Mountain Bike
551 Snowmobile Trail
4,222 ft-59 ft72 ft
A. MacLeod rd
4,491 ft281 ft
4,860 ft-334 ft115 ft
Cape to Cape Gravel Escape
2,381 ft213 ft
Cape to Cape Trail - To The Windmills
5,067 ft-135 ft130 ft
Cape to Cape Trail - Windmills to Millsville
1 mile-380 ft60 ft
Chalet Conector
176 ft1 ft
246 ft-28 ft
198 ft-8 ft
Dodgy Camp Doubletrack
1 mile-27 ft449 ft
Durham Hill
4 miles-183 ft360 ft
Ella Awesome
1,998 ft-15 ft44 ft
Farm Connector
1 mile-305 ft30 ft
Fat Lip
1,322 ft58 ft
2,490 ft-168 ft
2,326 ft-232 ft4 ft
Maddy's Madness
3,056 ft-173 ft1 ft
Missing Link
2,415 ft-70 ft18 ft
Original FItz
2 miles-27 ft636 ft
Picnic table connector
712 ft49 ft
Reindeer Road
1,392 ft-11 ft10 ft
Rocket Robert
2,395 ft-203 ft
Start field
3,222 ft113 ft
Sweet Severn
3,242 ft-87 ft215 ft
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