Trail Conditions
  • Unknown
  • Snow Groomed
  • Snow Packed
  • Snow Covered
  • Freeze/thaw Cycle
  • Icy
  • Prevalent Mud
  • Wet
  • Variable
  • Ideal
  • Dry
  • Very Dry
Trail Ridden Direction
Trailforks scans users ridelogs to determine the most popular direction each trail is ridden. A good flowing trail network will have most trails flowing in a single direction according to their intension.
The colour categories are based on what percentage of riders are riding a trail in its intended direction.
  • > 96%
  • > 90%
  • > 80%
  • > 70%
  • > 50%
  • < 50%
Trail Last Ridden
Trailforks scans ridelogs to determine the last time a trail was ridden.
  • < 2 days
  • < 1 week
  • < 2 weeks
  • < 1 month
  • < 6 months
  • > 6 months
Trail Ridden Direction
The intended direction a trail should be ridden.
  • Downhill Only
  • Downhill Primary
  • Both Directions
  • Uphill Primary
  • Uphill Only
  • One Direction
Contribute Details
Colors indicate trail is missing specified detail.
  • Description
  • Photos
  • Description & Photos
  • Videos
Trail Popularity ?
Trailforks scans ridelogs to determine which trails are ridden the most in the last 9 months. Trails are compared with nearby trails in the same city region with a possible 25 colour shades. Think of this as a heatmap, more rides = more kinetic energy = warmer colors.
  • most popular
  • popular
  • less popular
  • not popular
Max Vehicle Width

Radar Time
      1,162 trails
      titleriding areacityprovactivitytype
      "Elephant Rock" White Tank Mountain Regional areaBuckeyeBuckeyeAZatv
      1 UpPirate TrailsGoodyearAZmtb
      105AMingus Mtn.CottonwoodAZmtb
      106Mingus Mtn.CottonwoodAZmtb
      111Mingus Mtn.CottonwoodAZmtb
      118th St. TrailBrown's RanchScottsdaleAZmtb
      126 - Boy Scout TrailPrescottPrescottAZmtb
      136 St. Express mid sectionBrown's RanchScottsdaleAZmtb
      136th Street ExpressBrown's RanchScottsdaleAZmtb
      136th Street ExpressBrown's RanchScottsdaleAZmtb
      136th Street ExpressBrown's RanchScottsdaleAZmtb
      150th Street SpurMcDowell Mountain Regional ParkFountain HillsAZmtb
      158th Street SpurMcDowell Mountain Regional ParkFountain HillsAZmtb
      168th St. SpurMcDowell Mountain Regional ParkFountain HillsAZmtb
      264 - West SpruceThumb ButtePrescottAZmtb
      264 - West SprucePrescottPrescottAZmtb
      28Mingus Mtn.CottonwoodAZmtb
      297 - Smith RavinePrescottPrescottAZmtb
      299 Watershed #299PrescottPrescottAZatv
      3 Loop EastBrownlow / Pioneer ParkPrescottAZmtb
      305 - HomesteadPrescottPrescottAZmtb
      314 #314Thumb ButtePrescottAZhike
      315 - North Thumb ButteThumb ButtePrescottAZmtb
      316 - Pine LakesThumb ButtePrescottAZmtb
      317 - Ridge TopThumb ButtePrescottAZmtb
      318 - West TrailThumb ButtePrescottAZmtb
      318A 318APrescottPrescottAZ
      321 - Butte CreekThumb ButtePrescottAZmtb
      322 - Circle ConnectionThumb ButtePrescottAZmtb
      323 - Butte ConnectionThumb ButtePrescottAZmtb
      324 - Garden PartyThumb ButtePrescottAZmtb
      325 - FirewaterThumb ButtePrescottAZmtb
      326 - Thumb Butte BypassThumb ButtePrescottAZmtb
      327 - Potts CreekThumb ButtePrescottAZmtb
      330 - FeldmeirGoldwater LakesPrescottAZmtb
      332 - JavelinaPrescottPrescottAZmtb
      333 - HoneybucketThumb ButtePrescottAZmtb
      338Mingus Mtn.CottonwoodAZmtb
      341 - HokaygonPrescottPrescottAZmtb
      345 - Mint WashGranite BasinPrescottAZmtb
      346 - Willow ConnectorGranite BasinPrescottAZmtb
      347Granite BasinPrescottAZmtb
      347 (Lower)PrescottPrescottAZmtb
      347 (Lower)PrescottPrescottAZmtb
      347 - WillowGranite BasinPrescottAZ
      347 AccPrescottPrescottAZmtb
      348 - Chimbley WaterPrescottPrescottAZmtb
      350Mingus Mtn.CottonwoodAZmtb
      350 - Surprise SpringsPrescottPrescottAZmtb
      351 - West LakePrescottPrescottAZmtb
      352 - Mint Wash ConnectorPrescottPrescottAZmtb
      366 - Sierra PrietaThumb ButtePrescottAZmtb
      367 - Miller CreekThumb ButtePrescottAZmtb
      371 - Camp 28Goldwater LakesPrescottAZmtb
      372 - Twist and ShoutGoldwater LakesPrescottAZmtb
      373 - Apple BlossomGoldwater LakesPrescottAZmtb
      374 - Hidden ValleyGoldwater LakesPrescottAZmtb
      377 - IsabellaGoldwater LakesPrescottAZmtb
      384 LowerGoldwater LakesPrescottAZmtb
      384 upper #384Goldwater LakesPrescottAZmtb
      386 - Pine Lake ConnectorThumb ButtePrescottAZmtb
      387 - Rancho VistaThumb ButtePrescottAZmtb
      391 - High Valley RanchPrescottPrescottAZmtb
      392 - Garden GroveThumb ButtePrescottAZmtb
      4 Steps DownBrownlow / Pioneer ParkPrescottAZmtb
      40 - Clark SpringGranite BasinPrescottAZmtb
      48 - Aspen CreekPrescottPrescottAZmtb
      51Thumb ButtePrescottAZmtb
      533Mingus Mtn.CottonwoodAZmtb
      551 BlowoutBlowout WashCottonwoodAZmtb
      557 BullseyeBlowout WashCottonwoodAZmtb
      558 Flowing WellBlowout WashCottonwoodAZmtb
      559 CampusBlowout WashCottonwoodAZmtb
      56th TrailScottsdaleScottsdaleAZmtb
      62 - Ranch TrailPrescottPrescottAZmtb
      707Goldwater LakesPrescottAZatv
      74Bradshaw MountainsPrescottAZ
      8-BallSugarloaf (Laguna Mtns.)YumaAZmtb
      89A - West SedonaSedonaSedonaAZmtb
      9003PMingus Mtn.CottonwoodAZmtb
      9261L 9261LPrescottPrescottAZatv
      9261M 9261MPrescottPrescottAZatv
      9401 JPrescottPrescottAZmtb
      9402DThumb ButtePrescottAZmtb
      9403YGoldwater LakesPrescottAZatv
      9404XBradshaw MountainsPrescottAZ
      9415 - Wolverton MountainPrescottPrescottAZmtb
      95 - Salida GulchPrescottPrescottAZmtb
      9541ADead Horse Ranch State ParkCottonwoodAZ
      Access RoadVillage of Oak CreekSedonaAZ
      Access Road #48PrescottPrescottAZmtb
      Adair Jeep LoopSugarloaf (Laguna Mtns.)YumaAZatv
      Aerie (Upper)Dry CreekSedonaAZ
      Alma SchoolBrown's RanchScottsdaleAZmtb
      Almosta #622Granite BasinPrescottAZ
      AlternateBrown's RanchScottsdaleAZmtb
      AlternateLost CreekBuckeyeAZmtb
      AlternateLost CreekBuckeyeAZmtb
      AlternateBrown's RanchScottsdaleAZmtb
      Alto Coop #619Alto PitPrescottAZmoto
      Alto Pit OHV #9 #609Spence BasinPrescottAZatv
      American Ranch #400Granite BasinPrescottAZ
      Antelope CreekBlack CanyonBlack CanyonAZmtb
      Antelope Creek Rd.Black CanyonBlack CanyonAZmtb
      Apache FireRed Rock State ParkSedonaAZhike
      Apache VistaPhoenix Sonoran PreservePhoenixAZmtb
      Apache Wash LoopPhoenix Sonoran PreservePhoenixAZmtb
      ApproachGranite DellsPrescottAZmtb
      Arrastra Creek Trail #275Bradshaw MountainsPrescottAZmoto
      Astoria Trail - CCWGranite DellsPrescottAZ
      Aultman #0546White Hill TrailsCornvilleAZatv
      AxisWestern GatewaySedonaAZ
      Axle GreaseBrown's RanchScottsdaleAZmtb
      AZ Cypress AltDry CreekSedonaAZmtb
      Baby Bell OptionVillage of Oak CreekSedonaAZmtb
      Baby Bell OverlookVillage of Oak CreekSedonaAZmtb
      Baby Granite #320Granite BasinPrescottAZ
      Back YardSugarloaf (Laguna Mtns.)YumaAZmtb
      Backbone Connector (Dirt)CornvilleCornvilleAZmtb
      Backbone Moto TrailPrescottPrescottAZmoto
      Badger BrawlPhoenix Sonoran PreservePhoenixAZmtb
      Badger MountainPrescottPrescottAZmtb
      BajadaWhite Tank Regional ParkWaddellAZmtb
      Balanced Rock (South)Brown's RanchScottsdaleAZmtb
      Balanced Rock TrailBrown's RanchScottsdaleAZmtb
      Balancing Rock #349PrescottPrescottAZ
      BaldwinVillage of Oak CreekSedonaAZ
      Baldwin AccTurkey CreekSedonaAZ
      Baldwin AltVillage of Oak CreekSedonaAZ
      Bam BamStorm TrailsPrescottAZ
      Banning CreekPrescottPrescottAZmtb
      Banning Creek (81)Goldwater LakesPrescottAZmtb
      Barb's TrailBrown's RanchScottsdaleAZmtb
      BartSugarloaf (Laguna Mtns.)YumaAZmtb
      BasaltVillage of Oak CreekSedonaAZ
      Basalt Ridge OverlookBrown's RanchScottsdaleAZmtb
      Basalt Ridge TrailBrown's RanchScottsdaleAZmtb
      BasinGranite DellsPrescottAZmtb
      Basis Loop ConnectorGranite DellsPrescottAZ
      Basis to AstoriaGranite DellsPrescottAZ
      Bat CavesThe VPeoriaAZmtb
      BatmanDog BoneBuckeyeAZmtb
      Battle Flat #389Bradshaw MountainsPrescottAZmoto
      BCT (Antelope Creek)Black CanyonBlack CanyonAZmtb
      BCT (Arrastri Creek)Black CanyonBlack CanyonAZmtb
      BCT (Big Bug)Black CanyonBlack CanyonAZmtb
      BCT (Biscuit Flat)Black CanyonBlack CanyonAZmtb
      BCT (Biscuit Flat)Black CanyonBlack CanyonAZmtb
      BCT (Boy Scout East)Black CanyonBlack CanyonAZmtb
      BCT (Boy Scout West)Black CanyonBlack CanyonAZmtb
      BCT (Bumble Bee)Black CanyonBlack CanyonAZmtb
      BCT (Cheapshot)Black CanyonBlack CanyonAZmtb
      BCT (Doe Valley)Black CanyonBlack CanyonAZmtb
      BCT (Drinking Snake)Black CanyonBlack CanyonAZmtb
      BCT (Hidden Treasure)Black CanyonBlack CanyonAZmtb
      BCT (Kay Mine North)Black CanyonBlack CanyonAZmtb
      BCT (Kay Mine South)Black CanyonBlack CanyonAZmtb
      BCT (Little Pan)Black CanyonBlack CanyonAZmtb
      BCT (Russian Well)Black CanyonBlack CanyonAZmtb
      BCT (Skyline)Black CanyonBlack CanyonAZmtb
      BCT (Soap Creek)Black CanyonBlack CanyonAZmtb
      BCT (Table Mesa)Black CanyonBlack CanyonAZmtb
      BCT (Tech Loop)Black CanyonBlack CanyonAZmtb
      BCT (Williams Mesa)Black CanyonBlack CanyonAZmtb
      BCT (Windmill Valley North)Black CanyonBlack CanyonAZmtb
      BCT (Windmill Valley)Black CanyonBlack CanyonAZmtb
      BCT Access (Antelope Creek)Black CanyonBlack CanyonAZmtb
      BeachSugarloaf (Laguna Mtns.)YumaAZmtb
      Beam Me UPPirate TrailsGoodyearAZmtb
      Bear MountainDry CreekSedonaAZhike
      Beardsley TrailLake Pleasant Regional ParkPeoriaAZmtb
      Bedrock CityStorm TrailsPrescottAZmtb
      Bedrock City - NorthStorm TrailsPrescottAZmtb
      Bell Park AccVillage of Oak CreekSedonaAZmtb
      Bell Rock AccVillage of Oak CreekSedonaAZmtb
      Bell Rock LoopVillage of Oak CreekSedonaAZhike
      Bell Rock PathVillage of Oak CreekSedonaAZ
      Bell Rock Singletrack BypassVillage of Oak CreekSedonaAZmtb
      Bell Trail #13Wet Beaver CreekRimrockAZhike
      Benham TrailWilliamsWilliamsAZmtb
      Big BirdDog BoneBuckeyeAZmtb
      Big Bug Mesa #103Bradshaw MountainsPrescottAZ
      Big Mine TrailHawesMesaAZmtb
      Big Park LoopVillage of Oak CreekSedonaAZ
      Big Park LoopVillage of Oak CreekSedonaAZ
      Big PineyStorm TrailsPrescottAZmtb
      Big Rock CanyonStorm TrailsPrescottAZmtb
      BighornSugarloaf (Laguna Mtns.)YumaAZmtb
      Bill Ensign (182)Dead Horse Ranch State ParkCottonwoodAZ
      Bill Williams Fire roadWilliamsWilliamsAZ
      Bill Williams TrailWilliamsWilliamsAZmtb
      Displaying 1 - 200 of 1162