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As mountain bikers we all understand the cost that many aspects of our sport have; whether it's equipment, injuries, lift tickets or gas for a shuttle we all see the bottom line. Many of us purchase the bike, helmet, a snappy jersey and a matching pair of shorts and we're ready to hit the trails. The vast majority of trails we ride are free for us to enjoy, there's no ticket or permit required. Unfortunately this cost, or lack there of, is just perceived. Ask any trail builder or trail association board member and they'll tell you the actual cost of trails. Whether it's the sweat and blisters of throwing dirt or frustration of pushing paperwork and meeting land managers, trails are the furthest thing from free.

Here at Trailforks we want to change the culture of mountain biking and give back to folks who really make mountain biking happen in each community. The Trail Karma program makes it easy to donate directly to a region and in turn the local Trail Association. This page gives you suggestions to whom you should donate based on your ridelog history & nearby riding areas.

You can make a habbit of donating a couple dollars after visiting a region, or use this page for a larger annual donation.

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We recommend not donating all your suggested amount to a single association, but spread it out to the areas you rode this year.
We highly encourage riders to also buy a local trail association membership.

All of the above is automated suggestions, you can view any region or trail page on this website or the Trailforks app to donate to the places of your choosing.
Bike parks & hidden regions are not included on this page.