavervilleCAmtbmtb
      McKenzie Gulch TrailWeaver BasinWeavervilleCAmtbmtb
      McKenzie Gulch Trail AccessWeaver BasinWeavervilleCAmtbmtb
      McKenzie Gulch Trail AccessWeaver BasinWeavervilleCAmtbmtb
      Meiner's TrailMule Ridge and Swasey Recreation AreaReddingCAmtbmtb
      Middle Creek ConnectorSacramento River TrailsReddingCAmtbmtb
      Middle Ice BoxWhiskeytownReddingCAmtbmtb
      Midway Ridge #30BLM Chappie - Shasta OHVReddingCA
      Mt Eddy 06W25The EddiesMount ShastaCAhikehike
      Mt Shasta MineWhiskeytownReddingCAmtbmtb
      Mule Mountain Pass TrailMule Ridge and Swasey Recreation AreaReddingCA
      Mule RidgeMule Ridge and Swasey Recreation AreaReddingCAmtbmtb
      Mule Town RoadWhiskeytownReddingCA
      Mule Town Road (Princess Ditch Bypass)Mule Ridge and Swasey Recreation AreaReddingCA
      Musser Hill RoadWeaver BasinWeavervilleCAmtbmtb
      Musser Hill SpurWeaver BasinWeavervilleCAmtbmtb
      Musser Hill TrailWeaver BasinWeavervilleCAmtbmtb
      Musser Homestead LoopWeaver BasinWeavervilleCAmtbmtb
      Musser Homestead Loop TrailWeaver BasinWeavervilleCAmtbmtb
      Musser Homestead Spur TrailWeaver BasinWeavervilleCAmtbmtb
      Nutter Butter LoopKeswickReddingCAmtbmtb
      Oak Bottom Water Ditch TrailWhiskeytownReddingCAmtbmtb
      Oak knoll Trailhead connectorMule Ridge and Swasey Recreation AreaReddingCAmtbmtb
      Owens RunMule Ridge and Swasey Recreation AreaReddingCA
      Paige Canal TrailWhiskeytownReddingCA
      Papoose Connector to BacksideWhiskeytownReddingCAmtbmtb
      Parker Creek 9W19Trinity Alps Wilderness (Eastern)Trinity CenterCAhikehike
      PCT - Castle Crags 2000PCastle Crags State ParkCastellaCAhikehike
      PCT - The Eddys 2000PWeedWeedCAhikehike
      Peltier CampgroundWhiskeytownReddingCAmtbmtb
      Peltier Valley RdWhiskeytownReddingCA
      Peltier Valley Road ConnectorWhiskeytownReddingCAmtbmtb
      Peltier Valley Road North SideWhiskeytownReddingCA
      Piety Hill LoopCoverdale TrailsReddingCAmtbmtb
      Piety Loop Connector TrailCoverdale TrailsReddingCAmtbmtb
      Placer ConnectorMule Ridge and Swasey Recreation AreaReddingCAmtbmtb
      Poison Canyon 8W10Trinity Alps Wilderness (Eastern)Trinity CenterCAhikehike
      Porcupine Lake 5W05ASiskiyou CountyCAhikehike
      Princess DitchMule Ridge and Swasey Recreation AreaReddingCAmtbmtb
      Rainbow-Hansen TrailWeaver BasinWeavervilleCAmtbmtb
      RattlesnakeWestside/Mary LakeReddingCAmtbmtb
      Reservoir Road AccessWeaver BasinWeavervilleCAmtbmtb
      Rich Gulch TrailWhiskeytownReddingCAmtbmtb
      Ridge TrailWestside/Mary LakeReddingCAmtbmtb
      Rod BrowerWhiskeytownReddingCAmtbmtb
      Rolling Rock CreekKeswickReddingCAmtbmtb
      Sacramento Rail (East)KeswickReddingCAmtbmtb
      Sacramento Rail (South)Sacramento River TrailsReddingCAmtbmtb
      Sacramento Rail TrailSacramento River TrailsReddingCAmtbmtb
      Sacramento River Trail (Diestelhorst Bridge)ReddingReddingCA
      Sacramento River Trail (Harlan Dr. to Lake Redding)Sacramento River TrailsReddingCA
      Sacramento River Trail (Lake Redding to Sundial Bridge)ReddingReddingCA
      Satan's CrackWhiskeytownReddingCAmtbmtb
      Seven Lakes 06W12Castle Crags State ParkCastellaCAhikehike
      Seven Up Peak 9W67Trinity Alps Wilderness (Eastern)Trinity CenterCAhikehike
      Shasta Bally RoadWhiskeytownReddingCA
      Shasta Divide TrailShasta CascadeCAmtbmtb
      Shasta Mine (South)WhiskeytownReddingCAmtbmtb
      Shasta Mine (West)WhiskeytownReddingCAmtbmtb
      Shasta Springs TrailWeaver BasinWeavervilleCAmtbmtb
      Show Trail #16BLM Chappie - Shasta OHVReddingCAmtbmtb
      Siligo PeakTrinity Alps Wilderness (Eastern)Trinity CenterCAhikehike
      Snail TrailMule Ridge and Swasey Recreation AreaReddingCAmtbmtb
      Soggy BottomReddingReddingCAmtbmtb
      SouthforkShasta CascadeCAmtbmtb
      Special SauceKeswickReddingCAmtbmtb
      Stanford HillsKeswickReddingCAmtbmtb
      Stoddard Lake 07W06Trinity Alps Wilderness (Eastern)Trinity CenterCAhikehike
      Stoddard Lake LoopTrinity Alps Wilderness (Eastern)Trinity CenterCAhikehike
      Stoney Gulch Trail head connectorMule Ridge and Swasey Recreation AreaReddingCAmtbmtb
      Stoney RidgeTrinity Alps Wilderness (Eastern)Trinity CenterCAhikehike
      Straw TrailWestside/Mary LakeReddingCAmtbmtb
      Stuart ForkTrinity Alps Wilderness (Southern)Trinity CenterCAhikehike
      Sugar Pine LakeTrinity Alps Wilderness (Eastern)Trinity CenterCAhikehike
      Summit LakeTrinity Alps Wilderness (Eastern)Trinity CenterCAhikehike
      Sundial BridgeSacramento River TrailsReddingCA
      Sunrise Creek 9W15Trinity Alps Wilderness (Eastern)Trinity CenterCAhikehike
      Swift CreekTrinity Alps Wilderness (Eastern)Trinity CenterCAhikehike
      Swift Creek (Horseshoe Lake) 8W15Trinity Alps Wilderness (Eastern)Trinity CenterCAhikehike
      Ten Cent Gulch TrailWeaver BasinWeavervilleCAmtbmtb
      Displaying 1 - 200 of 237