segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1Vandelay Down (2nd half) Vandelay3,022 ft182 ft128434315
2Rolling Rock Rolling Rock2,490 ft126 ft114850665
3Jug 2016 stage 2 Vandelay1 mile426 ft113929060
4Jug Enduro 2014 Stage 1 Vandelay1 mile397 ft113829093
5Vandelay (down) Vandelay2 miles428 ft112828866
6Jug Mountain XC Double Shot Downhill Double Shot2,921 ft232 ft88842478
7Double shot to road cutoff Double Shot3,240 ft321 ft82839303
8The Landing > XC Trail First Half (down) Harpers Hollow3,668 ft165 ft81321771
9Rising Sun Climb Rising Sun2,972 ft124 ft66614642
10The Landing > XC Trail (down) Harpers Hollow1 mile280 ft65314331
11Exfoliator Exfoliator926 ft110 ft62529643
12Elk first road crossing to next road Elk Trail736 ft41 ft62423210
13Harper's Hallow Harpers Hollow1 mile323 ft59112943
14Mainline Shortcut Climb Shortcut904 ft87 ft5469861
15Upper Ditch Witch DH Ditch Witch1,096 ft59 ft53312351
16Root Cellar Growler296 ft37 ft4407550
17Campground trail South Elk3,417 ft43 ft41322281
18Ve Trail Climb Vandelay1 mile443 ft3597872
19vandelay (up) Vandelay2 miles448 ft3577810
20Who hauls more ass? Hidden Valley3,194 ft379 ft2337301
21Hidden Valley - Brundage DH Hidden Valley2 miles1,394 ft2247113
22Upper Goose Creek DH Goose Creek3 miles978 ft2033380
23Goose Ck bridge to TH Goose Creek3 miles549 ft1813042
24West Payette Lake Trail lower rock slab line Payette Lake Trail- West Side2 miles665 ft1261592
25Goose Ck TH to bridge Goose Creek3 miles560 ft751120
26Unnamed Rd Climb Elk Trail1 mile433 ft611080
27Brundage Elk tr. up Elk Trail6 miles1,549 ft34682
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