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Bull DogCroy Creek
2.8 miles-688 ft
Bullion ConnectorCroy Creek
2.4 miles-329 ft
CenterlineCroy Creek
5,067 ft-200 ft
Chocolate GulchHailey
3.8 miles-960 ft
Cow Creek ConnectorHailey
2.5 miles-500 ft
Deer CreekDeer Creek
4.7 miles-176 ft
Federal GulchGray's Peak
2.6 miles-21 ft
Federal-Timber RidgeGray's Peak
1.5 miles-552 ft
Fisher CreekGray's Peak
4.9 miles-2,785 ft
Grays PeakGray's Peak
3.5 miles-1,891 ft
Hidden ValleyCroy Creek
6.4 miles-1,113 ft
Howard's TrailDeer Creek
3.3 miles-272 ft
Middle Fork - South ForkWillow Creek
7.0 miles-2,594 ft
Nadya's TrailCroy Creek
1,497 ft-2 ft
North Fork of Deer CreekDeer Creek
4.6 miles-1,083 ft
PorcupineGray's Peak
3.0 miles-1,754 ft
PunchlineCroy Creek
-305 ft
Timber DrawGray's Peak
1.8 miles-1,763 ft
Two DogCroy Creek
2.6 miles-385 ft
Warm Springs DrivewayWillow Creek
6.2 miles-1,306 ft
Willow Creek EastWillow Creek
4.2 miles-101 ft
Willow Creek East RidgeWillow Creek
1.9 miles-716 ft
Wilson GulchCroy Creek
3,699 ft-88 ft
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