Supported/Adopted Trails

5E4 (Brimstone Bay)Yellowstone - Southeast / Thorofare
5E7 (Meadow Creek)Yellowstone - Southeast / Thorofare
5E8 (Park Point S)Yellowstone - Southeast / Thorofare
5E9 (Park Point N)Yellowstone - Southeast / Thorofare
Agate House
Agnes Gorge TrailLake Chelan National Rec. Area (North Cascades N.P.)
Angel ArchCanyonlands NP-Needles
Antelope House OverlookChinle
Appleton Pass TrailOlympic National Park
Artist Point-Point Sublime TrailYellowstone - Canyon Region
Artist's Paintpots TrailYellowstone - Northwest Region
Artist's Paintpots Trail (upper loop)Yellowstone - Northwest Region
Aspen Ridge TrailLaurance Rockefeller Preserve
Astringent Creek TrailYellowstone - Central Region
Avalanche Peak TrailYellowstone - Southeast / Thorofare
AZT - North KaibabGrand Canyon National Park
Badger Valley TrailOlympic National Park
Balanced Rock TrailBlack Canyon of the Gunnison National Park
Bath Rock TrailCity of Rocks
Beauty/Boy Scout CavesCraters of the Moon National Monument
Beaver CreekCentral Lakes
Beef Jello/Banana TrailCity of Rocks
Big Badlands OverlookBadlands National Park
Big Beaver TrailNorth Cascades National Park
Big Cedar Nature TrailOlympic Peninsula
Big Creek TrailOlympic National Park
Big Spring CanyonCanyonlands NP-Needles
Big Spring to Elephant CanyonCanyonlands NP-Needles
Big Tree TrailOregon Caves National Monument
Bigelow Lakes TrailOregon Caves National Monument
Billings Gap
Blackberry TrailMount Rushmore National Memorial
Blacktail Deer Creek TrailYellowstone - Northwest Region
Bliss Pass TrailYellowstone - Northeast Region
Blue Forest
Blue Mesa Loop TrailPetrified Forest National Park
Bogachiel River TrailOlympic National Park
Boland Ridge TrailWind Cave National Park
Bootjack Gap TrailYellowstone - Central Region
Boston BasinNorth Cascades National Park
Boulder Field cutoffLaurance Rockefeller Preserve
Boulder Ridge LoopLaurance Rockefeller Preserve
Box Top TrailCity of Rocks
Bradley LakeCentral Lakes
Breadloaves TrailCity of Rocks
Brimhall Arch TrailCapitol Reef National Park
Brink of the Falls TrailYellowstone - Canyon Region
Broken Top Loop TrailCraters of the Moon National Monument
Brush Creek TrailNorth Cascades National Park
Bryce Canyon Multiuse PathPanguitch
Buckner OrchardLake Chelan National Rec. Area (North Cascades N.P.)
Buffalo Fork TrailYellowstone - Northeast Region
Bullion TrailLake Chelan National Rec. Area (North Cascades N.P.)
Burro WashCapitol Reef National Park
Cache Creek TrailYellowstone - Central Region
Cameron - Lost Pass TrailOlympic National Park
Cameron Creek TrailOlympic National Park
Cameron Pass TrailOlympic National Park
Camp 2C1 AccessYellowstone - Northeast Region
Camp 2C3 AccessYellowstone - Northeast Region
Camp 2H2 AccessYellowstone - Northeast Region
Camp 2H6 AccessYellowstone - Northeast Region
Campsite 2H1 AccessYellowstone - Northwest Region
Campsite 2H4 AccessYellowstone - Northwest Region
Canoe Lake TrailYellowstone - Central Region
Canyons TrailJewel Cave National Monument
Canyons Trail (Spur)Jewel Cave National Monument
Capitol GorgeCapitol Reef National Park
Cascade Creek TrailYellowstone - Canyon Region
Cascade Lake TrailYellowstone - Canyon Region
Cascade Pass RoadNorth Cascades National Park
Castle Arch TrailCanyonlands NP-Needles
Cave Creek TrailOregon Caves National Monument
Cave Spring TrailCanyonlands NP-Needles
Caves TrailCraters of the Moon National Monument
Cedar Point Nature TrailBlack Canyon of the Gunnison National Park
Centennial Trail (Wind Cave NP)Wind Cave National Park
Chasm View TrailBlack Canyon of the Gunnison National Park
Chesler ParkCanyonlands NP-Needles
Chesler Park ConnectorCanyonlands NP-Needles
Chilliwack River TrailNorth Cascades National Park
Chimney RockTorrey
Chimney Rock CanyonCapitol Reef National Park
Chisha Foka TrailChisha Foka Trail
Chittenden Road-Mt. WashburnYellowstone - Canyon Region
Clear Lake ConnectorYellowstone - Canyon Region
Clear Lake TrailYellowstone - Canyon Region
Cliff Nature TrailOregon Caves National Monument
Cliff Shelf Nature TrailBadlands National Park
Cliff Shelf Nature Trail (Spur)Badlands National Park
Cold Brook Canyon TrailWind Cave National Park
Confluence OverlookCanyonlands NP-Needles
Confluence Overlook (End)Canyonlands NP-Needles
Confluence Overlook RoadCanyonlands NP-Needles
Constance Pass TrailOlympic National Park
Cottonwood Pass TrailGreat Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve
Cottonwood WashCapitol Reef National Park
Coyote Creek TrailYellowstone - Northeast Region
Craters XC Ski TrailCraters of the Moon National Monument
Craters XC Ski Trail (Paisley-Inferno)Craters of the Moon National Monument
Creekside TrailCity of Rocks
Crystal Forest LoopPetrified Forest National Park
Crystal LakeMount Rainier National Park
Cyclone CanyonCanyonlands NP-Needles
Cygnet LakesYellowstone - Canyon Region
Davis GulchGlen Canyon National Recreation Area - UT
Deadhorse TrailBlack Canyon of the Gunnison National Park
Deer Park RoadOlympic National Park
Denali Park RoadDenali National Park And Preserve
Devils KitchenCanyonlands NP-Needles
Devils LaneCanyonlands NP-Needles
Devils OrchardCraters of the Moon National Monument
Devils Orchard Nature TrailCraters of the Moon National Monument
Devils PocketCanyonlands NP-Needles
Door TrailBadlands National Park
Door TrailBadlands National Park
Dosewallips River TrailOlympic National Park
Down River LoopRiverside Ski Trails
Dragon Point TrailBlack Canyon of the Gunnison National Park
Druid ArchCanyonlands NP-Needles
Dunraven Pass-Mt. Washburn TrailYellowstone - Canyon Region
East Bison Flats TrailWind Cave National Park
East Fork Quinault River TrailOlympic National Park
Elephant Back Mountain Trail (Loop)Yellowstone - Lake Area
Elephant Back Mountain Trail (Lower)Yellowstone - Lake Area
Elephant CanyonCanyonlands NP-Needles
Elephant Hill (4x4)Canyonlands NP-Needles
Elip Creek TrailOlympic National Park
Elwha River TrailOlympic National Park
Exclamation Point Loop (North Vista)Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park
Fern Lake TrailYellowstone - Central Region
First ForestPetrified Forest National Park
Flaming Rock LoopCity of Rocks
Fortress Arch spurCanyonlands NP-Needles
Fossil ExhibitBadlands National Park
Frost Lake TrailYellowstone - Central Region
Garnet Hill LoopYellowstone - Northwest Region
Garnet Hill Trailhead ConnectorYellowstone - Northwest Region
Garvey Springs TrailWorthington State Forest
Geo WattCity of Rocks
Giant Logs LoopPetrified Forest National Park
Gneiss CreekYellowstone - Northwest Region
Golden Throne TrailCapitol Reef National Park
Goosenecks OverlookCapitol Reef National Park
Gorge Creek FallsNorth Cascades National Park
Gorge Lake OverlookNorth Cascades National Park
Grand Pass Peak TrailOlympic National Park
Grand Pass TrailOlympic National Park
Grand Prismatic Spring OverlookYellowstone - Old Faithful Region
Granite Canyon Trail (lower)Grand Teton National Park
Grebe Lake TrailYellowstone - Canyon Region
Halemau‘u TrailHaleakalā National Park
Halls Creek Access TrailCapitol Reef National Park
Halls Creek NarrowsCapitol Reef National Park
Halls Creek Trail (lower)Capitol Reef National Park
Halls Creek Trail (Narrows Cutoff)Capitol Reef National Park
Hayden Pass TrailOlympic National Park
Headquarters CanyonCapitol Reef National Park
Hellroaring Creek Horse BypassYellowstone - Northeast Region
Hellroaring Creek TrailYellowstone - Northeast Region
Hellroaring-Garnet Hill ConnectorYellowstone - Northeast Region
Hidden Falls ConnectorCentral Lakes
Hidden Falls TrailCentral Lakes
Hidden Lake Trail (Lookout)North Cascades National Park
High Divide TrailMount Olympus
Highland CreekWind Cave National Park
Highland Ridge RoadWind Cave National Park
Hite OverlookNorth Wash
Hoodoo Basin TrailYellowstone - Central Region
Horse CanyonCanyonlands NP - The Maze
Horse Canyon JeepCanyonlands NP-Needles
Horse Shoe BendGlen Canyon National Recreation Area - AZ
Howard Eaton Trail (Norris-Cascade Lake)Yellowstone - Canyon Region
Howitzer Capture SiteBig Hole Battlefield
Hurricane HillOlympic National Park
Ice Lake TrailYellowstone - Canyon Region
Indian Grove TrailCity of Rocks
Indian TunnelCraters of the Moon National Monument
Inferno ConeCraters of the Moon National Monument
Inferno LoopCraters of the Moon National Monument
Inferno LoopCraters of the Moon National Monument
Inferno LoopCraters of the Moon National Monument
Irely Lake TrailOlympic National Park
Island Peaks TrailBlack Canyon of the Gunnison National Park
Jackson Lake Lodge TrailTwo Ocean Lake
Jacob Hamblin Arch "Cheat Route"Glen Canyon National Recreation Area - UT
Jailhouse Rock-Temple RockCapitol Reef National Park
Jasper ForestPetrified Forest National Park
Jenny Lake South ShorelineCentral Lakes
JointCanyonlands NP-Needles
Joyner Ridge TrailDevils Tower National Monument
Ka Moa o Pele LoopHaleakalā National Park
KapalaoaHaleakalā National Park
Kaupō TrailHaleakalā National Park
Keonehe‘ehe‘e (Sliding Sands)Haleakalā National Park
Kestner Homestead TrailOlympic National Park
Klahhane Ridge TrailOlympic National Park
Kūloa PointHaleakalā National Park
LaCrosse Basin Way TrailOlympic National Park
LaCrosse Pass TrailOlympic National Park

Supported Routes

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