Mountain Bike
titleriding arearatingdistancedescentclimb
'Hill'acious LoopLost Dog
5,138 ft-230 ft140 ft
.02 Mi.9th Street Trails
115 ft
.17 Mi.9th Street Trails
2 miles-14 ft
.17 Mi. Proposed p9th Street Trails
2 miles31 ft
.24 Mi.9th Street Trails
1,355 ft-20 ft29 ft
.28 Mi. Proposed p9th Street Trails
1,804 ft-8 ft22 ft
.29 Mi. Proposed p9th Street Trails
1,545 ft-4 ft18 ft
.35 Mi.9th Street Trails
2 miles-17 ft35 ft
.36 Mi.9th Street Trails
1,916 ft-22 ft
.49 Mi.9th Street Trails
2,559 ft-57 ft17 ft
007 ExpressSouth Walnut Creek
3,192 ft-7 ft5 ft
03Walnut Creek
1,070 ft-2 ft16 ft
04Walnut Creek
1,152 ft22 ft
06Walnut Creek
433 ft-11 ft
07Walnut Creek
663 ft-8 ft
09Walnut Creek
226 ft
1-B (Dog Leg)Big Bend Ranch
3,994 ft-77 ft3 ft
1. The BeginningJack Brooks Park
1,933 ft-63 ft63 ft
1.71 Mi.9th Street Trails
2 miles-105 ft130 ft
1/4 NotchBrushy Creek
3 miles-152 ft213 ft
1/4 Notch West EntranceBrushy Creek
260 ft14 ft
10Walnut Creek
289 ft-15 ft
10 Minutes of HellLost Dog
1 mile376 ft
10. Hell 2Jack Brooks Park
4,839 ft-11 ft12 ft
10/12 SplitKerrville-Schreiner Park
299 ft
100South Austin Trail Network (SATN)
190 ft-3 ft
100 Acre Wood AltCypress Creek
772 ft-13 ft8 ft
100 Acre Wood NorthCypress Creek
3,852 ft-33 ft36 ft
100 Acre Wood SouthCypress Creek
1,747 ft-15 ft16 ft
101South Austin Trail Network (SATN)
174 ft
11Walnut Creek
922 ft-33 ft
11. AutobahnJack Brooks Park
2,231 ft-2 ft
12Walnut Creek
568 ft-13 ft
12-Mile LoopCedar Hill State Park
10 miles-619 ft608 ft
12. PlaygroundJack Brooks Park
1,203 ft-2 ft2 ft
13. By-PassJack Brooks Park
1,221 ft-4 ft2 ft
14. BrickyardJack Brooks Park
1,312 ft-2 ft2 ft
15. The Never Ending TrailJack Brooks Park
1,955 ft-1 ft1 ft
16. Home StretchJack Brooks Park
2,254 ft-73 ft78 ft
1886Quanah Hill
3 miles-196 ft197 ft
1966 Champs!Westside Community Hike & Bike Area
1,296 ft-92 ft67 ft
1st - CFSouth Austin Trail Network (SATN)
308 ft15 ft
2. There's MoreJack Brooks Park
676 ft-4 ft1 ft
220 Spur TrailDouble Lake Recreation Area
787 ft-19 ft
2951 ConnectorPossum Kingdom Lake
561 ft-10 ft13 ft
3 Acre LoopMonte Bella Bike Trails and Park
4,696 ft-9 ft13 ft
3 mile CutoffCedar Hill State Park
1,312 ft-15 ft3 ft
3. Hobo Camp LoopJack Brooks Park
2,208 ft-12 ft11 ft
30 Aker WoodsBluff Creek Ranch
2,422 ft-39 ft25 ft
39South Austin Trail Network (SATN)
2,021 ft-3 ft10 ft
4. JoggernutJack Brooks Park
1,875 ft-10 ft8 ft
40 Acre Lake TrailBrazos Bend State Park
1 mile-17 ft23 ft
42South Austin Trail Network (SATN)
604 ft10 ft
43South Austin Trail Network (SATN)
912 ft8 ft
45South Austin Trail Network (SATN)
2,329 ft-12 ft12 ft
45 FlowSouth Austin Trail Network (SATN)
1 mile-96 ft3 ft
45 Flow TooSouth Austin Trail Network (SATN)
2,766 ft-80 ft
5. The OutbackJack Brooks Park
1,244 ft-27 ft30 ft
50South Austin Trail Network (SATN)
528 ft-5 ft
54South Austin Trail Network (SATN)
449 ft2 ft
57South Austin Trail Network (SATN)
1,457 ft
58South Austin Trail Network (SATN)
1,335 ft-2 ft
6. Hell 1Jack Brooks Park
1,176 ft-27 ft24 ft
61South Austin Trail Network (SATN)
971 ft5 ft
62South Austin Trail Network (SATN)
1,886 ft-2 ft17 ft
63South Austin Trail Network (SATN)
568 ft-5 ft5 ft
64South Austin Trail Network (SATN)
1,102 ft-12 ft
66South Austin Trail Network (SATN)
1,601 ft9 ft
7. Cedar BendsJack Brooks Park
3,123 ft-2 ft3 ft
70's BushPearland MTB Trails
2,372 ft
71South Austin Trail Network (SATN)
843 ft8 ft
73South Austin Trail Network (SATN)
751 ft5 ft
74South Austin Trail Network (SATN)
1,053 ft-6 ft
76South Austin Trail Network (SATN)
499 ft3 ft
77South Austin Trail Network (SATN)
761 ft3 ft
78South Austin Trail Network (SATN)
358 ft
79South Austin Trail Network (SATN)
449 ft-2 ft
8 mile cutoffCedar Hill State Park
647 ft-16 ft13 ft
8. Dragon's BackJack Brooks Park
1,368 ft-18 ft14 ft
80South Austin Trail Network (SATN)
410 ft-3 ft
82South Austin Trail Network (SATN)
341 ft-3 ft
83South Austin Trail Network (SATN)
236 ft
84South Austin Trail Network (SATN)
299 ft
87South Austin Trail Network (SATN)
548 ft-5 ft
88South Austin Trail Network (SATN)
686 ft8 ft
89South Austin Trail Network (SATN)
299 ft
9. Hermit's RunJack Brooks Park
1,741 ft-6 ft7 ft
95South Austin Trail Network (SATN)
56 ft
97South Austin Trail Network (SATN)
397 ft
A Better WaySouth Austin Trail Network (SATN)
1,198 ft-5 ft
A frameDana Peak Park
925 ft-12 ft3 ft
A LoopMobberly Trail
4 miles-311 ft312 ft
A1Arroyo Park Hike & Bike
1,053 ft8 ft
Above the rimDana Peak Park
2 miles-113 ft35 ft
Acacia TrailSouth Austin Trail Network (SATN)
1,526 ft-17 ft5 ft
AccessWalnut Creek
285 ft7 ft
AccessLeon Creek Greenway
292 ft
AccessRita Blanca Lake
469 ft-30 ft
AccessWillow Springs
472 ft-6 ft
Access 2Willow Springs
630 ft
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