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Montana Mountain Bike Alliance was formed by passionate cycling land conservationists across Montana. We know that the mountain bike community deserves a seat at any table where public land is discussed. Mountain biking opportunities are threatened statewide on multiple fronts with important forest comment deadlines looming. For the facts, current topics, specific deadlines and suggested responses go to Action Alert. We as cyclists must wake up, get organized and become active in the political process to voice our concerns for the future of our public lands.

MMBA is a forum and focal point for concerned cyclists across Montana to share ideas, educate the recreating public and act with a unified voice when it comes to public land access issues in the state.

What you can do now is Join MMBA so we keep you informed on important deadlines and events that promote a positive cycling vibe. Membership is FREE. Totally volunteer-staffed, MMBA welcomes bikers who have skills to contribute; from trail maintenance crews to graphic designing and tasks in-between, your help is urgently needed. We know that mountain bikers represent a vast array of skills and professions.

Together we can make a difference. Save our singletrack! Now is the time.

Riding Areas

nametrailstotal descenthighest trailtotal distance
Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness Area20-9,777 ft2 miles103 miles
Acton Recreation Area12-4,016 ft4,007 ft23 miles
Anaconda-Pintler22-14,612 ft2 miles104 miles
Badger-Two Medicine44-43,895 ft2 miles183 miles
Benchmark29-33,652 ft2 miles102 miles
Blackleaf-Teton13-13,625 ft1 mile172 miles
Blue Mountain76-28,324 ft2 miles134 miles
Bluejoint WSA6-8,622 ft2 miles52 miles
Bob Marshall Wilderness00 ft0 ft0 ft
Bozeman Creek/Sourdough Canyon Ski Trails3-2,435 ft1 mile14 miles
Bridger Creek Golf Course Nordic Ski Trails7-176 ft4,780 ft8 miles
Cabinet Mountains Wilderness36-16,857 ft2 miles130 miles
CDT - Upper Bighole47-29,878 ft2 miles148 miles
Cliff Ranch10-504 ft4,245 ft14 miles
Crane Mountain Trails32-10,380 ft1 mile44 miles
Crow15-4,841 ft1 mile53 miles
Crystal Lake13-4,662 ft2 miles24 miles
Dean Stone27-4,856 ft1 mile69 miles
Elk Basin49-18,067 ft1 mile79 miles
Finger Lake5-5,241 ft1 mile11 miles
Garfield Peaks9-8,312 ft2 miles48 miles
Glacier National Park153-100,297 ft2 miles599 miles
Gravelly Range5-858 ft2 miles13 miles
Great Divide8-4,300 ft1 mile23 miles
Green Gates57-7,253 ft1 mile65 miles
Happy Valley State Trust50-552 ft3,281 ft9 miles
Haskill Basin26-5,473 ft1 mile31 miles
Headwaters9-283 ft4,093 ft10 miles
Heritage Trail1-223 ft3,178 ft6 miles
Herron Park36-10,006 ft1 mile42 miles
Highland Glen Nordic Ski Trails8-390 ft4,960 ft8 miles
Holland Lake Recreation Area6-1,850 ft2 miles17 miles
Hyalite Canyon Nordic Ski Trails15-2,183 ft1 mile21 miles
Jewel Basin30-10,296 ft1 mile68 miles
Judith Mountains5-2,050 ft1 mile6 miles
Kootenai Falls Wildlife Management Area10 ft0 ft0 ft
Kootenia Falls Area00 ft0 ft0 ft
Lake Como32-8,129 ft2 miles98 miles
Larry Creek Trails21-2,258 ft2 miles27 miles
Lee Metcalf Wilderness - Taylor Hilgard15-2,157 ft2 miles49 miles
Lewis & Clark National Forest71-48,354 ft2 miles272 miles
Lewis and Clark Caverns14-3,869 ft1 mile17 miles
Lolo Pass32-14,906 ft1 mile132 miles
Lone Pine State Park17-1,322 ft3,627 ft4 miles
Madison Range39-27,418 ft2 miles170 miles
Marshall Mountain24-6,565 ft1 mile34 miles
Montana Snowbowl14-7,527 ft2 miles33 miles
Moser33-5,443 ft1 mile38 miles
Mt. Haggin Nordic Ski Trails18-2,069 ft1 mile16 miles
North Sapphires20 ft0 ft0 ft
Pattee Canyon71-13,963 ft1 mile80 miles
Petty Mountain17-17,167 ft1 mile101 miles
Phipps Park10-649 ft3,871 ft8 miles
Pig Farms92-6,111 ft1 mile51 miles
Pipestone136-30,535 ft2 miles213 miles
Priest Area20-3,858 ft1 mile31 miles
Rendezvous Trails14-1,965 ft1 mile20 miles
River's Edge Park28-80 ft3,050 ft4 miles
Sapphire WSA18-16,530 ft2 miles94 miles
Scapegoat Wilderness10 ft0 ft0 ft
South Elkhorns28-12,713 ft2 miles91 miles
South Hills29-426 ft3,638 ft7 miles
Spencer Mountain21-5,627 ft3,898 ft20 miles
Spokane Hills South13-3,286 ft5,180 ft19 miles
Stemple Pass XC Ski Area14-5,274 ft1 mile50 miles
Sun Canyon17-11,822 ft2 miles80 miles
Sunset Hills Ski Trails6-215 ft4,954 ft3 miles
Swords Park10 ft0 ft0 ft
Tally Lake Area42-24,407 ft1 mile126 miles
Ten Lakes Scenic Recreation Area26-26,179 ft1 mile93 miles
Tenmile Creek Park5-73 ft3,947 ft3 miles
The Rattlesnake122-29,216 ft1 mile151 miles
The Whitefish Trail39-6,786 ft4,155 ft42 miles
Tobacco Roots40-23,804 ft2 miles124 miles
Twin Creeks15-4,350 ft1 mile41 miles
Two Top Mountain14-2,639 ft2 miles59 miles
Warm Springs / Lost Trail Pass29-31,698 ft2 miles130 miles
Western Centennials20-13,754 ft2 miles77 miles
Whitefish Bike Retreat8-345 ft3,455 ft2 miles
Whitefish Range10-9,784 ft2 miles62 miles
Zimmerman Park5-971 ft3,840 ft8 miles

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