Mountain Bike
About Time
1 mile-458 ft198 ft
Back Track
3 miles-472 ft1,082 ft
Billy Goat
1,066 ft98 ft
Check Point Charlie
1 mile-13 ft248 ft
1 mile-875 ft
Chili Beans
2,418 ft-6 ft196 ft
682 ft-42 ft50 ft
Foo Fighter
3,022 ft-169 ft
Humpty Jumpty
1,332 ft-117 ft
Ice Breaker
4,544 ft-57 ft99 ft
Icebreaker Link
541 ft3 ft
Jack And The Beanstalk
2 miles-92 ft540 ft
Jack and the Beanstalk (Hard)
591 ft20 ft
Jack's Link
423 ft-3 ft
Jack's Link 2
50 ft
Jumping Jack
2,533 ft-190 ft6 ft
1 mile-844 ft16 ft
Kissing Rock
2,743 ft-439 ft18 ft
Kissing Rock Link
92 ft
Mind the Gap
1,486 ft-128 ft
Mr Twister
1 mile-775 ft75 ft
4,094 ft-255 ft44 ft
NOS Link
282 ft-11 ft9 ft
Pūpū Rahi
3,901 ft-50 ft291 ft
433 ft-18 ft
Rhythm and Vines
1 mile-561 ft194 ft
Riff Raff
1,545 ft-31 ft31 ft
4,114 ft-367 ft17 ft
2,976 ft-95 ft77 ft
Siberian Express
1 mile-265 ft258 ft
Swamp Monster
1,617 ft-40 ft3 ft
Te Ara Kaikohi
2,044 ft-89 ft91 ft
The Bends
4,495 ft-26 ft512 ft
Twister Link
810 ft-59 ft4 ft
Yeah Nah
995 ft-106 ft
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