Rider Created Routes

Figure 8 loop
Peoria IL
10 miles1
Whole Enchilada
Peoria IL
9 miles2
Black Patridge Loop
Peoria IL
8 miles3
Everything Kinsey
Peoria IL
6 miles4
Dirksen Loop from the back entrance
Marquette Heights IL
6 miles5
Fay Pickering Memorial Trails Ride
Marshall IL
12 miles6
Peoria IL
2 miles7
Dirksen full route from archery range
Peoria IL
7 miles8
Farmdale Full Loop
Peoria IL
10 miles9
Pekin Loop
Marquette Heights IL
25 miles10
Kickapoo Loop
Oakwood IL
9 miles11
Beginner's Route At Kinsey
Peoria IL
3 miles12
Beginner Route at Black Partridge
Peoria IL
2 miles13
Farmdale Reservoir
Peoria IL
5 miles14
Up and Down Eagle Ridge and Roy L
East Peoria IL
3 miles15
Sylvan Island
Moline IL
3 miles16
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