segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarredcity
1#ottbike - ORP EB counter Kichi Sibi Winter Trail739 ft14 ft8251760078Ottawa
2#ottbike - ORP WB counter Kichi Sibi Winter Trail777 ft17 ft7744719228Ottawa
3ORP Beach to bridge Kichi Sibi Winter Trail2,977 ft14 ft57956142419Ottawa
4ORP WB from the bridge to the beach (stop sign) Kichi Sibi Winter Trail3,080 ft26 ft57686032618Ottawa
5Railway Rise Kichi Sibi Winter Trail990 ft30 ft4265168141Ottawa
6TCT (23G-24F) TCT Robertson to 23G3,055 ft37 ft1736133565Nepean
7One Last Giv'er Beartree1,523 ft10 ft910796811Kanata
8South Dogsled Run-Out South Dogsled2,651 ft22 ft69751378Kanata
9South Dogs Leg South Dogsled3,019 ft21 ft63937354Kanata
10M Line Out Mario's Line1,488 ft21 ft584395312Kanata
11PWT Inukshuk to Bailout PWT (West)1 mile28 ft57838264Kanata
12Bailout - Junction to Junction Bailout1,246 ft9 ft57030904Kanata
13Beartree Out Beartree2,679 ft13 ft56128933Kanata
14Paul's 2nd Last Trees Newton's Theory777 ft52 ft50815740Port Hope
15In and Out Beartree1,687 ft9 ft49222134Kanata
16Dogs Leg North Dogsled2,686 ft19 ft47617113Kanata
17Porcupine Porcupine960 ft12 ft45126847Kanata
18M Line Mario's Line1,319 ft21 ft44821755Kanata
19Huff and Puff Hill Sticks and Stones1,850 ft96 ft44013182Port Hope
20PWT Bailout to Inukshuk PWT (West)5,226 ft35 ft43626074Kanata
21Larose - #9 to Parking Lot Trail 91,661 ft5 ft41510562Casselman
22RidgeTop to Bailout Ridgetop4,391 ft52 ft41420181Kanata
23Paul's Last Trees Newton's Theory1,639 ft69 ft39310461Port Hope
24Along the creek, going east Kawartha TCT, Omemee to Peterborough2,033 ft37915004Lindsay
25Race ya to the first junction Trail 12,789 ft17 ft3609115Casselman
26Arrogant Alley NCC 24C to 24E2,232 ft9 ft35714003Nepean
27Col de Bronson Place Skunk Pelt783 ft28 ft3439891Ottawa
28Race ya to the second junction Trail 33,766 ft25 ft3367943Casselman
29Pine Needles & Pins Gravity Cavity2 miles70 ft3338380Port Hope
30Thomas A. Stewart Creek Sprint Long the River1,059 ft17 ft33211792Peterborough
31Along the creek going west Kawartha TCT, Omemee to Peterborough2,511 ft6 ft32811108Lindsay
3225Abis (created location) to P10 Lime Kiln Trail - P10 to 25A3,031 ft35 ft3248991Nepean
33Climbing the White Rabbit C Split Run1 mile122 ft3208531Port Hope
34C Split Run C Split Run2 miles112 ft3208520Port Hope
3530 km loop: flowing single track + downhill Rimrunner1 mile138 ft3107082Port Hope
36Outback sign-to-sign clockwise Outback2 miles43 ft30813263Kanata
37outback to bailout Ridgetop3,339 ft64 ft29513441Kanata
38RidgeTop to IMBA Ridgetop3,666 ft52 ft29112910Kanata
39The open pines CW Trail 62,599 ft5 ft2906021Casselman
40UpTowne Uptown4,194 ft135 ft28715796Peterborough
41Middle Kingdom Trail 54,701 ft19 ft2876314Casselman
42klondike Out Klondike1,713 ft16 ft2837520Kanata
43Rock Step Descent Bottom line317 ft48 ft2815300Ottawa
44Blue Angel Blue Angel2,613 ft55 ft2806512Port Hope
45Wilkinson Drive Climb North Road1,604 ft369 ft2795600Haliburton
46Outback Bailout Jct to Ridgetop CounterClock Outback2 miles40 ft27813123Kanata
47Outback sign-to-sign counterclockwise Outback2 miles37 ft27713153Kanata
48Funyon Reverse Funyun2,640 ft49 ft2707323Peterborough
49Switchback btm to top (opening) Uptown3,186 ft157 ft26116124Peterborough
50Screaming Trees Top to Bottom Screaming Trees1,991 ft106 ft255258415Peterborough
51HTP Entrance Trail Kessel Run1 mile25 ft250171310Peterborough
52Unnamed Road Climb Main St.1,726 ft274 ft2494661Port Hope
53Kessel Upper Section Kessel Run2,873 ft16 ft24515845Peterborough
54Larose - Clarence to Indian (P7) Trail 153,312 ft5 ft2314490Casselman
55Wilkinson Drive Climb North Road3,887 ft320 ft2294080Haliburton
56The end Green A2,762 ft30 ft22912080Grafton
57Larose - Grant to Clarence Trail 143,205 ft9 ft2254370Casselman
58Switchback Climb Uptown1,341 ft70 ft22017677Peterborough
59Switchback Descent Uptown1,557 ft89 ft2147514Peterborough
60Death by Mosquito - Don't STOP! Go HARD! Trail 12,469 ft9 ft2134422Casselman
61Barfa Lounger Barfa Lounger2,050 ft81 ft209172513Peterborough
62Pot Shot Laundry Chute962 ft70 ft198119711Peterborough
63Funyon Funyun2,432 ft42 ft193141513Peterborough
64UpTowne 2014 version Uptown3,885 ft137 ft184135110Peterborough
65Larose - That's definitely NOT a Scorpions Tail - Reversed Trail 164,570 ft16 ft1773190Casselman
66Scorpion's Tail Trail 165,042 ft21 ft1773672Casselman
67I Need a Beer Now! Inspiration Way1,328 ft18 ft1745021Beachburg
68Maples Down Maples3,530 ft99 ft1707681Batawa
69Rock Hopper Rockhopper1 mile34 ft1595353Kanata
70Hogs Back Green A1,774 ft150 ft1588828Grafton
71Last track before the finish Whitewater Brew4,568 ft65 ft1574270Beachburg
72Charred Chipmunk WB Charred Chipmunk1,806 ft10 ft1524904Nepean
73Honeymoon Honeymoon1,834 ft79 ft1519309Peterborough
74Back side climb Runway1,365 ft98 ft1516673Peterborough
75Woop T.A. Dolan - South1,751 ft6 ft1505022West Carleton
76ART Blue section A Mississippi Valley Trail1 mile57 ft14710561Almonte
77Kessel Run - Escape Home Kessel Run3,978 ft23 ft1475044Peterborough
78M26 - The highway - Westbound Jack Pine Trail - Moodie to 26D1,674 ft19 ft1392881Nepean
79Evergreen Reversed Evergreen3,576 ft24 ft1355261Batawa
80Chickadee Descent Chickadee2,983 ft141 ft1333641Batawa
81Scrumpy Climb Pot Shot924 ft40 ft1329145Peterborough
82Wicked-Warp SouthEast Swamp Monster1,567 ft10 ft1313971Nepean
83Lower Shadow's Ridge Shadow's Ridge1,686 ft27 ft1284433Kanata
84Foundation Trail Foundations Trail2 miles108 ft1241860Port Hope
85Singletrack section to Beachburg Rd Little Lakes Trail1,837 ft9 ft1222423Beachburg
86HotBreakfast! Hot Breakfast1,934 ft50 ft1219398Peterborough
87Elderberry Wine Extension Elderberry Trail2 miles115 ft1193594Grafton
88White Rim to Black Bear Transfer Black Bear825 ft42 ft1183782Pembroke
89porky pine dh Q Loop314 ft23 ft1123522Pembroke
90Mogul Lower Trent Trail Stockdale to Batawa3,265 ft20 ft1034814Batawa
9128G to 25E Chipmunk Trail - 25E to 28G2,962 ft30 ft1021622Nepean
92ART-Orange Loop NB Bobs Run1,634 ft21 ft1028121Almonte
93Finish it up Rook Green A2 miles153 ft1004000Grafton
94Terry's Gift Evergreen3,206 ft24 ft1003692Batawa
95Fire Pit - NB Chipmunk Trail - 25A to 25D2,897 ft23 ft971440Nepean
96Lower Lorne (Downhill) Dirk Dirka3,072 ft59 ft944225Beachburg
97Warm up loop Trail 181,712 ft14 ft921830Casselman
98Charred Chipmunk EB Charred Chipmunk1,806 ft10 ft912572Nepean
99Down Shadow Ridge Complete Shadow's Ridge4,369 ft51 ft912590Kanata
100Hold on tight Normac Trail1,486 ft143 ft851360Haliburton
101Northumberland - Red Red Loop2 miles106 ft852733Grafton
102In the Pines Gravity Cavity2 miles83 ft831380Port Hope
103Triple Drop Section Glebe Park MTB Trail1,004 ft22 ft831660Haliburton
104Up Shadow Ridge Complete Shadow's Ridge4,665 ft51 ft832340Kanata
105Counter-Clockwise Loop T.A. Dolan - South2 miles26 ft812054West Carleton
106Milk Run Cardinal Way3,319 ft106 ft773272Batawa
107From the Bridge to the Ridge Jacksons Park Trail411 ft5 ft763953Peterborough
108Clockwise Loop T.A. Dolan - South2 miles26 ft741782West Carleton
109Chickadee Climb Chickadee1,164 ft118 ft731901Batawa
110Switchbacks & Ridge to the Top Cardinal Way3,761 ft142 ft722734Batawa
111Erics Indy T.A. Dolan - South1,447 ft3 ft721701West Carleton
112ART-Green Loop Clockwise Rapids Loop2,254 ft12 ft623000Almonte
113Unnamed Rd Climb Lookout Trail3,260 ft294 ft62670Haliburton
114The Hog's Uncle Dragonfly1,672 ft87 ft612303Grafton
115Rotary Singletrack C Rotary Single Track677 ft15 ft612643Peterborough
116Orange Trail Descent Pioneer Ridge3,045 ft131 ft612164Batawa
117Wiener Dog Trail 42,768 ft14 ft60741Casselman
118Glebe Park - Thom's Trail Glebe Park MTB Trail1,653 ft114 ft591910Haliburton
119MVT - MoK NB 2016 Mill of Kintail4,301 ft56 ft582450Almonte
120JP South Jacksons Park Trail864 ft60 ft582500Peterborough
121Easy Up Pioneer Ridge3,123 ft146 ft581784Batawa
1228th line warm up Bennie's2,963 ft26 ft553050Pakenham
123Upper GT Decent Ganny Transit1,898 ft146 ft541791Millbrook
124Upper Ravens Maples3,410 ft100 ft531135Batawa
125Bridges 3 Don't Tell Joe1,869 ft19 ft492152Beachburg
126Leg1 - NB Bennie's4,125 ft34 ft492560Pakenham
127Down Inspiration to Lookout Point Whitewater Brew1,957 ft40 ft481110Beachburg
128Nine Inch Snails North North-South Connect1,409 ft12 ft481011Batawa
129MVT - MoK SB 2016 Mill of Kintail4,036 ft57 ft472230Almonte
130Armour Hill climb Connector448 ft79 ft462530Peterborough
131Rotary Singletrack D Meadow Wood Side Trail2,137 ft8 ft461802Peterborough
132Armour climb B Connector395 ft65 ft453071Peterborough
133Northumberland - Blue Blue Loop2 miles98 ft44671Grafton
134Armour Toboggan Hill Down Armour Hill1,046 ft114 ft442340Peterborough
135Rotary Singletrack B Rotary Single Track1,015 ft14 ft432232Peterborough
136Lurking Lunch Rest Hustle Inspiration Way1,426 ft30 ft431860Beachburg
137Final Climb Tunney's Pasture1,306 ft19 ft391081Ottawa
138Boomerang Climb Lookout Loop1,076 ft130 ft381242Batawa
139Glebe Loop: Trail Head Start Glebe Park MTB Trail2 miles129 ft331231Haliburton
140Climb Back To Grants Dirt Road - Inspiration Way2,754 ft49 ft322080Beachburg
141Down to the Lookout Whitewater Brew1,055 ft40 ft321290Beachburg
142Armour Hill DH Left Trail Armour Hill547 ft70 ft29781Peterborough
143The Edge The Edge2,737 ft30 ft28400Picton
144Whoopty Whoops (Wintertrail) Matt Folley's Loop451 ft6 ft281641Orleans
145Shadow Ridge Down and Up Shadow's Ridge2 miles58 ft28420Kanata
146Groovy Tuesday Groovy Tuesday1,402 ft5 ft27411Picton
147Rotary Singletrack A Rotary Singletrack1,598 ft11 ft271301Peterborough
148Fun stuff called gravel... Batawa Chalet Trail1,214 ft5 ft27710Batawa
149Gavin's Climb Hot Breakfast1,838 ft82 ft24370Peterborough
150Up Porcupine Porcupine Path3,259 ft85 ft231010Buckhorn
151CreekieDH Creekie2,439 ft148 ft22700Port Hope
152Q-Loop Short (Hard Left at Jeff's Junction) Oliver's Loop2 miles47 ft22671Pembroke
153Upper Lorne (Up Hill) Dirk Dirka2,935 ft60 ft21400Beachburg
154Ken Reid Peninsula Point Trail1 mile26 ft20480Lindsay
155Crash and burn Goodrich-Loomis2,932 ft108 ft20752Brighton
156The Marvin Goodrich-Loomis2,539 ft106 ft20751Brighton
157Creekie Creekie3,089 ft150 ft20470Port Hope
158Casey's Crazy Cul-de-sac Criterium - 1 lap 24B to Scissons159 ft3 ft19390Nepean
159Trent Backloop Sprint Drumlin Main Loop3,237 ft68 ft19460Peterborough
160Trillium Plateau Goodrich-Loomis3,367 ft34 ft19642Brighton
161White rag Goodrich-Loomis4,424 ft30 ft19721Brighton
162Pine run Goodrich-Loomis1,054 ft41 ft18532Brighton
163Reverse White Rag Goodrich-Loomis4,426 ft32 ft18572Brighton
164Three Pointer! Armour Hill643 ft69 ft18890Peterborough
165Up The Gut Goodrich-Loomis767 ft70 ft17743Brighton
166Ridge Loop Clockwise Goodrich-Loomis3,246 ft34 ft17661Brighton
167Horton's Cups Hortons Cups1,549 ft12 ft16270Trenton
168JP Upper Loop JP Upper Loop2 miles40 ft161002Peterborough
169Sidetrail Neverending Climb Armour Hill887 ft111 ft16780Peterborough
170SJAM Remic Rapids Winter Loop (2) Remic Rapids5,115 ft42 ft16300Ottawa
171Meadow Walk - Ken Reid Meadow Walk Trail1,031 ft13 ft15430Lindsay
172Beagle Double Track up Orange Loop2,484 ft96 ft15410Grafton
173Meadow Trail (Climb) Meadow Trail1,617 ft119 ft14600Millbrook
174Backstage Pass Backstage Pass3,737 ft130 ft14861Millbrook
175Upper Medd's (Climb) Medd's Mountain1,734 ft73 ft13280Millbrook
176Roots Revival Roots Revival872 ft7 ft12711Millbrook
177Glebe MTB loop Glebe Park MTB Trail3 miles180 ft11130Haliburton
178Baxter Creek Trail (4th Line to Pond) Baxter Creek Trail1 mile53 ft11440Millbrook
179Late for dinner Goodrich-Loomis1,487 ft100 ft10252Brighton
180SJAM Remic Rapids Winter Loop (1) Remic Rapids5,112 ft32 ft10441Ottawa
181Backstage Pass (Climb) Backstage Pass3,807 ft133 ft10280Millbrook
182KR: Grassy Loop Escarpment Trail4,488 ft9190Lindsay
183O'Grady Downtime Tunnel Visions880 ft63 ft9371Peterborough
184The Itch The Itch1,027 ft13 ft7400Millbrook
185Hobo Camp Hobo Camp1,024 ft11 ft5330Trenton
186Meadow Trail Extension (Climb) Meadow Trail Extension1,883 ft92 ft5400Millbrook
187Trench Town Trench Town3,057 ft120 ft5210Millbrook
188Leaving Shabomeka SLP #7A3,629 ft155 ft4140Cloyne
189The Deerstand Express SLP #7A3,386 ft58 ft4210Cloyne
190Escarpment 2 Dug Entrance 2 Dug Exit1,290 ft7 ft4130Trenton
191Lavallee Loop Lavallee Loop2,607 ft22 ft4461Beachburg
192pelions backside Pelion's Backside970 ft55 ft380Trenton
193Red Top Ride Red Top3,598 ft51 ft250Campbellford
194Trench Town (Climb) Trench Town2,920 ft119 ft240Millbrook
195Ridge Descent with Switchbacks Cardinal Way3,619 ft121 ft02330Batawa
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