Mountain Bike
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Alturas LakeWest of Stanley
5 miles-73 ft1,188 ft
Antz Basin #219White Clouds
1 mile-78 ft603 ft
Basin Butte - Prospect #038Stanley
5 miles-1,222 ft164 ft
Basin Creek #032North of Stanley
2 miles-243 ft79 ft
Bench CreekStanley
4 miles-1,196 ft2 ft
Bench Creek - Stanley CreekWest of Stanley
4 miles-960 ft1,768 ft
Big Casino Creek #646East of Stanley
7 miles-3,415 ft413 ft
Boundary Creek #103East of Stanley
3 miles-40 ft2,049 ft
Bowery #114White Clouds
5 miles-1,650 ft2,042 ft
Burnt Creek #4166Yankee Fork
4 miles-2,653 ft229 ft
Challis Creek Yankee Fork #4147.1Yankee Fork
2 miles-539 ft431 ft
Custer Lookout CutoffYankee Fork
3,788 ft-926 ft11 ft
Dry Creek RdNorth of Stanley
3 miles-335 ft225 ft
East Fork Valley #037North of Stanley
4 miles-410 ft1,765 ft
East Fork Valley (East) #037North of Stanley
2 miles1,080 ft
Elk MeadowsNorth of Stanley
2 miles-366 ft71 ft
Elk MeadowsNorth of Stanley
4 miles-468 ft361 ft
Elk MountainWest of Stanley
2 miles-51 ft40 ft
Elk Mountain RdNorth of Stanley
2 miles-39 ft530 ft
Fishhook Creek #186Red Fish Lake
2 miles-54 ft178 ft
Fivemile Creek #4161Yankee Fork
4 miles-1,934 ft31 ft
Fivemile Creek (East) #4161Yankee Fork
2 miles-30 ft1,075 ft
Four Aces #260East of Stanley
2 miles-322 ft320 ft
Galena Gulch #215White Clouds
5 miles-518 ft1,671 ft
Gardner Creek #4165Yankee Fork
6 miles-3,221 ft718 ft
Gates CreekBull Trout Lake
6 miles-2,227 ft1,093 ft
Germania Creek #111White Clouds
11 miles-1,029 ft2,555 ft
Grand Mogul #045Red Fish Lake
7 miles-1,479 ft1,943 ft
Grand Prize #112White Clouds
13 miles-2,835 ft1,842 ft
Horton Peak #106White Clouds
3 miles-45 ft2,747 ft
Iron Creek - Stanley Lake #640Stanley
6 miles-292 ft1,243 ft
Iron-Lola Creek #024Bull Trout Lake
14 miles-3,840 ft3,417 ft
Kelly Creek #031North of Stanley
2 miles-232 ft185 ft
Kelly Creek #323North of Stanley
2 miles-71 ft312 ft
Kirkham RidgeBull Trout Lake
23 miles-3,632 ft4,441 ft
Link TrailBull Trout Lake
11 miles-3,805 ft1,724 ft
Little Basin Creek #037North of Stanley
3 miles-759 ft327 ft
Little Boulder Creek #682White Clouds
6 miles-2,244 ft306 ft
Little Casino Creek #232East of Stanley
6 miles-562 ft1,823 ft
Livingston Mill-Castle Divide #047White Clouds
10 miles-2,705 ft1,700 ft
Livingston Mill-Castle Divide (South) #047White Clouds
2 miles1,181 ft
Lower Basin #034North of Stanley
1 mile-187 ft79 ft
Marshall Lake Cutoff #039Red Fish Lake
3,154 ft438 ft
Martin Creek Trail #646East of Stanley
6 miles-2,198 ft334 ft
Peach Muley Cutoff #4169Yankee Fork
3 miles-1,193 ft688 ft
Peach-Cinnabar #4162Yankee Fork
14 miles-3,875 ft5,188 ft
Pigtail #332East of Stanley
1 mile-693 ft215 ft
Ramey-Fivemile #4163Yankee Fork
6 miles-2,654 ft1,217 ft
Redfish Creek Trail #101Red Fish Lake
5 miles-953 ft557 ft
Redfish Ridge #400Red Fish Lake
3 miles-43 ft811 ft
Rough Creek - Skyline #647East of Stanley
4 miles-136 ft1,798 ft
Rough Creek - Skyline (Upper) #647East of Stanley
2 miles-1,185 ft358 ft
Silver Creek #4168Yankee Fork
2 miles-80 ft2,101 ft
Stanley Creek #034North of Stanley
3 miles-337 ft781 ft
Stanley Lake Inlet #641West of Stanley
2,764 ft-10 ft3 ft
Sunday Creek #041Stanley
4 miles-6 ft1,233 ft
Sunny Gulch #616East of Stanley
6 miles-766 ft2,496 ft
Sunny Gulch (Lower) #616East of Stanley
2 miles-1,039 ft73 ft
Sunny Gulch (Upper) #616White Clouds
1 mile-220 ft269 ft
Swamp Creek #026Stanley
6 miles-1,226 ft319 ft
Trap Creek #627Stanley
5 miles-72 ft1,377 ft
Upper Yankee Fork #114Yankee Fork
7 miles-31 ft1,277 ft
Warm SpringsBull Trout Lake
14 miles-4,270 ft2,158 ft
Warm Springs Creek #671White Clouds
6 miles-929 ft281 ft
Washington Lake #109White Clouds
7 miles-2,268 ft1,143 ft
Washington Lake Creek #203White Clouds
2 miles-454 ft285 ft
Williams Creek #104East of Stanley
7 miles-1,590 ft622 ft
Williams Creek (Upper) #104East of Stanley
2 miles-146 ft444 ft
Wyoming-Fir CreekBull Trout Lake
8 miles-2,393 ft2,112 ft
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