Mountain Bike
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* PalominoThree Blind Mice
1,071 ft-66 ft25 ft
2,770 ft-667 ft49 ft
6Stitches Canyon BypassWiltse
662 ft-93 ft12 ft
Afternoon StrollCampbell Mountain
439 ft-121 ft1 ft
Apex DhApex and Surroundings
1 mile-1,609 ft
BearThree Blind Mice
4,236 ft-111 ft95 ft
BearcubThree Blind Mice
1,917 ft-13 ft244 ft
Black BearThree Blind Mice
1 mile-347 ft70 ft
Blue FlamingoCampbell Mountain
2,990 ft-385 ft7 ft
BobcatThree Blind Mice
1 mile-389 ft111 ft
BoneyardThree Blind Mice
4,608 ft-497 ft33 ft
Brent Mtn.Apex and Surroundings
3 miles-154 ft1,583 ft
BroncoThree Blind Mice
4,859 ft-757 ft33 ft
Bronco BillyApex and Surroundings
4,852 ft-859 ft
Burnt Rock RiseCampbell Mountain
2,619 ft-98 ft127 ft
Cabin Trail / Wolf's DenPenticton
1 mile-1,082 ft
Campbell 4xCampbell Mountain
1,104 ft-78 ft8 ft
Campbell DHCampbell Mountain
2 miles-791 ft3 ft
Campbell Forestbrook EntranceCampbell Mountain
4,087 ft-29 ft414 ft
Canoe routeWiltse
4,088 ft-86 ft221 ft
Canyon TrailCampbell Mountain
4,658 ft-118 ft253 ft
Canyon View TrailCarmi
3,298 ft-146 ft142 ft
Carmi LoopCarmi
2 miles-240 ft216 ft
1,013 ft-76 ft50 ft
Chicken NoodleCampbell Mountain
2,581 ft-9 ft173 ft
ChipmunkThree Blind Mice
1 mile-118 ft295 ft
Chute OutThree Blind Mice
3,983 ft-443 ft
4 miles-1,720 ft895 ft
Climax Wet Canyon Bypass pWiltse
2,400 ft-325 ft25 ft
Climb this wayCampbell Mountain
2,545 ft-55 ft150 ft
Code 4Penticton
3 miles-1,382 ft107 ft
Connector (C)Three Blind Mice
1,678 ft-186 ft1 ft
Connector (D)Three Blind Mice
1,021 ft-81 ft9 ft
Cooper's TrailThree Blind Mice
1,612 ft-241 ft5 ft
CorralThree Blind Mice
2 miles-522 ft114 ft
Cow's EndThree Blind Mice
2,423 ft-21 ft112 ft
Creekside - Pen Ave to ForrestbrookPenticton
1 mile-255 ft26 ft
CrowThree Blind Mice
3,593 ft-62 ft172 ft
Crow Alt.Three Blind Mice
941 ft-20 ft98 ft
2 miles-752 ft405 ft
Dave's Whoop TrailCampbell Mountain
2 miles-314 ft87 ft
Dead HorseThree Blind Mice
2,489 ft-189 ft36 ft
Deadhorse ExtensionThree Blind Mice
866 ft-167 ft
Deadhorse ExtensionThree Blind Mice
1,730 ft-268 ft4 ft
DekeThree Blind Mice
1,002 ft-67 ft33 ft
Derenzy DHPenticton
2 miles-508 ft91 ft
Derenzy HufferPenticton
2 miles-736 ft254 ft
Derenzy LakePenticton
2 miles-695 ft134 ft
Devil's ThroatWiltse
619 ft-126 ft
Dino-MiteApex and Surroundings
3 miles-1,240 ft147 ft
Dirty HarryApex and Surroundings
2,970 ft-542 ft
Double NoodleCampbell Mountain
2,073 ft-85 ft136 ft
DQ to West side service roadCampbell Mountain
606 ft119 ft
Drops A LotThree Blind Mice
1 mile-833 ft18 ft
Duncan DHPenticton
1,448 ft-138 ft
2,193 ft-255 ft8 ft
2 miles-788 ft272 ft
EagleThree Blind Mice
3,617 ft-298 ft43 ft
Egg RockWiltse
2 miles-927 ft476 ft
Ellis Canyon TrailCarmi
3 miles-1,120 ft352 ft
Ellis Ridge TrailCarmi
1,824 ft-150 ft138 ft
Far OutThree Blind Mice
2 miles-36 ft782 ft
Fenceline TrailThree Blind Mice
3,261 ft456 ft
FerngullyThree Blind Mice
2,892 ft-332 ft
FioriCampbell Mountain
3,941 ft-168 ft74 ft
Fir LoopCarmi
2,419 ft-195 ft
Flow CoasterThree Blind Mice
2,927 ft-360 ft12 ft
Flow Coaster - Green OutThree Blind Mice
1,762 ft-152 ft31 ft
Flow Coaster - JumpsThree Blind Mice
888 ft-92 ft
FredThree Blind Mice
3 miles-753 ft93 ft
Glenno's LimelightCampbell Mountain
1 mile-100 ft654 ft
God's Mountain ShortcutPenticton
2 miles-223 ft687 ft
Good Sketchy JumpsWiltse
2,533 ft-220 ft3 ft
Good, Bad, Ugly ConnectorApex and Surroundings
3,437 ft-385 ft3 ft
GopherThree Blind Mice
4,139 ft-96 ft171 ft
2 miles-60 ft754 ft
GSpot singletrack warmupWiltse
3,389 ft-15 ft235 ft
High PonyThree Blind Mice
1 mile-515 ft
High RollerThree Blind Mice
1,186 ft-120 ft
Hill's HillsThree Blind Mice
3,960 ft-35 ft321 ft
Hwy 97Three Blind Mice
1,479 ft-193 ft2 ft
Isintok RidgeApex and Surroundings
4 miles-688 ft242 ft
Jack & JillThree Blind Mice
1,375 ft-163 ft
Jack & Jill BypassThree Blind Mice
1,519 ft-162 ft1 ft
JodingeApex and Surroundings
4 miles-722 ft98 ft
JoseThree Blind Mice
4,967 ft-673 ft109 ft
JoseThree Blind Mice
2,399 ft-18 ft56 ft
Ketchup SoupCampbell Mountain
1,693 ft-58 ft169 ft
Kirby'sCampbell Mountain
3,952 ft-269 ft159 ft
Knuckle DusterPenticton
1 mile-901 ft
KVR - Penticton to OK FallsPenticton
8 miles-102 ft98 ft
KVR - Penticton to SummerlandPenticton
7 miles-422 ft821 ft
KVR - Penticton West (Channel Corridor)Penticton
4 miles-9 ft13 ft
KVR-Lakeshore Descent IIEsplanade Trail Network
1,018 ft-168 ft1 ft
KVR/TCT - Penticton to Chute Lake/Highlands TrailPenticton
27 miles-204 ft2,931 ft
Lakeshore trailEsplanade Trail Network
2,603 ft-71 ft63 ft
Lollipop LaneApex and Surroundings
4,832 ft-349 ft112 ft
Lower Tower to Gasline DHCampbell Mountain
1 mile-463 ft237 ft
Lower WhoopsCampbell Mountain
1 mile-433 ft223 ft
LynxThree Blind Mice
5,015 ft-32 ft266 ft
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