Mountain Bike
titleriding arearatingdistancedescentclimb
Addiction Rock Climbing TrailSinks Canyon
2,192 ft473 ft
Advanced Loop (East)ASI
4,854 ft-100 ft181 ft
Advanced Loop (West)ASI
4,068 ft-112 ft31 ft
Alternate Slickrock ClimbBus Loop
1,529 ft-36 ft197 ft
Ant Hill LoopJohnny Behind the Rocks
3 miles-470 ft461 ft
Aspen Glade TrailLander
2 miles-337 ft348 ft
Aspen GradeSinks Canyon
2,786 ft347 ft
BacksideBus Loop
2,110 ft85 ft
BacksideBus Loop
696 ft51 ft
BacksideBus Loop
3,480 ft-77 ft43 ft
Bayer Park Historic Stock DrivewayLander
3 miles-403 ft897 ft
Beginner LoopASI
1 mile-142 ft146 ft
Beginner Trail AccessASI
574 ft-7 ft
Blue RidgeSinks Canyon
9 miles-2,534 ft701 ft
Bus AccessBus Loop
1,056 ft-10 ft30 ft
Bus West AccessBus Loop
1,422 ft-70 ft4 ft
Cactus PatchBus Loop
1 mile-351 ft184 ft
CDT - South Pass CityWillow Creek
1,919 ft115 ft
CDT- Sweetwater Section 7999AWillow Creek
17 miles-2,532 ft2,542 ft
Christina Lake Trail #721Sinks Canyon
4 miles-205 ft604 ft
CP CutoffBus Loop
1,479 ft-24 ft93 ft
DarksideBus Loop
3,730 ft-146 ft134 ft
Enchanted ForestSinks Canyon
3,426 ft-269 ft16 ft
Erratic TrailLander
4,980 ft-413 ft247 ft
Fairfield Knotch TrailSinks Canyon
1 mile-6 ft787 ft
Fisherman TrailSinks Canyon
2,133 ft-37 ft33 ft
Flowin' JohnnyJohnny Behind the Rocks
3,543 ft120 ft
G & TBus Loop
4,827 ft-55 ft295 ft
G&T CutoffBus Loop
448 ft-3 ft27 ft
GullyBus Loop
2,057 ft-17 ft87 ft
HoodoosBus Loop
2,779 ft-113 ft119 ft
Johnny FallsJohnny Behind the Rocks
1 mile-46 ft288 ft
Johnny on TopJohnny Behind the Rocks
3 miles-685 ft457 ft
Johnny On Top Parking ConnectorJohnny Behind the Rocks
3,473 ft-116 ft267 ft
Johnny's DrawJohnny Behind the Rocks
2 miles-353 ft425 ft
Juniper AlleyBus Loop
1 mile-429 ft71 ft
Killer Cave Rock Climbing TrailSinks Canyon
1,733 ft-22 ft383 ft
Look Out TrailSinks Canyon
3,650 ft-15 ft314 ft
Louis Lake Road ConnectorSinks Canyon
180 ft
Louis Lake TrailSinks Canyon
2 miles-1,199 ft145 ft
Lower BrewersSinks Canyon
5 miles-73 ft1,407 ft
Lower PatchBus Loop
1,908 ft-108 ft45 ft
Middle Fork (Lower) #700Sinks Canyon
6 miles-1,473 ft115 ft
Monument Draw Cow TrailGovernment Draw
4,180 ft-81 ft5 ft
Moose GulchSinks Canyon
2,162 ft-40 ft
Moose Gulch LoopSinks Canyon
1 mile-126 ft154 ft
More SquigglesBus Loop
2,844 ft-194 ft53 ft
Petes Lake Single TrackSinks Canyon
5,008 ft-8 ft663 ft
PharcydeBus Loop
1,289 ft-22 ft3 ft
Popo Agie Falls TrailSinks Canyon
1,362 ft-36 ft97 ft
Primary cut offJohnny Behind the Rocks
1 mile-247 ft255 ft
Primary LoopGovernment Draw
8 miles-850 ft779 ft
Red RidgeJohnny Behind the Rocks
2 miles-362 ft288 ft
Rocks offBus Loop
373 ft-31 ft10 ft
Sage DrawSinks Canyon
2,142 ft95 ft
Sage Draw LoopSinks Canyon
4,472 ft-99 ft104 ft
Salt Lick JunctionBus Loop
2,766 ft-35 ft141 ft
Sheep Bridge (Middle Fork)Sinks Canyon
9 miles-2,304 ft605 ft
Sinks Canyon TrailSinks Canyon
2 miles-51 ft505 ft
Sketchy BridgeBus Loop
1,595 ft-133 ft1 ft
Slick climb outBus Loop
674 ft42 ft
Slick Rock drop inBus Loop
891 ft-94 ft17 ft
SlickrockBus Loop
1 mile-272 ft439 ft
Slickrock Access/dropBus Loop
745 ft-78 ft13 ft
Slickrock ConnectBus Loop
1,219 ft-160 ft22 ft
Slickrock ConnectBus Loop
325 ft-12 ft
Snowmobile TrailSinks Canyon
1 mile-889 ft29 ft
SquigglesBus Loop
1,629 ft-175 ft28 ft
Steve's DrawBus Loop
3,451 ft-34 ft223 ft
Stough Creek Lakes (Lower)Sinks Canyon
3,458 ft184 ft
Straight ScotchBus Loop
2,680 ft-9 ft206 ft
The BusBus Loop
3,145 ft-179 ft43 ft
The CatalystSinks Canyon
1 mile-988 ft73 ft
Twin Creek DownhillJohnny Behind the Rocks
2 miles-657 ft42 ft
Upper BrewersSinks Canyon
5 miles-134 ft567 ft
West Rim TrailBus Loop
WigglesBus Loop
4,101 ft-238 ft9 ft
Willow Creek Drainage "E" Trail EWillow Creek
4 miles-81 ft979 ft
Wolf Point Motorcycle TrailSinks Canyon
2 miles-525 ft237 ft
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