SORCA 2023 Cinco # 3 May 24
Race Details:

Thanks to Tantalus Bike Shop, Locavore, and Big White for hosting our second enduro of the season!! Bike Big White is excited to be a sponsor of the May 24 SORCA Cinco Race. Have a drink on us and scan one of the QR codes on site at Locavore to automatically receive a FREE day ticket to ride Big White’s bike park this Summer.

Youth stage: 5-6pm Brodown to pseudo 3-4

Full course:
Stage1 Half Nelson to Free the Speedo
Stage 2 McLoud > Whet yer Blade > Pseudo

Stage 1 opens 6pm
Stage 2 opens 6:15pm
Stage 1 closes 7:30pm
Stage 2 closes 7:50pm

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