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Anne's PlayhouseBurchField Park
1,951 ft-79 ft
Blue LoopAnderson Park
4,374 ft-79 ft
Blue Loop (Beginner)BurchField Park
4.4 miles-184 ft
Blue ShortcutAnderson Park
378 ft-3 ft
Blue to Red ConnectorAnderson Park
494 ft
ConnectorBurchField Park
519 ft-11 ft
Connector ABurchField Park
489 ft-3 ft
Connector BBurchField Park
208 ft-2 ft
Dragonball RunBurchField Park
1,510 ft-18 ft
Forest HumpBurchField Park
2,052 ft-67 ft
Frank's SteinBurchField Park
1,924 ft-51 ft
Fulton ParkFulton Park
3.7 miles-165 ft
Glorious PoperdsBurchField Park
4,458 ft-35 ft
Green LoopAnderson Park
1.5 miles-146 ft
Hansen's Be-bopBurchField Park
2,379 ft-24 ft
HeckboyBurchField Park
629 ft-4 ft
Hunters Ridge (Fulton Park)Fulton Park
4,736 ft-63 ft
Kentaro's MonsterBurchField Park
1,000 ft-44 ft
Looman's RunBurchField Park
4,279 ft-63 ft
Nathan DynamiteBurchField Park
2,992 ft-35 ft
Randy's MazeBurchField Park
1,317 ft-35 ft
Red LoopAnderson Park
1.9 miles-222 ft
Red Outer Loop ShortcutAnderson Park
153 ft
Red Route 1BurchField Park
1,499 ft-26 ft
Remember MeBurchField Park
1,202 ft-18 ft
Rose Lake TrailRose Lake
3.7 miles-378 ft
SerenityBurchField Park
2,068 ft-19 ft
Smokey & The BanditsBurchField Park
1,079 ft-5 ft
Swamp ThingBurchField Park
1.1 miles-20 ft
The Bob SupremancyBurchField Park
3,068 ft-23 ft
The PlaygroundAnderson Park
2,090 ft-56 ft
The TiminatorBurchField Park
1,205 ft-23 ft
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