segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1Pacific Northwest Trail Climb USFS Rd 28701 miles427 ft1362412
2Road to upper Gold Creek TH USFS Rd 28704 miles904 ft1312324
3Down to Sleepy Hollow junction Gold Creek Trail4 miles643 ft1252001
4Pacific Northwest Trail Climb Lower Dungeness River1 miles278 ft1252181
5Pacific Northwest Trail Climb Lower Dungeness River2,885 ft448 ft1061472
6Uphill to Fireweed Manzanita Trail2,779 ft114 ft9610833
7Decent To E.Sequimbay RD Manzanita Trail2,905 ft123 ft9110864
8Sugarglider Manzanita Trail2,641 ft46 ft8910391
93 o'clock ridge to shelter Lower Dungeness River2 miles574 ft841191
10Fireweed Single Down Manzanita Trail4,537 ft146 ft835163
11climb to 3 o'clock ridge USFS Rd 28702 miles983 ft781682
12March Of The Fire Ants Manzanita Trail2,834 ft86 ft776331
13Triangle Down Alder Hollow Trail2,567 ft109 ft718703
14FS 2880 climb to junction USFS Rd 28704,051 ft499 ft60860
15Dirt Road Climb Fireweed Road4,566 ft128 ft535820
16Bluffs West Bluff Trail1 miles123 ft492573
17Earn your turns Beach Trail Cutoff718 ft136 ft431020
18Mosquito Alley Manzanita Trail1 miles161 ft411930
19Bermy Diamond Point Trail2,420 ft166 ft362323
20Pacific Northwest Trail Climb Lower Dungeness River1,947 ft264 ft25410
21Pacific Northwest Trail Climb Lower Dungeness River3,597 ft337 ft24400
22Heart of Darkness Bluff Trail2,867 ft83 ft20951
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