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Access to Greenhill parkingKing's Forest
1,213 ft-6 ft
Albion Falls to Kings Forest ClimbKing's Forest
596 ft-4 ft
Albion Hill climbKing's Forest
1,703 ft
Another Way DownKing's Forest
689 ft
Barton to Lake OntarioKing's Forest
1.4 miles-26 ft
Blue TrailEramosa Karst Conservation Area
4,558 ft-19 ft
Bruce Trail - Hamilton East EscarpmentKing's Forest
1.7 miles-85 ft
Bruce Trail - Kenilworth AccessKing's Forest
2,509 ft-13 ft
Bruce Trail - McNeilly to FiftyKing's Forest
1.6 miles-148 ft
CocoKing's Forest
1,339 ft-29 ft
DakTechKing's Forest
1,895 ft-2 ft
Deer Trail to ArizonaIroquoia Heights
3,489 ft-108 ft
ForeKing's Forest
1,363 ft-5 ft
Hamilton Bayfront TrailHamilton
2.0 miles-38 ft
Hamilton Bruce Trail - Beckett to ChedokeHamilton
5,166 ft-132 ft
Hamilton Bruce Trail - Beckett to Chedoke (upper section)Hamilton
1,374 ft-15 ft
Hamilton Bruce Trail - Chedoke to Iroquois HeightsHamilton
1.4 miles-37 ft
Hamilton Bruce Trail - Iroquois Heights to HWY 403 BridgeIroquoia Heights
1.1 miles-10 ft
Hamilton Bruce Trail - Upper James to BeckettHamilton
2,348 ft-87 ft
Hamilton Escarpment Rail TrailKing's Forest
4.9 miles-103 ft
Highland Road Entrance PathEramosa Karst Conservation Area
846 ft-4 ft
Iroquoia Heights Trail BIroquoia Heights
849 ft-27 ft
Iroquoia Heights Trail EIroquoia Heights
302 ft-13 ft
Iroquoia Heights Trail GIroquoia Heights
609 ft
Iroquois Heights Trail AHamilton
721 ft-12 ft
Iroquois Heights Trail CIroquoia Heights
485 ft-16 ft
Iroquois Heights Trail DHamilton
2,951 ft-58 ft
Lawrence Rd to Queenston RdKing's Forest
3,681 ft
LinemanKing's Forest
1,448 ft-53 ft
Lowry DecentIroquoia Heights
520 ft-12 ft
Mohawk Ice Centre side trailKing's Forest
766 ft-4 ft
Mount Albion to Kings Forest accessKing's Forest
882 ft-6 ft
Mountain Brow DownhillKing's Forest
337 ft-58 ft
Mt FujiKing's Forest
1,973 ft-95 ft
oooKaKing's Forest
4,634 ft
Orange TrailEramosa Karst Conservation Area
5,014 ft-15 ft
Power Line DropKing's Forest
1,136 ft-57 ft
Queenston Rd to Barton St EKing's Forest
5,100 ft-26 ft
Rail Trail - Brantford to Port DoverHamilton
29.7 miles-457 ft
Rail Trail - Hamilton to CaledoniaKing's Forest
9.2 miles-76 ft
Red Hill TrailKing's Forest
3,471 ft
Red Hill Trail connectorKing's Forest
389 ft-23 ft
Red Hill Trail connectorKing's Forest
1,587 ft-58 ft
Red Hill Trail lower sectionKing's Forest
4,459 ft-149 ft
Richdale Dr EnteranceEramosa Karst Conservation Area
1,620 ft
Rosedale Park to Lawrence RdKing's Forest
1.2 miles-58 ft
Rough NeighborhoodKing's Forest
655 ft-44 ft
Scenic Dr side trailIroquoia Heights
1.1 miles-55 ft
ScreamfeederIroquoia Heights
1,474 ft-20 ft
Side Trail with 3 Jumps.King's Forest
500 ft
TapewormIroquoia Heights
1,536 ft
The Big DirtyIroquoia Heights
1,127 ft-58 ft
The Dirty BurgerIroquoia Heights
1,938 ft-185 ft
The Mustard Tiger ExpressIroquoia Heights
3,739 ft-57 ft
Trail into IroquoisIroquoia Heights
1,879 ft-3 ft
Trail to Redhill CreekKing's Forest
277 ft-4 ft
Turn HerKing's Forest
1,816 ft-40 ft
Up n DownIroquoia Heights
1,023 ft-22 ft
Yellow TrailEramosa Karst Conservation Area
3,934 ft-11 ft
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