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Academy Singletrack BypassEagle Mountain
1,461 ft-48 ft
Academy TrailEagle Mountain
1.3 miles-298 ft
Academy Trail ClimbEagle Mountain
1.3 miles-228 ft
BeanBurke Mountain
1,552 ft-325 ft
Bear ClawEagle Mountain
5,004 ft-51 ft
Bear Claw ConnectorEagle Mountain
2.3 miles-757 ft
bert flinn jumplineEagle Mountain
359 ft-14 ft
Bert Flinn Loop TrailEagle Mountain
3,508 ft-102 ft
Bert Flinn Loop TrailEagle Mountain
3,523 ft-266 ft
Blue LineEagle Mountain
1,555 ft-146 ft
BraapBurke Mountain
1,627 ft-238 ft
Broken BladeBurke Mountain
2,676 ft-538 ft
Bullet DodgerBurke Mountain
1.1 miles-1,063 ft
Buntzen Lake TrailEagle Mountain
2,653 ft-59 ft
ConnectorEagle Mountain
525 ft-12 ft
Coquitlam River TrailBurke Mountain
2.2 miles-346 ft
CRCBurke Mountain
1.2 miles-1,007 ft
DawgBurke Mountain
1,479 ft-206 ft
DecapitatorEagle Mountain
3,290 ft-440 ft
DeliveranceBurke Mountain
1,734 ft-594 ft
Eagle Bluff NorthEagle Mountain
1,924 ft-196 ft
Eagle Bluff SouthEagle Mountain
3,128 ft-304 ft
East Bound and DownEagle Mountain
2,676 ft-248 ft
EscalatorBurke Mountain
817 ft-55 ft
Fat BastardEagle Mountain
2,696 ft-594 ft
Fence line TrailEagle Mountain
1,224 ft
FlavelleEagle Mountain
3,120 ft-33 ft
FlowBurke Mountain
1,214 ft-125 ft
FluidBurke Mountain
1,513 ft-259 ft
FlywheelBurke Mountain
1.1 miles-742 ft
Four Lost SoulsEagle Mountain
3,119 ft-391 ft
FranksBurke Mountain
1.3 miles-702 ft
Franks DetourBurke Mountain
1,096 ft-60 ft
Full PullEagle Mountain
1.9 miles-1,745 ft
Galloway TrailBurke Mountain
2,996 ft-425 ft
Garbage TrailBurke Mountain
1,562 ft-234 ft
Grow Op ConnectorBurke Mountain
1,451 ft-220 ft
Hammer TimeEagle Mountain
1,746 ft-322 ft
Hett Creek TrailEagle Mountain
2,133 ft
Home RunEagle Mountain
1,367 ft-8 ft
HustlerBurke Mountain
2,150 ft-227 ft
IMBYEagle Mountain
2,825 ft-49 ft
Juan ValdezEagle Mountain
2,016 ft-375 ft
Lakeview TrailEagle Mountain
2.6 miles-1,217 ft
Little BastardEagle Mountain
1,756 ft-268 ft
Little BearEagle Mountain
2,161 ft-234 ft
Lower Backyard TrailEagle Mountain
1.4 miles-645 ft
Lower Eagle BluffEagle Mountain
2,238 ft-356 ft
Lower Franks-Right OptionBurke Mountain
1,403 ft-163 ft
Lower Vic's TrailBurke Mountain
2,398 ft-480 ft
ManhandlerEagle Mountain
1,858 ft-323 ft
Massage TherapyEagle Mountain
3,854 ft-549 ft
Mossom CreekEagle Mountain
3,503 ft-712 ft
Mossom Creek ConnectorEagle Mountain
1,246 ft-124 ft
NescafeBurke Mountain
4,191 ft-622 ft
NS-ConnectorEagle Mountain
487 ft-37 ft
Old Buntzen Lake TrailEagle Mountain
4,487 ft-419 ft
OvertimeBurke Mountain
1,350 ft-202 ft
PathEagle Mountain
1,547 ft-80 ft
PhysiotherapyEagle Mountain
3,624 ft-18 ft
Pre-Dodger 1Burke Mountain
1,106 ft-300 ft
Pre-Dodger 2Burke Mountain
430 ft-82 ft
Psycho TherapyEagle Mountain
729 ft
2,301 ft-442 ft
Randy'sBurke Mountain
3,808 ft-407 ft
Ray Ray's Fun FactoryBurke Mountain
1,342 ft-394 ft
RecycleBurke Mountain
1,293 ft-189 ft
Red RBurke Mountain
2,889 ft-732 ft
Ridden ArtBurke Mountain
1,085 ft-243 ft
Riverview Forest TrailRiverview Forest
1.2 miles-202 ft
SandinistaBurke Mountain
2,878 ft-402 ft
SawbladeBurke Mountain
1,868 ft-371 ft
ShaloamEagle Mountain
678 ft-152 ft
Shock TherapyEagle Mountain
306 ft
SidewinderEagle Mountain
2,553 ft-451 ft
SixBurke Mountain
1,147 ft-276 ft
SlayerBurke Mountain
1,074 ft-250 ft
StarzEagle Mountain
Starz-Line 1Coquitlam
2,349 ft-137 ft
Starz-Line 3Eagle Mountain
1,576 ft-103 ft
StingerEagle Mountain
3,132 ft-435 ft
The DentistEagle Mountain
3,255 ft-561 ft
The HammerBurke Mountain
2,111 ft-344 ft
The MistressEagle Mountain
1,581 ft-208 ft
Three Little PigsEagle Mountain
631 ft-137 ft
Triple CrownBurke Mountain
1,956 ft-313 ft
Tylers TrailBurke Mountain
1,386 ft-222 ft
Upper Backyard TrailEagle Mountain
2,542 ft-6 ft
Upper ElevatorBurke Mountain
1,892 ft-577 ft
Upper Vic'sBurke Mountain
1,273 ft-405 ft
Wall Bypass TrailEagle Mountain
1,138 ft
WoodburnerEagle Mountain
782 ft
Woodland WalkBurke Mountain
1.4 miles-177 ft
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