Does Pinkbike/Trailforks take a cut of the money?
NO! When donating to a region where the local association has PayPal info entered, your donation goes directly to them, we don't touch the money. If there is no PayPal info for your local area, we will hold the money until one is entered and then transfer it. If we can't find a local association to transfer the money too after a year, we will donate it to another regional trail advocacy group, or your local countries IMBA.
My local trail association is missing paypal info, how can I add it?
You can update their listing with PayPal info. Login to Trailforks, find the directory listing for the association and click the "edit" link at the bottom of the page. Here is a list of trail associations.
What is the money used for?
Funds are given to your local trail association to do with as they see fit. Usually this means paying for supplies to help maintain and build new trails.