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Thanks to the yearlong efforts of many dedicated individuals, Idaho is the first state in the nation to feature a mountain bike-themed license plate. Under the law passed by the Idaho Legislature, this new mountain bike-themed plate will benefit all trail users of Idaho’s 17,000-mile recreational trail system.

The plate costs $35 for the initial purchase and $25 for renewals. The Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation will receive $22 and $12 respectively from plate sales “exclusively for the preservation, maintenance and expansion of recreational trails" within the state of Idaho, where mountain biking is permitted.

The plate features a mountain biker, but all trail users benefit from buying a plate. Recreational trails are used by many, not only to bike, but also to hike, run, wildlife watch, horseback ride and many other activities. So, even if you don't own a mountain bike, but like to recreate on Idaho's trails, you will benefit!

Riding Areas

nametrailstotal descenthighest trailtotal distance
7N Ranch12-2,474 ft1 mile7 miles
Alturas Lake9-500 ft1 mile18 miles
Avimor27-7,517 ft5,046 ft48 miles
Barracks Lane - Mulkey Creek33-11,187 ft1 mile46 miles
Bear Basin26-2,638 ft1 mile22 miles
Bear Lake5-1,798 ft2 miles18 miles
Bernard Peak2-79 ft5,005 ft9 miles
Bigwood Fat Bike Park5-382 ft1 mile9 miles
Blackrock Canyon6-3,468 ft1 mile20 miles
Blue Creek00 ft0 ft0 ft
Bogus Basin69-16,329 ft1 mile64 miles
Boise Foothills29-11,422 ft1 mile60 miles
Bull Trout Lake6-20,167 ft2 miles76 miles
Canfield Mountain Trail System49-19,588 ft4,893 ft76 miles
Capital Hill6-4,334 ft1 mile20 miles
Castle Rocks1-920 ft1 mile5 miles
CDT - North Beaverheads30-26,349 ft2 miles115 miles
Central Caribou Highlands28-27,565 ft2 miles110 miles
Challis Foothills33-4,433 ft1 mile20 miles
City Creek75-21,430 ft1 mile88 miles
City of Rocks17-2,900 ft1 mile17 miles
Copper Basin9-4,790 ft2 miles20 miles
Craig Mountain26-8,318 ft5,212 ft47 miles
Deadwood16-20,143 ft1 mile81 miles
Discovery Hill71-9,468 ft1 mile66 miles
Dworshak Reservoir19-4,292 ft2,367 ft26 miles
Eagle Bike Park35-2,183 ft2,955 ft13 miles
East Bench16-2,605 ft1 mile12 miles
East of Stanley18-14,790 ft2 miles67 miles
East Side15-10,914 ft1 mile79 miles
Eastern Centennials7-7,701 ft2 miles48 miles
English Point3-423 ft2,562 ft4 miles
Feather Creek3-4,546 ft4,959 ft20 miles
Galena Lodge40-9,028 ft2 miles67 miles
Gibson Jack35-15,586 ft1 mile71 miles
Gold Creek5-4,391 ft5,103 ft19 miles
Gospel-Hump Wilderness00 ft0 ft0 ft
Graham Mountain5-5,328 ft1 mile21 miles
Greenhorn8-7,221 ft2 miles32 miles
Harriman State Park17-2,693 ft1 mile23 miles
Hells Canyon National Recreation Area00 ft0 ft0 ft
Hells Gate19-2,485 ft1,403 ft14 miles
Heyburn State Park11-4,965 ft3,251 ft24 miles
Hidden Springs Town Trails19-5,713 ft1 mile28 miles
Hillside to Hollow Reserve14-1,472 ft3,156 ft8 miles
Horseshoe Canyon Trail System24-13,022 ft2 miles57 miles
Hulls Gulch14-1,212 ft3,921 ft7 miles
Idaho City Trail System15-4,773 ft1 mile26 miles
Iron Creek/Hat Creek59-36,825 ft2 miles159 miles
Italian Peaks19-21,165 ft2 miles85 miles
Johnstone7-5,539 ft2 miles30 miles
Jug Mountain10 ft0 ft0 ft
Jug Mountain23-8,088 ft1 mile17 miles
Kaniksu National Forest27-30,205 ft1 mile135 miles
Kelly Canyon100-30,210 ft1 mile149 miles
Lakeview Mountain00 ft0 ft0 ft
Lemhi Mountains61-55,457 ft2 miles254 miles
Little Boulder2-970 ft2,922 ft5 miles
Lost Creek3-3,948 ft1 mile23 miles
Lost River Range3-240 ft2 miles11 miles
Lucky Peak34-4,710 ft1 mile33 miles
Magic Mountain112-21,886 ft1 mile152 miles
Marble Creek17-22,509 ft1 mile107 miles
Military Reserve Park34-1,760 ft4,086 ft20 miles
Mineral Point8-2,610 ft3,038 ft16 miles
Moscow Mountain91-19,785 ft4,712 ft101 miles
Mt Coeur D Alene16-12,001 ft4,422 ft49 miles
North Caribou Highlands58-49,378 ft2 miles226 miles
North Fork of the Clearwater12-22,564 ft1 mile125 miles
North of Stanley13-3,419 ft2 miles31 miles
Palisades / Snake River Range28-34,982 ft2 miles107 miles
Palouse Divide40-16,516 ft1 mile88 miles
Panther Creek/Down River15-17,619 ft1 mile80 miles
Pebble Creek16-7,736 ft2 miles51 miles
Pierce Recreational Area7-7,155 ft5,134 ft81 miles
Polecat Gulch8-2,127 ft3,718 ft14 miles
Ponderosa State Park3-1,011 ft5,227 ft8 miles
Portneuf Greenway28-684 ft4,906 ft16 miles
Post Falls Community Forest9-839 ft2,446 ft7 miles
Priest Lake13-8,703 ft1 mile50 miles
Purcell Mountains00 ft0 ft0 ft
Quigley Canyon Project6-771 ft1 mile2 miles
Rapid River00 ft0 ft0 ft
Red Fish Lake17-11,900 ft2 miles77 miles
Ryder Park2-132 ft1 mile5 miles
Schweitzer104-40,752 ft1 mile80 miles
Scout Mountain44-21,190 ft2 miles124 miles
Seaman's Gulch6-1,100 ft2,967 ft4 miles
Smoky Mountains14-17,045 ft2 miles92 miles
Soldier Mountains24-33,065 ft2 miles115 miles
Southern Caribou Highlands17-11,083 ft2 miles61 miles
Southern Valley Trails / Mike Harris37-24,060 ft2 miles91 miles
St Charles Canyon22-14,503 ft2 miles50 miles
St. Anthony Sand Dunes00 ft0 ft0 ft
St. Joe River10-7,131 ft1 mile24 miles
Stormy Peak16-18,069 ft2 miles95 miles
Syringa Trail System13-1,585 ft2,658 ft8 miles
Table Rock38-2,123 ft3,645 ft11 miles
Tamarack Resort55-11,265 ft1 mile48 miles
Twelvemile38-16,376 ft2 miles64 miles
Upper Birch Creek16-11,825 ft2 miles57 miles
Wagonhammer47-25,674 ft2 miles80 miles
Warm River9-4,791 ft1 mile29 miles
West of Stanley8-5,373 ft2 miles23 miles
White Clouds28-35,127 ft2 miles144 miles
Williams Creek80-51,195 ft2 miles169 miles
Wilson Creek100-11,031 ft4,548 ft92 miles
Woop Um Up00 ft0 ft0 ft
Yankee Fork12-15,630 ft2 miles59 miles

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