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    Jun 22, 2019
trail condition date description
Alien Run Dry
May 30, 2019 @ 8:56pm
May 30, 2019
The sand is getting looser as the conditions stay dry. There's some larger rocks that have rolled into the path but otherwise a good clear path, still marked from the last Alien Race.
Alien Run Shortcut Dry
May 25, 2019 @ 8:09pm
May 25, 2019
Big Apple Loop (W) Unknown
Connector Dry
Mar 29, 2019 @ 5:56pm
Mar 29, 2019
Perfect condition.
Outer Limits Dry
Apr 27, 2019 @ 6:19pm
Apr 27, 2019
In serious need of TLC
The Black Hole Dry
May 25, 2019 @ 8:09pm
May 25, 2019
Aztec Jun 22, 2019
trail condition date description
Big Apple Loop (E) Dry
Jun 22, 2019 @ 6:34am
Jun 22, 2019
Fun ride. Good workout. Trail gets a little vague in spots. Rode it on a 29er and there is some patches of deep sand but very negotiable.trail needs to get more use to become a great Trail. Forget about trying to connect to the West Side the trail is nonexistent.
Motor Cross Road Unknown
Mountain View Very Dry
Aug 27, 2017 @ 6:37pm
Aug 27, 2017
Not going to lie here. The trail is fun but also not. First time riding this trail. I kept getting lost. The trail isn't ridden all that much and is fading away from erosion. The trail would fade and I would take the wrong line and end up pulling out trailfork to find my way. The trail is also very sandy. Fat tires or large tires would do great here. This trail needs a lot of work
South Paw Unknown
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