40.9 miles
7,928 ft
-7,926 ft
2,576 ft
High Point

Planning for a Stromlo big loop

Detailed Description
Stromlo Big Loop is a 41 mile moderately popular intermediate route located near Canberra. This mountain bike only route can be used one direction and has a hard overall physical rating. This route includes 115 trails. This route climbs 7,928 ft with a max elevation of 2,576 ft then descends -7,926 ft.
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Trails in Route

Papparazzi682 ft
Dusty Critter1,913 ft
Brittle Gums3,730 ft
Holdens Creek2,467 ft
Fenceline2,169 ft
Playground Track407 ft
Rascals2,113 ft
Rascals Detour305 ft
Papparazzi367 ft
Evolution3,176 ft
Fireroad4,022 ft
Evolution Jump Trail1,657 ft
Cockatoo Switch Backs4,058 ft
Downhill4,944 ft
Playground descent794 ft
Papparazzi164 ft
Wattle Happen3,091 ft
Old Duffy Descent2,287 ft
Papparazzi33 miles
Wattle Happen2,694 ft
Blackberry Climb1,296 ft
Slant Six2,369 ft
Blue Tongue3,402 ft
Heartbreaker2,054 ft
Northside Express15 miles
Roller Coaster1,480 ft
Magpie Rock538 ft
Slick Rock3,570 ft
Blood Rock909 ft
Black Snake Gulley2,211 ft
Western Wedgetail1,490 ft
Roller Coaster187 ft
Short & Sharp1,601 ft
Black Snake Climb499 ft
Rough Choice3 miles
Deep Creek4,685 ft
Terminal Velocity630 ft
Spin Doctor1,450 ft
Shadys1,768 ft
Missing Link1,286 ft
Skippys689 ft
Brindabella1,512 ft
Three Amigos2,707 ft
Shadys1,906 ft
Deadgum Dam2,215 ft
No Mans Land482 ft
Crim Track2,182 ft
After Party2,920 ft
Casuarina Climb2,697 ft
Roller Coaster781 ft
Pork Barrel1,430 ft
Black Snake Gulley2,090 ft
Sunset Boulevard1,339 ft
Pork Barrel2,976 ft
Double Dissolution2,398 ft
Party Line2,064 ft
Dingo902 ft
White Gums2,520 ft
Ringtail1,444 ft
Willo Link1 mile
Blue Tongue512 ft
Casuarina Climb2,323 ft
Skyline2,215 ft
Northside Express787 ft
Little Seymour3,215 ft
Breakout3,163 ft
Muck Raker1,247 ft
Remnants1,345 ft
Cockatoo Switch Backs3,363 ft
Blue Gums413 ft
Cardiac Arrest2,011 ft
Hammerhead722 ft
Carolyn's610 ft
Noah's Ark509 ft
Triple Treat551 ft
G-Loc420 ft
Fireroad1,946 ft
Blue Gums958 ft
Bobby Pin Climb883 ft
Emu Run1,175 ft
ABC Switch Backs2,726 ft
City View840 ft
Rockys650 ft
World Cup A-Line607 ft
G-20331 ft
Red Rock Lookout1,014 ft
Rockys673 ft
Vapour1,132 ft
World Cup A-Line850 ft
Red Rock Lookout1,201 ft
Rockys899 ft
Tall Trees1,969 ft
Skyline3,802 ft
Red Rock Lookout1,024 ft
Rockys597 ft
Up The Anti1,522 ft
Rockys4,396 ft
Red Rock Lookout1,037 ft
Rockys584 ft
Trebuchet1 mile
Noah's Ark1,007 ft
Triple Treat991 ft
G-Loc892 ft
Triple Treat3 miles
Playground descent3 miles
Fireroad696 ft
Luge1 mile
Carolyn's1 mile
Blackberry Climb1,253 ft
Triple Treat630 ft
G-Loc630 ft
Wallaby Run873 ft
Playground descent640 ft
Four Cross Track1,368 ft


  • Riding area
  • Primary Activity
    Mountain Bike
  • Difficulty rating
  • Route Type
  • eBike Allowed
  • Bike type
  • Direction
    One Direction
  • Physical rating
  • Ridelogs
More Stats for Stromlo Big Loop mountain bike route
  • Avg time
    2 hr 29 min
  • Altitude min
    1,886 ft
  • Altitude start
    1,963 ft
  • Altitude end
    1,965 ft
  • Grade max