Mountain Bike
titleriding arearatingdistancedescentclimb
"K" TrailCathedral Hills
1,668 ft-179 ft5 ft
"W" TrailCathedral Hills
4,129 ft-84 ft294 ft
025 Spur RdElkhorn Mountains
1 mile-228 ft626 ft
035 Spur RdElkhorn Mountains
2,675 ft-16 ft402 ft
100 7 StreamsPost Canyon
1 mile-9 ft379 ft
100L Toilet BowlPost Canyon
2,963 ft-219 ft
101 KleewayPost Canyon
4,615 ft-301 ft69 ft
101 Sister WifePost Canyon
1,421 ft-75 ft
102 TrailWinchester Trails
2 miles-272 ft361 ft
105 Lower Gran Prix #105Post Canyon
2,431 ft-169 ft
110 Mitchell RidgePost Canyon
1 mile-606 ft61 ft
112L Shaggy ManePost Canyon
1,542 ft-34 ft47 ft
116 Spaghetti FactoryPost Canyon
1 mile-281 ft54 ft
118 Charlies LoopPost Canyon
3,504 ft-137 ft135 ft
118 Charlies Loop AccessPost Canyon
1,234 ft-13 ft81 ft
130 Whipsnake-Moto TrailPost Canyon
1,434 ft-83 ft4 ft
130 Whipsnake-Moto TrailPost Canyon
2,697 ft-222 ft
130 Whipsnake-Moto TrailPost Canyon
2,047 ft-157 ft62 ft
130-Moto TrailPost Canyon
4,954 ft-57 ft151 ft
130-Moto TrailPost Canyon
1,388 ft59 ft
130-Moto TrailPost Canyon
1 mile-461 ft78 ft
130-Moto TrailPost Canyon
4,291 ft-68 ft158 ft
133 Borderline-Moto TrailPost Canyon
3,232 ft-310 ft
135 Blade Runner #135Post Canyon
1,641 ft-366 ft
13th to GarryannaCorvallis
636 ft33 ft
140 Blue Car downhill-Moto TrailPost Canyon
1 mile-684 ft
140 Hybrid XC AKA Moto-GhettiPost Canyon
2,949 ft-35 ft149 ft
140 Hybrid XC Lower-Moto TrailPost Canyon
2,749 ft-88 ft34 ft
140 Hybrid XC Middle-Moto TrailPost Canyon
1 mile-344 ft14 ft
140 Hybrid XC-Moto TrailPost Canyon
1,841 ft-111 ft
140 to BMS connectorPost Canyon
955 ft-68 ft
150 - 2 Chair 2Post Canyon
1,558 ft-66 ft
150 - Upper 8-Track #150Post Canyon
1 mile464 ft
150L - The BootHood River
3,065 ft-112 ft135 ft
160 Baby HeadsPost Canyon
4,509 ft-475 ft11 ft
160-Moto TrailPost Canyon
1,883 ft-6 ft112 ft
160-Moto TrailPost Canyon
4,770 ft-216 ft108 ft
163 Hidden TrailPost Canyon
1,481 ft-231 ft4 ft
170 Dirt Surfer-Moto TrailPost Canyon
2 miles-941 ft89 ft
2014 Hammer down Hamaker DH Race Advanced LineKeno
2 miles-1,306 ft
214 TrailSilver Falls State Park
2 miles-358 ft757 ft
23rd to 25thCorvallis
279 ft
29 TurnsSilver Falls State Park
1,339 ft-74 ft
3 Blind MicePost Canyon
856 ft-58 ft
5 GallonMoore Mountain
1 mile-322 ft45 ft
8 BallWinchester Trails
1 mile-167 ft149 ft
911Moore Mountain
608 ft-136 ft
A CanelKlamath Falls
4 miles-779 ft754 ft
A TrailEcho West Vineyard
5 miles-276 ft280 ft
Access RoadCarpenter Bypass
3,638 ft-359 ft4 ft
Access RoadTigard
180 ft-7 ft
Access TrailOld Cascade Crest
1,476 ft116 ft
Access TrailSpring Valley State Park
277 ft
Access Trail - Dirt Surfer-Moto TrailPost Canyon
814 ft-90 ft
Acer Cuttin'Thurston Hills Natural Area
364 ft-14 ft7 ft
Acer SpadesThurston Hills Natural Area
1 mile-463 ft45 ft
Adeline Drive Access TrailBolt Mountain / Elk Lane
2,140 ft-103 ft17 ft
ADMIN: COTA: All AreasCentral Oregon
100 ft
Advanced DropsSilver Falls State Park
387 ft-18 ft18 ft
Afternoon DelightSunriver
4 miles-228 ft430 ft
Alice in Wonderland TrailAshland Watershed
1 mile-594 ft55 ft
Allen Throop LoopBald Hill Natural Area
4,501 ft-174 ft110 ft
AlphaMcDonald Forest
2,201 ft-303 ft
AlphaCarpenter Bypass
4,487 ft-118 ft154 ft
AlphaCarpenter Bypass
1 mile-140 ft189 ft
Alpha (alternate)Carpenter Bypass
514 ft-22 ft
Alpha accessCarpenter Bypass
164 ft-2 ft9 ft
Alpine ConnectorAlpine Trails
4,003 ft-164 ft341 ft
Alpine ParkOregon
2,095 ft-82 ft13 ft
Alpine Tie ConnectorAlpine Trails
3,064 ft495 ft
Alpine Trial #3450Oakridge
3 miles-1,026 ft296 ft
Alsea Falls TrailAlsea Falls
2,607 ft-5 ft2 ft
Alt Jump LineMadras East Hills
213 ft
Amanda's TrailMolalla River Trail System
4,829 ft-437 ft
AndylandRocky Point
2 miles-269 ft240 ft
Annies TrailWagner Creek
1,802 ft-142 ft69 ft
Anthill Trail 406BCascade Locks
1 mile-74 ft509 ft
Antiques Roadshow66 Trails
3,269 ft-121 ft123 ft
Antler DropVirtue OHV
1,820 ft-139 ft
Apaloosa #13.2Central Oregon
2 miles-374 ft56 ft
1,260 ft-15 ft48 ft
Arctic CircleTimberline Bike Park
4,636 ft-346 ft
Arm BarMountain of the Rogue Trail System
1 mile-526 ft47 ft
Armstrong Gulch TrailSterling Mine Ditch Trail System
1 mile-218 ft239 ft
Arnold Ice Cave #3963Horse Butte
14 miles-302 ft1,758 ft
Arnold ParkCorvallis
1,161 ft-16 ft13 ft
Arrow TrailGovernment Camp
1,343 ft-292 ft1 ft
Arrowhead PassForest Park
5,016 ft-46 ft385 ft
Arrowood to BoxwoodCorvallis
988 ft67 ft
Ascension TrailBeaverton
3,316 ft-14 ft323 ft
Atsahu TrailForest Park
2 miles-191 ft671 ft
AubreyDead Mountain
2 miles-1,443 ft283 ft
August MountainShellburg Mountain Bike Area
1 mile-338 ft140 ft
Austin Creson ViewpointGray Butte
106 ft6 ft
AutobahnMoore Mountain
2,858 ft-109 ft
Avery Park NorthCorvallis
1,995 ft-8 ft3 ft
Avery Park SouthCorvallis
2,408 ft-5 ft10 ft
Avery Park WestCorvallis
2,635 ft-8 ft11 ft
B LineCarpenter Bypass
4,935 ft-202 ft138 ft
B TrailBolt Mountain / Elk Lane
1,520 ft-209 ft33 ft
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