Mountain Bike
titleriding arearatingdistancedescentclimb
9th Ave Trail (North)Dawson
4,528 ft-186 ft124 ft
9th Ave Trail South (Stairs)Dawson
1,962 ft-6 ft114 ft
9th Avenue SouthDawson
1,460 ft-3 ft32 ft
Acklen DitchDawson
2,572 ft-29 ft25 ft
Blood on the TracksDawson
3,947 ft-494 ft85 ft
Buried TreasureDawson
4,370 ft-6 ft410 ft
Crocus Bluff ConnectorDawson
1,975 ft-179 ft14 ft
Crocus Bluff Lookout TrailDawson
1,450 ft134 ft
Crocus RidgeDawson
2,674 ft-24 ft151 ft
Crocus Ridge connectorDawson
799 ft-14 ft
Dish PigDawson
397 ft-36 ft
Dome DiveMidnight Dome Trails
2,165 ft-413 ft
Dome Dive & Hammarstrand Connector 2Midnight Dome Trails
531 ft-55 ft
Dome Dive (upper)Midnight Dome Trails
1,207 ft-285 ft
Dome Dive Connector 1 (original top)Midnight Dome Trails
1,076 ft-251 ft
Dome Dive Connector 2Midnight Dome Trails
548 ft-42 ft4 ft
Dome UptrackDawson
2 miles768 ft
Duke St connectorDawson
1,027 ft-20 ft9 ft
HammarstrandMidnight Dome Trails
1 mile-879 ft
Hammarstrand connectorDawson
276 ft-9 ft
Hammarstrand Connector 1 (Formerly TCT)Midnight Dome Trails
2,556 ft-319 ft
Hammarstrand Connector 2Dawson
331 ft-27 ft
Heartbreak HillDawson
2,283 ft217 ft
Klondyke Millenium TrailDawson
Mary McLeod connectorDawson
509 ft11 ft
Millenium TrailDawson
4 miles-73 ft107 ft
Moosehide Slide TrailDawson
4,524 ft-18 ft490 ft
Nänkäk Zu'Dawson
3,812 ft-295 ft40 ft
PaydirtMidnight Dome Trails
4,426 ft-1,056 ft
PowerlineMidnight Dome Trails
850 ft-313 ft
Ridge Road Heritage TrailDawson
17 miles-3,659 ft1,227 ft
Supply and DemandDawson
1,890 ft220 ft
The Green DoorDawson
138 ft-2 ft
Tr’ochëk Historic Site TrailDawson
2 miles-137 ft160 ft
Tr’ochëk Plateau TrailDawson
2,234 ft-70 ft6 ft
Tyhoid descentDawson
764 ft-165 ft
Upper Tower Road (Hammarstrand Connector)Dawson
1,119 ft70 ft
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