Mountain Bike
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3 SpringsThree Springs
139 ft
3 Springs ConnectThree Springs
2,671 ft-67 ft28 ft
5th Ave ConnectDurango
1,483 ft-50 ft
7th HeavenPurgatory Resort
1 mile-445 ft
8 BellsOverend Mountain Park
1,861 ft-38 ft194 ft
American DreamThree Springs
1,877 ft-48 ft3 ft
Animas MountainAnimas City Mountain
5 miles-1,047 ft1,307 ft
Animas Mountain ClimbAnimas City Mountain
1,850 ft174 ft
Animas OverlookLog Chutes
2 miles-1,258 ft106 ft
Animas Overlook InterpretiveLog Chutes
3,150 ft-86 ft51 ft
Animas RiverDurango
7 miles-216 ft27 ft
Animas River #675Purgatory Resort
5 miles-95 ft685 ft
Animas River EastDurango
2,813 ft-106 ft60 ft
Animas River NorthDurango
4,262 ft-21 ft5 ft
Ash to Santa Rita BlvdTelegraph Trail System
5,131 ft-7 ft101 ft
BandidoTelegraph Trail System
1,426 ft-78 ft3 ft
Basecamp XCPurgatory Resort
3,538 ft-51 ft78 ft
Bear Creek Loop #810Vallecito Reservoir
3 miles-274 ft480 ft
Beer PeakDurango
732 ft-34 ft64 ft
Ben's Down N OutTelegraph Trail System
2,090 ft-327 ft
Beri ATVVallecito Reservoir
2 miles-469 ft282 ft
Beri ATV #812Vallecito Reservoir
1 mile-63 ft422 ft
Beri View #811Vallecito Reservoir
2,461 ft-9 ft113 ft
Big CanyonGrandview Ridge
2 miles-498 ft
Big Canyon AccessTelegraph Trail System
123 ft17 ft
Big Lick #499Hermosa Creek
7 miles-2,589 ft883 ft
BirketDalla Mountain Park
2,808 ft205 ft
Bonus LapThree Springs
2,982 ft-112 ft15 ft
Bonus LoopOverend Mountain Park
918 ft-21 ft56 ft
BoulderingDalla Mountain Park
2,628 ft-105 ft73 ft
Bread ExpressTelegraph Trail System
1,516 ft-3 ft138 ft
Browns RidgeOverend Mountain Park
2,988 ft-240 ft21 ft
Cap'sTelegraph Trail System
1,368 ft79 ft
CapsTelegraph Trail System
2,293 ft-120 ft
Carbon JunctionGrandview Ridge
2 miles601 ft
Chapman Hill FlowFort Lewis College
1,396 ft-174 ft12 ft
Church CampHidden Valley
3 miles-237 ft370 ft
Cliff Rock LoopTwin Buttes
2 miles-350 ft290 ft
ConnectorPurgatory Resort
436 ft46 ft
Corral Draw (521)Hermosa Creek
5 miles-2,569 ft288 ft
Corral Draw Moto SneakHermosa Creek
1,175 ft99 ft
CowboyGrandview Ridge
2 miles-70 ft283 ft
Cowboy (Mid)Grandview Ridge
1,234 ft-114 ft18 ft
Cowboy (Upper)Grandview Ridge
2,825 ft-175 ft10 ft
CrestviewOverend Mountain Park
2,986 ft106 ft
Crestview ConnectOverend Mountain Park
782 ft-8 ft30 ft
Crite's ConnectGrandview Ridge
2 miles-466 ft28 ft
CT (Big Bend Middle)Durango
3,297 ft-48 ft25 ft
CT (Big Bend North)Durango
4,537 ft-130 ft107 ft
CT (Big Bend)Durango
15 miles-1,650 ft2,532 ft
CT (Hermosa Peak)Durango
2 miles-108 ft539 ft
CT (Highline)Durango
2 miles-158 ft495 ft
CT (Junction Creek)Durango
18 miles-4,783 ft1,432 ft
CT (Sliderock)Durango
2 miles-1,380 ft114 ft
CT ConnectLog Chutes
274 ft8 ft
CuchilloTelegraph Trail System
2 miles-389 ft355 ft
Cuchillo Sugar ConnectorDurango
1,749 ft-14 ft39 ft
CutoffDalla Mountain Park
718 ft-178 ft
Da DumpOverend Mountain Park
1,369 ft-21 ft47 ft
Dallabeta ConnectDurango
1,220 ft-10 ft39 ft
Dark Canyon #814Vallecito Reservoir
2 miles-1,004 ft205 ft
Dark StarOverend Mountain Park
2,513 ft-23 ft429 ft
Dew DropTelegraph Trail System
1,095 ft-45 ft19 ft
DH alternateLog Chutes
1 mile-597 ft
DigglerPurgatory Resort
1 mile-510 ft
DigsThree Springs
3,021 ft-91 ft169 ft
Dirt LoverGrandview Ridge
1,612 ft-96 ft53 ft
Divinity FlowPurgatory Resort
1 mile-719 ft3 ft
Do Drop InnOverend Mountain Park
591 ft107 ft
Dome to da LoamAnimas City Mountain
4,532 ft-423 ft20 ft
DownhillLog Chutes
1 mile-1,041 ft1 ft
Dry ForkDurango
4 miles-1,204 ft15 ft
Dunk TankThree Springs
1,706 ft-109 ft
Dutch CreekHermosa Creek
6 miles-2,536 ft491 ft
East College Drive BikepathTelegraph Trail System
3,566 ft148 ft
East Twin ButtesTwin Buttes
1 mile-76 ft431 ft
Ed & FlowTwin Buttes
3,399 ft-246 ft11 ft
Elbert CreekHermosa Creek
3 miles-106 ft1,426 ft
Electric SlideTelegraph Trail System
514 ft-104 ft
Ella VitaOverend Mountain Park
4,389 ft-332 ft75 ft
Ella Vita ConnectOverend Mountain Park
675 ft-99 ft
Ella Vita CtOverend Mountain Park
1,332 ft-74 ft
EnglehartsOverend Mountain Park
1,942 ft-86 ft87 ft
Extended RidgeTelegraph Trail System
4,413 ft-261 ft69 ft
EZTelegraph Trail System
1,407 ft-20 ft18 ft
Fairgrounds Rd Connect NDurango
1,493 ft-22 ft
FalconOverend Mountain Park
3,560 ft-14 ft240 ft
Falcon (Durango)Overend Mountain Park
1,421 ft-153 ft14 ft
Falcon Kearney ConnectOverend Mountain Park
502 ft
Falls CreekHidden Valley
1,129 ft-15 ft
Fire LineLog Chutes
1,768 ft-265 ft
First Fork #727Missionary Ridge
3 miles-1,591 ft
Flame OutTelegraph Trail System
1,099 ft-105 ft
Goulding CreekHermosa Creek
3 miles-2,288 ft140 ft
Grabens InteriorOverend Mountain Park
1,345 ft-8 ft16 ft
Grabens LoopOverend Mountain Park
3,241 ft-73 ft77 ft
Grandview Singletrack OptionGrandview Ridge
2,339 ft-160 ft
Haflin CreekMissionary Ridge
4 miles-3,067 ft196 ft
Half RidgeTelegraph Trail System
2,923 ft-151 ft3 ft
Hermosa CreekHermosa Creek
14 miles-3,169 ft2,471 ft
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