Mountain Bike
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#FullGas ConnectionMonte Jouf
748 ft-153 ft2 ft
989 ConnectionMonte Jouf
1,275 ft-332 ft31 ft
ArkenstoneMonte Jouf
3,968 ft-813 ft6 ft
BarbarossaMonte Jouf
2,712 ft-311 ft17 ft
BombadilMonte Jouf
5,111 ft-987 ft95 ft
CalvarioMonte Jouf
1,517 ft-370 ft24 ft
Casera Valine Di SelvaManiago
2 miles-2,494 ft60 ft
ClassicoMonte Jouf
3,777 ft-320 ft35 ft
Da cima JoufMonte Jouf
2,755 ft-453 ft33 ft
Da salita Jouf a Val PiccolaMonte Jouf
970 ft-345 ft
DH Jouf II parteManiago
2,406 ft-581 ft
Forestale dei SacònsMonte Fara
2 miles-252 ft539 ft
Frassati connectionManiago
1,686 ft-410 ft16 ft
Frassati Crous-Strada Malga FaraMonte Fara
1,509 ft-311 ft
Ghiaione EnduroMonte Jouf
919 ft-176 ft
Jouf 983Monte Jouf
1 mile-1,431 ft132 ft
KrakenMonte Jouf
2,704 ft-435 ft3 ft
Low Fara to BosplansMonte Fara
3,845 ft-1,086 ft60 ft
MithrilMonte Jouf
4,020 ft-774 ft114 ft
NewMonte Jouf
1,911 ft-274 ft15 ft
no name singletrackMonte Jouf
2,847 ft-255 ft60 ft
North Side TrailMonte Jouf
2 miles-992 ft30 ft
old dragoMonte Jouf
1,495 ft-446 ft
Orcolat 300Monte Jouf
2,561 ft-443 ft
Orcolat 300/2 (parte alta)Monte Jouf
492 ft-21 ft
Orcolat 300/2 (parte bassa)Monte Jouf
869 ft-50 ft
Puerto escondidoMonte Jouf
2,482 ft-414 ft10 ft
S. Antonio troyMonte Fara
3 miles-1,415 ft483 ft
SasquatchMonte Jouf
1,239 ft-278 ft42 ft
Sasquatch low to parkMonte Jouf
1,530 ft-254 ft21 ft
Sasquatch to park Val PiccolaMonte Jouf
645 ft-139 ft
SerseMonte Jouf
873 ft-165 ft
Singletrack dalla croceMonte Jouf
5,003 ft-1,066 ft7 ft
The Rock Garden of St. AntonioMonte Jouf
2 miles-1,383 ft18 ft
TornantiniMonte Jouf
4,615 ft-690 ft75 ft
traverso bassoMonte Jouf
3,286 ft-481 ft115 ft
Traverso val piccolaMonte Jouf
1 mile-508 ft188 ft
Troi 983 (lower part)Monte Fara
1,690 ft-496 ft2 ft
Val delle PoceMonte Jouf
1,982 ft-219 ft
ValpiccolaMonte Jouf
1,188 ft-153 ft6 ft
verso RavedisMonte Jouf
3,481 ft-164 ft41 ft
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