Mountain Bike
titleriding arearatingdistancedescentclimb
A River Runs Through ItBodmin
1,497 ft-113 ft
Access RoadCarn Brea
1,900 ft-26 ft
Access TrailPoldice Valley
1,713 ft-27 ft10 ft
Angel BridgeBodmin
1,080 ft-17 ft21 ft
Attack on Tolls IslandSt Mary's
1,782 ft-113 ft29 ft
Avoid the rocks.Carn Brea
569 ft49 ft
Baby head alleyCarn Brea
2,180 ft-135 ft
Basset's back passageCarn Brea
1,495 ft-37 ft15 ft
Bazley's TrailLanhydrock Woods
2 miles-167 ft166 ft
Beacon around the backSt Agnes
2,636 ft-163 ft5 ft
Beacon downhillSt Agnes
736 ft-116 ft
Beacon low lineSt Agnes
2,587 ft-61 ft51 ft
Beacon north lineSt Agnes
2,042 ft-160 ft
Beacon south lineSt Agnes
817 ft-146 ft
Berepper RipperHelston
4,401 ft-170 ft46 ft
Berms to table topRedruth
846 ft-52 ft
Bishops FingerBodmin
989 ft-148 ft
Bissoe low lineRedruth
2,396 ft-27 ft63 ft
BlueOld Hill Bike Park
1,509 ft-83 ft
Blue HillSt Agnes
1,558 ft-154 ft3 ft
Blue JumpWoody's Bike Park
3,543 ft-273 ft19 ft
Boggy as...Redruth
2,666 ft-8 ft177 ft
Bosleake farmCarn Brea
1,562 ft95 ft
Bottom of the downsHelston
3,925 ft-144 ft39 ft
BreakneckCardinham Woods
1 mile-67 ft270 ft
Bridge valley shortcutRedruth
4,203 ft-73 ft128 ft
Buller shortCarn Brea
417 ft-28 ft2 ft
Busveal bypassCarn Brea
1,383 ft-40 ft5 ft
Cafe to Loe bar gatehouseHelston
1 mile-134 ft159 ft
Camel RockSt Mary's
1,890 ft-72 ft15 ft
Carn Brea Tech LineCarn Brea
1,873 ft-253 ft
Carn Marth East descentCarn Brea
1,940 ft-60 ft2 ft
Carn Marth linkCornwall
4,278 ft-128 ft60 ft
Carn Marth pufferCarn Brea
1,671 ft120 ft
Carnkie rough trackRedruth
1,656 ft-79 ft
Chapel laneCarn Brea
1,352 ft-82 ft
Church CoveHelston
1,790 ft-111 ft19 ft
Cliff to CoveHelston
4,473 ft-284 ft166 ft
Climb out of LoeHelston
3,034 ft-4 ft175 ft
Coast to Coast Trail Portreath to CambrosePortreath
2 miles-73 ft129 ft
Coast to Coat Trail - BissoePortreath
1 mile-40 ft20 ft
Coast to Coat Trail - Bissoe to DevoranPortreath
1 mile-25 ft18 ft
Coast to Coat Trail - Mawla to Wheal RosePortreath
1 mile87 ft
Coast to Coat Trail - ScorierPortreath
1,175 ft-14 ft
Coast to Coat Trail - Todpool to TwelveheadsPortreath
1 mile-124 ft20 ft
Coast to Coat Trail - Twelveheads to BissoePortreath
4,318 ft-52 ft22 ft
Coast to Coat Trail - Unity WoodPortreath
4,393 ft-126 ft
Coastal PathHayle
2,221 ft-3 ft13 ft
Col de zigzagCamborne
2,083 ft122 ft
Coombe DropPortreath
2,074 ft-118 ft
Coombe valleyHayle
5,249 ft-49 ft21 ft
Coombe valley dead end?Hayle
4,108 ft-48 ft15 ft
5,027 ft-169 ft264 ft
Cup and SaucerCarn Brea
631 ft45 ft
Daff field trackPortreath
2,312 ft-12 ft29 ft
Davey's DownfallBodmin
2,014 ft-120 ft5 ft
DaymnCarn Brea
2,468 ft-32 ft91 ft
DD DownhillCarn Brea
630 ft-96 ft
1,242 ft-27 ft15 ft
Deep Point HigherSt Mary's
1,271 ft-22 ft40 ft
Dirt WaveWoody's Bike Park
3,583 ft-271 ft24 ft
Dirty SpanielBodmin
1,837 ft-116 ft
District 9Bodmin
2,828 ft-181 ft1 ft
Don't get lostPortreath
1,190 ft-98 ft29 ft
Don't get wet!Redruth
1,130 ft-88 ft3 ft
Don’t be scared of the badgers!Portreath
3,291 ft-73 ft3 ft
Down Matt's WoodsCamborne
2,505 ft-106 ft17 ft
Down the beachFalmouth
934 ft-132 ft5 ft
Down the valleyCamborne
1,379 ft-116 ft
Down to the DownsHelston
1,031 ft-111 ft
Downhill? pCarn Brea
146 ft-30 ft
Downs to TruHelston
2,635 ft-85 ft42 ft
Dunmere DropBodmin
1,515 ft-211 ft
East Drive, through Pine Walk – Tree Line!Portreath
2,563 ft-71 ft7 ft
Easy BurialPendeen
596 ft-26 ft12 ft
Easy climb and descentSt Mary's
1,551 ft-9 ft56 ft
Electric wayCarn Brea
1,333 ft-39 ft1 ft
Es OlWoody's Bike Park
4,065 ft-277 ft34 ft
Face OffCarn Brea
1,800 ft-251 ft
FinisterreSt Agnes
627 ft-56 ft
Flat lode to Tuckingmill link pt1Carn Brea
494 ft-49 ft3 ft
Flat lode to Tuckingmill link pt2, Portreath Branchline trailCarn Brea
1,911 ft-60 ft8 ft
Flowing down and around Pascoe's shaftCarn Brea
2,067 ft-63 ft5 ft
1,465 ft-49 ft17 ft
Garrison EastSt Mary's
1,426 ft-27 ft9 ft
Ger off my landdRedruth
2,877 ft-6 ft125 ft
Get a drift onCarn Brea
690 ft-71 ft2 ft
Get in the grooveCarn Brea
1,305 ft-138 ft6 ft
Get your rocks offCarn Brea
1,155 ft-225 ft
Get Your Rocks Off HoneyCarn Brea
970 ft-148 ft
Gettin' BusyRedruth
1,562 ft-86 ft3 ft
Golf Club ClimbHelston
2,537 ft-2 ft151 ft
Golf CoursePendeen
2,486 ft-76 ft53 ft
Golf Course CoastSt Mary's
1,606 ft-30 ft20 ft
Goongumpas laneRedruth
2,339 ft-182 ft2 ft
Granite GardenWoody's Bike Park
1,003 ft-119 ft8 ft
Grenifer RoadCarn Brea
1,496 ft91 ft
Grogley DH link"GBH"
1,562 ft-246 ft
Grogley DH Middle LineBodmin
2,470 ft-363 ft
Grogley DH Right LineBodmin
1,742 ft-286 ft
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