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7-11 TrailSwedetown Trails
3,178 ft-41 ft
Aerobic Adventure RideMichigan Tech Trails
9.8 miles-1,220 ft
All Down HillMarquette
1.4 miles-348 ft
AM-FMRamba Trails
2,588 ft-161 ft
Angry BearHarlow Lake
1.5 miles-169 ft
Applesauce Prequel TrailSwedetown Trails
3,092 ft-47 ft
Applesauce TrailSwedetown Trails
3,614 ft-52 ft
Auto FloMaasto Hiihto - Churning Rapids
2,227 ft
Baby Bear LoopSwedetown Trails
2,997 ft-61 ft
Baby BlueMarquette South Trails
2,164 ft-186 ft
Back Country TrailSwedetown Trails
1.9 miles-96 ft
Bacon StripRamba Trails
1.2 miles-142 ft
Barking Frog LoopMichigan Tech Trails
5,121 ft-40 ft
Benson GradeMarquette South Trails
3,683 ft-20 ft
Between the lines connectorMarquette
1,444 ft-45 ft
Big Fumee Lake LoopFumee Lake Natural Area
4.8 miles-275 ft
Black ListMarquette
1.7 miles-146 ft
Black TrailMarquette
1.3 miles-198 ft
BLP ConnectorMarquette North Trails
859 ft
BLP ConnectorMarquette North Trails
851 ft-29 ft
BLP TrailMarquette North Trails
3,092 ft-33 ft
Blue HeronMarquette North Trails
1.3 miles-182 ft
Blue TrailCopper Harbor Trail System
2,649 ft-78 ft
Bobsled LoopMichigan Tech Trails
1,737 ft-55 ft
Bothwell TrailMarquette
2,121 ft-93 ft
Bridges LoopSwedetown Trails
4,456 ft-86 ft
Brokeback MountainRamba Trails
4,921 ft-233 ft
Brooks Gorge TrailMaasto Hiihto - Churning Rapids
4,746 ft-168 ft
Bruno's Run - East SideBruno's Run
4.7 miles-894 ft
Bruno's Run - ExitBruno's Run
5,126 ft-159 ft
Bruno's Run - West SideBruno's Run
3.3 miles-340 ft
BullwinkleCopper Harbor Trail System
1.6 miles-166 ft
Bunker TrailSwedetown Trails
5,231 ft-122 ft
Burly TrailSwedetown Trails
5,256 ft-108 ft
Cable Connector TrailSwedetown Trails
2,184 ft-6 ft
Carp Eh DiemMarquette South Trails
2.9 miles-558 ft
Carp River TrailMarquette South Trails
4,985 ft-263 ft
Cheese GraterRamba Trails
3,029 ft-212 ft
Chunder MuffinMarquette South Trails
1,306 ft-180 ft
Climb Section 1Harlow Lake
4,763 ft-77 ft
Climb Section 2Harlow Lake
985 ft-39 ft
Climb TrailHarlow Lake
4,294 ft-62 ft
CollinsvilleMarquette North Trails
2.1 miles-389 ft
ConnectorMichigan Tech Trails
269 ft
Connector AMarquette South Trails
1,095 ft-22 ft
Connector AMichigan Tech Trails
1,725 ft-18 ft
Copper Harbor LoopCopper Harbor Trail System
2,290 ft-8 ft
Copper Peak TrailPorcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park
4.6 miles-485 ft
Coyote DenRamba Trails
820 ft-94 ft
3,449 ft-67 ft
Crosscut Cabin TrailPorcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park
1.2 miles-33 ft
Dancing BearCopper Harbor Trail System
1.4 miles-72 ft
DanimalCopper Harbor Trail System
2,135 ft-125 ft
De Deet - Sec 1Copper Harbor Trail System
965 ft-35 ft
De Deet - Sec 2Copper Harbor Trail System
2,334 ft-11 ft
Dead River BasinMarquette North Trails
5,275 ft-135 ft
Deer Lake TrailAl Quaal Recreation Area
3.7 miles-841 ft
Deer Yard TrailPorcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park
1.7 miles-304 ft
Der We WentCopper Harbor Trail System
1,529 ft-120 ft
Diagonal TrailMaasto Hiihto - Churning Rapids
2,175 ft
DoctorsMarquette South Trails
4,732 ft-313 ft
DoublePorcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park
1.2 miles-122 ft
DownRamba Trails
2,137 ft-196 ft
Down DoggerMarquette South Trails
4,979 ft-389 ft
DowntownCopper Harbor Trail System
4,031 ft-350 ft
Dragon LoopMichigan Tech Trails
4,393 ft-51 ft
Dza Beet - Sec 1Copper Harbor Trail System
2,135 ft-91 ft
Dza Beet - Sec 2Copper Harbor Trail System
363 ft-11 ft
Dza Beet - Sec 4Copper Harbor Trail System
1,228 ft-12 ft
Easy StreetMarquette South Trails
2.5 miles-250 ft
Echo Lake TrailGrand Island National Recreation Area
2,445 ft-11 ft
Edwards TrailMichigan Tech Trails
1,988 ft-96 ft
EH LineMarquette South Trails
3,419 ft-283 ft
Elf LoopMichigan Tech Trails
4,863 ft-59 ft
Ent LoopMichigan Tech Trails
2,030 ft-25 ft
EZ PZMarquette North Trails
3,610 ft-59 ft
3,249 ft-306 ft
Farmer's Well TrailSwedetown Trails
1.2 miles-57 ft
Fence LineRamba Trails
3,181 ft-71 ft
Fence Line ClimbMarquette
4,846 ft-36 ft
Fence-line ClimbRamba Trails
1,926 ft-4 ft
Fifth LoopDays River
1.8 miles-188 ft
Finney Creek TrailMaasto Hiihto - Churning Rapids
2,838 ft-148 ft
First LoopDays River
2.4 miles-232 ft
Flannel ShirtRamba Trails
1.0 miles-243 ft
FlowMarquette South Trails
3,243 ft-343 ft
Flying SquirrelCopper Harbor Trail System
2,412 ft-194 ft
Forget-Me-NotMarquette South Trails
3,643 ft-108 ft
Fourth LoopDays River
1.2 miles-98 ft
Freak N NatureMarquette South Trails
4,850 ft-157 ft
Fumee Mountain TrailFumee Lake Natural Area
3.0 miles-480 ft
Fumee North RidgeIron Mountain
2.6 miles-387 ft
Garden Brook - Sec 1Copper Harbor Trail System
2,532 ft-27 ft
Garden Brook - Sec 2Copper Harbor Trail System
2.0 miles-172 ft
Garden Brook - Sec 3Copper Harbor Trail System
2,723 ft-12 ft
Gnome LoopMichigan Tech Trails
2,811 ft-31 ft
GoatMarquette South Trails
1,053 ft
Gonzo TrailMichigan Tech Trails
3,830 ft-147 ft
Good for KidsRamba Trails
4,169 ft-91 ft
Gorge-ousMarquette South Trails
3.2 miles-452 ft
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