segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1Raven Full Raven3,461 ft140 ft56443106
2Mike's Descent Mikes2,760 ft360 ft55432986
3Jammin' (proper) Jammin'1,438 ft68 ft53540655
4miner 29er (proper) Miner 29'er3,380 ft104 ft51730864
5Miner 29er Full Miner 29'er4,510 ft96 ft51530806
6Smelly Richard Kickstart Smelly Richard1,146 ft122 ft51037116
7Road Apple Iron Mask Fitness Test1,285 ft87 ft50930893
8Stinky Dick fence to finish Smelly Richard723 ft67 ft50030554
9Full Fitness inc. the up Iron Mask Fitness Test3,803 ft76 ft49228801
10My fitness test Iron Mask Fitness Test2,866 ft84 ft49126875
11Flat Beat East Iron Mask1,724 ft24 ft48629123
12Flat Beat West Iron Mask1,738 ft29 ft47229732
13Huffy Puffy (proper) Miner 29'er3,319 ft59 ft42021185
14Dog On It Dog On It1,029 ft49 ft41329408
15Iron mask decent Iron Mask3,250 ft154 ft39119461
16Miner 29er Reverse Miner 29'er4,661 ft99 ft38919624
172nd viewpoint climb Iron Mask2,577 ft93 ft38720871
18Almost the last little bit Mine521 ft79 ft38513381
193rd viewpoint climb Iron Mask2,739 ft95 ft38521002
20Log Cabin A Blaze On The Hillside1,503 ft175 ft38518694
21MINE's tail Mine1 miles515 ft38413204
22Mine downhill (short) Mine1,611 ft327 ft38213123
23Start of Stubby Stubby2,370 ft342 ft37718842
24The IronMask Hill Climb Challenge Iron Mask2 miles285 ft37119293
25End of Stubby Stubby1,554 ft196 ft36916573
26Stubby Stubby3,995 ft543 ft368166111
27Stubby with Proper start and end Stubby4,119 ft567 ft36716601
28Switch it up shorty Switch It Up2 miles198 ft34221344
29Mine Ascent Mine656 ft26 ft32710182
30Most Speed More Speed3,343 ft333 ft32713371
31More Speed More Speed3,581 ft339 ft32413447
32Huffin 49'er Reverse Miner 29'er2 miles160 ft32313293
33Little Whiff Smelly Richard1,409 ft52 ft3139301
34Rocky Roll in Mine1,597 ft112 ft3109354
35Rock'n Roll Climb Rock and Roll1,599 ft116 ft30313423
36A.B.O.T.H. climb A Blaze On The Hillside810 ft42 ft28911043
37Rock n Roll (Full) Rock and Roll1 miles40 ft28811953
38hard rock Hard Rock1,836 ft102 ft27712263
39Smelly Richard Smelly Richard4,098 ft111 ft2767061
40Bare Knuckles Climb Bare Knuckles1,727 ft101 ft2689973
41A.B.O.T.H. first part A Blaze On The Hillside640 ft28 ft2659954
42A Blaze on the Hillside DH A Blaze On The Hillside4,541 ft415 ft2568837
43Breakfast coming back up Breakfast Coming Up1,696 ft259 ft2544721
44Bare Knuckles Down Bare Knuckles1,799 ft85 ft2518392
45Bare Knuckles Bare Knuckles3,028 ft110 ft2508364
46Wally World Short Cut Iron Mask1,825 ft93 ft2498310
47Down Dead Sexy Boot Chute2,385 ft197 ft24810033
48Spin Cycle - part 1 Spin Cycle3,198 ft219 ft23811880
49Blaze On The Hillside A Blaze On The Hillside1 miles581 ft2387727
50Crank 'n Cujo Crank 'n Cujo3,026 ft111 ft23511537
51Spin Cycle Spin Cycle1 miles374 ft23411507
52Coal Rollin' Coal Hill Descent908 ft107 ft22910811
53Yogi Bare Traverse Yogi2,099 ft65 ft2288940
54Downhill part of smelly richard Smelly Richard2,195 ft122 ft2287102
55Gutsy Mine Drop- you ain't no Chicken! Mine141 ft30 ft2265671
56Rock n Roll (reverse) Rock and Roll3,445 ft108 ft2226673
57marshymellow climb Marsh Mellow3,286 ft108 ft2168330
58Stay Puft Marshmallow Climb Marsh Mellow3,638 ft117 ft2128195
59Switch It Up Switch It Up2 miles304 ft21211788
60Spintowin Spin Cycle1,759 ft163 ft2057981
61HP Sauce HP Sauce1,599 ft94 ft2038105
62Crank "N Cujo Reverse Crank 'n Cujo3,149 ft100 ft2015335
63HP Sauce Down HP Sauce1,670 ft77 ft1986438
64Shep's Trail Sheppard's3,673 ft446 ft1846534
65Reverse Ironmask Climb Iron Mask2 miles295 ft1844552
66Coals Notes Coal Hill Descent1,815 ft334 ft1768211
67The Nelson Lake Spin Dragonfly3,972 ft72 ft1734800
68Elevator SHAFT Breakfast Coming Up1,655 ft210 ft1603972
69Snaggle Up Snagglepuss3,689 ft89 ft1605431
70Boot Chute Climb Boot Chute3,578 ft316 ft1474784
71Pineview Tower - Tower to the Fence. Coal Hill Descent4,596 ft593 ft1437103
72Tower to Fence (Proper start) Coal Hill Descent4,695 ft566 ft1437101
73Coal Hill - Fence to Fence Coal Hill Descent4,725 ft649 ft1427023
74Shep's first half Sheppard's2,174 ft135 ft1274231
75Sheppard's Trail (Full) Sheppard's4,116 ft417 ft1183784
76Shep's second half Sheppard's1,453 ft294 ft1163771
77Reverse Wally Wally World1 miles133 ft1052050
78Horsepower Sauce HP Sauce3,516 ft91 ft882632
79Low Iron Ascent Low Iron4,581 ft165 ft843034
80Small Load Find the Mine752 ft109 ft691431
81Laundry is Cheaper on Weekends Find the Mine1,982 ft125 ft491231
82Reverse Ironmask Loop Iron Mask6 miles357 ft42554
83Gate up Access Road1,838 ft224 ft381301
84Coal Hill Fence to Junction Coal Hill Descent2,504 ft214 ft000
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