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3 Rocks to Redway Road DownhillCrothers Woods
1,911 ft-110 ft
3 Rocks to Sun ValleyCrothers Woods
542 ft-47 ft
Access pointDon Valley
295 ft-11 ft
Addington Greenbelt RavineWest Don Parklands
2,554 ft-78 ft
Alder Rd AccessDon Valley
116 ft-4 ft
Allen pathwayCentral Toronto
1,212 ft
AltercutWest Don Parklands
368 ft-11 ft
Amphitheatre DescentWest Don Parklands
Anewen ExpressDon Valley
206 ft-24 ft
Anewen TrailDon Valley
2,192 ft-62 ft
Around HorsesDon Valley
636 ft-67 ft
Asylum ClimbDon Valley
933 ft-3 ft
Balfour's Banned BooksCentral Toronto
324 ft-9 ft
Bartley ConnectionDon Valley
763 ft-1 ft
Bayview AccessCrothers Woods
426 ft-11 ft
Bayview ConnectorCentral Toronto
1,027 ft-13 ft
Beaver FlatsDon Valley
2,985 ft-3 ft
Big Ol' TittiesDon Valley
1,066 ft-73 ft
Blythwood AltaCentral Toronto
968 ft-25 ft
Blythwood RavineCentral Toronto
3,608 ft-52 ft
Boo TrailDon Valley
1.4 miles-114 ft
BoomerangDon Valley
4,681 ft-17 ft
Boomerang AccessDon Valley
207 ft
Boomerang HillDon Valley
304 ft-8 ft
Brickworks ConnectorDon Valley
2,750 ft-7 ft
Brickworks High Rim TrailCentral Toronto
1,420 ft-3 ft
Brickworks VistaCentral Toronto
416 ft-19 ft
Brickworks X-ingCentral Toronto
2,241 ft-97 ft
Brute ClimbToronto
187 ft
Bunny RunDon Valley
3,149 ft-72 ft
Burke Brook Ravine BoardwalkDon Valley
2,143 ft-2 ft
Bush WackedWest Don Parklands
3,506 ft-42 ft
Bypass RunGatineau Hydro Corridor
590 ft
CampfireDon Valley
996 ft
Cannon RunWarden Woods
818 ft-7 ft
Carp LandiaG. Lord Ross Park
2,595 ft-35 ft
CatalystDon Valley
3,467 ft-51 ft
Catalyst ClimbDon Valley
213 ft-27 ft
Cedarvale, LowerCentral Toronto
4,169 ft-47 ft
Cedarvale, UpperCentral Toronto
2,482 ft-44 ft
Chatsworth RavineCentral Toronto
1,352 ft-17 ft
Choo-Choo ExpressDon Valley
553 ft
Chorley ParkCentral Toronto
1,009 ft-86 ft
ClimbmaxDon Valley
3,176 ft-19 ft
ConnectorGatineau Hydro Corridor
115 ft
Connector TrailDon Valley
144 ft
Connector TrailDon Valley
159 ft-10 ft
Connector TrailDon Valley
173 ft
Connector TrailDon Valley
593 ft
Connector TrailDon Valley
109 ft-16 ft
Connector TrailDon Valley
1,145 ft-19 ft
Connector TrailDon Valley
355 ft-1 ft
Connector TrailDon Valley
558 ft-1 ft
Corduroy LaneDon Valley
605 ft-36 ft
Corduroy RoadDon Valley
1,252 ft-34 ft
Cottonwoods LoopCrothers Woods
2,230 ft-14 ft
Cottonwoods StrollDon Valley
543 ft-8 ft
CPRDon Valley
2,721 ft-44 ft
Crazy UncleWarden Woods
564 ft
Creek Run NorthDon Valley
1,700 ft-28 ft
Creek Run SouthDon Valley
1,311 ft-18 ft
Cross StixDon Valley
218 ft
Crosshill ConnectDon Valley
553 ft-2 ft
Cudmore CreekDon Valley
1,100 ft-9 ft
Dante's TrailWest Don Parklands
1,095 ft-33 ft
Dave Money HillDon Valley
1,256 ft-118 ft
David Balfour Park trailCentral Toronto
3,369 ft-24 ft
Dawg LeashWest Don Parklands
1,870 ft-11 ft
Deadwoods EndDon Valley
659 ft-1 ft
DeepwoodsDon Valley
864 ft-2 ft
Denton Pond Side RouteDon Valley
568 ft-1 ft
Devils HillDon Valley
360 ft-1 ft
Dirt FarmDon Valley
1,062 ft-12 ft
Dog Leg RunWarden Woods
991 ft-3 ft
Dog PoundDon Valley
518 ft-42 ft
Dog TailDon Valley
389 ft-1 ft
Dogs RunDon Valley
442 ft-18 ft
Don River CrossingDon Valley
276 ft-10 ft
Don Valley Brick Works Park Ponds Loop - Not Intended for Bike UseCentral Toronto
3,755 ft-65 ft
DoobitoriumDon Valley
494 ft
Down and UpG. Lord Ross Park
1,205 ft-23 ft
Dr. QuadsDon Valley
3,422 ft-199 ft
Duplex parketteCentral Toronto
834 ft
Earl BalesWest Don Parklands
4,594 ft-52 ft
Eccleston Dr AccessDon Valley
168 ft-31 ft
Eglinton AccessDon Valley
200 ft
Eglinton AccessDon Valley
182 ft
Eglinton Park X-ingCentral Toronto
1,515 ft-7 ft
Eglinton Ravine TrailDon Valley
829 ft-64 ft
Elephant Creek RunDon Valley
1,047 ft-8 ft
Elephant HumpDon Valley
637 ft-19 ft
Elephant RidgeDon Valley
1,593 ft-13 ft
Elephant ValleyDon Valley
659 ft-21 ft
Escott Derrière DHDon Valley
578 ft-96 ft
Escott PromenadeDon Valley
892 ft
Exit Stage LeftWest Don Parklands
735 ft-97 ft
Exit Stage RightWest Don Parklands
1,190 ft-104 ft
Fire Pit CoveWarden Woods
621 ft-5 ft
Fish n LoopG. Lord Ross Park
1,959 ft-28 ft
FiveplayDon Valley
2,089 ft-93 ft
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