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Badger TrailGladstone Provincial Park
1.4 miles-526 ft
BC Mine LinkThimble Mountain
2,211 ft-5 ft
Blue TrailMidway Trails
1.4 miles-499 ft
Border LinkMidway Trails
1.4 miles-3 ft
Border TrailMidway Trails
1.4 miles-591 ft
BorisStewart Creek Trails
1.4 miles-1,512 ft
Boris / Wheelchair OutflowStewart Creek Trails
1,330 ft-369 ft
Brown TrailMidway Trails
1.4 miles-69 ft
BundschuGilpin Grasslands Provincial Park
3.1 miles-641 ft
Burnt Basin TrailGladstone Provincial Park
4.5 miles-2,454 ft
Christina Creek TrailChristina Lake
1.1 miles-145 ft
Christina CrestSanta Rosa Trails
9.9 miles-2,314 ft
Dave Swetland Memorial TrailChristina Lake
3.2 miles-2,321 ft
Deer Point TrailGladstone Provincial Park
6.9 miles-2,083 ft
Flag TrailMidway Trails
1.4 miles-79 ft
Green TrailMidway Trails
1.4 miles-367 ft
Green TunnelStewart Creek Trails
6.7 miles-2,374 ft
HarpoldGrand Forks
1.7 miles-758 ft
Harpold 2Grand Forks
1.4 miles-648 ft
Lower DewdneySanta Rosa Trails
3.2 miles-2,232 ft
Lynch CreekLynch Creek
3.2 miles-803 ft
Lynch Creek ConnectorLynch Creek
890 ft-49 ft
ManderLandStewart Creek Trails
444 ft-44 ft
NeedlesThimble Mountain
2.8 miles-2,439 ft
Northwest LynchLynch Creek
3,678 ft-136 ft
Orange TrailMidway Trails
1.4 miles-354 ft
Pink AMidway Trails
1.4 miles-151 ft
Pink TrailMidway Trails
1.4 miles-115 ft
Red TrailMidway Trails
1.0 miles-394 ft
Ripper TrailGrand Forks
3.0 miles-1,808 ft
RiverwalkMidway Trails
1.4 miles-154 ft
Saddle South sideGrand Forks
1.1 miles-898 ft
SpoonerStewart Creek Trails
2.5 miles-1,869 ft
There's WillisStewart Creek Trails
1,944 ft-296 ft
Thimble MountainThimble Mountain
4.8 miles-920 ft
Thimble Mountain OptionThimble Mountain
3,779 ft-198 ft
Trans Canada Trail - C&W Railway (Grand Forks to Christina Lake)Boundary
14.4 miles-735 ft
Trans Canada Trail - C&W Railway (Greenwood to Grand Forks)Boundary
22.7 miles-2,037 ft
Trans Canada Trail - C&W Railway (Midway to Greenwood)Boundary
10.5 miles-320 ft
Trans Canada Trail - C&W Railway (Paulson to Christina Lake)Christina Lake
17.8 miles-2,383 ft
Upper BorisBoundary
2,691 ft-371 ft
Upper DewdneySanta Rosa Trails
3.5 miles-2,159 ft
Vertical SmileChristina Lake
11.8 miles-5,535 ft
Volcanic TrailGrand Forks
3.2 miles-1,851 ft
Westlake (TNT)Stewart Creek Trails
2.8 miles-1,722 ft
Wheelchair AccessStewart Creek Trails
4,516 ft-1,097 ft
Xenia Lake TrailGladstone Provincial Park
4.4 miles-3,094 ft
Yellow TrailMidway Trails
1.4 miles-253 ft
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