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Seattle, Washington
United States
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WTA Washington Trails Association
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Washington Trails Association mobilizes hikers and everyone who loves the outdoors to explore, steward and champion trails and public lands.

Riding Areas

nametrailstotal descenthighest trailtotal distance
Bainbridge Island Japanese American Exclusion Memorial3-2 ft40 ft1,050 ft
Banner Forest Heritage Park65-2,219 ft445 ft25 miles
Barnum Point County Park11-316 ft133 ft4 miles
Battle Point Park2-121 ft151 ft2 miles
Beacon Hill112-11,326 ft2,603 ft42 miles
Beacon Rock State Park20-2,529 ft2,930 ft21 miles
Bead Lake4-4,480 ft4,423 ft21 miles
Beezley Hill36-6,522 ft2,304 ft25 miles
Bellevue Open Space7-189 ft871 ft2 miles
Bennington Lake13-190 ft1,284 ft9 miles
Berthusen Memorial Park26-27 ft111 ft4 miles
Big Buck Wildlife Area7-2,447 ft3,481 ft13 miles
Big Finn Hill Park28-1,445 ft558 ft6 miles
Birch Bay State Park1-20 ft38 ft2,503 ft
Black Diamond Open Space25-1,346 ft706 ft12 miles
Black Lake2-174 ft147 ft2 miles
Blanchard Mountain42-11,392 ft2,290 ft41 miles
Blyth Park8-848 ft480 ft4 miles
Boulder River Wilderness12-6,964 ft1 mile31 miles
Bresemann Forest11-46 ft349 ft2 miles
Brooks Memorial State Park10-671 ft2,901 ft7 miles
Buck Lake and Hansville Greenway9-249 ft194 ft4 miles
Buck Mountain9-5,107 ft4,251 ft25 miles
Buckhorn Wilderness40-23,583 ft1 mile77 miles
Burfoot Park5-277 ft130 ft1 mile
Burton Acres3-79 ft142 ft1 mile
Calispell Ridge2-247 ft1 mile2 miles
Cama Beach State Park8-298 ft341 ft5 miles
Camano Island State Park6-353 ft317 ft4 miles
Camano Ridge6-497 ft577 ft4 miles
Camp Long7-280 ft337 ft6 miles
Cape Disappointment State Park12-991 ft313 ft14 miles
Cape Horn4-1,388 ft1,307 ft5 miles
Capitol Forest80-30,526 ft2,658 ft200 miles
Cappy's Trails2-61 ft176 ft2,585 ft
Catherine Creek Recreation Area (Syncline)32-10,521 ft2,056 ft32 miles
Central Kettle Crest21-11,765 ft1 mile55 miles
Chambers Creek Regional Park16-680 ft242 ft7 miles
Chamna Natural Preserve13-85 ft371 ft9 miles
Cherry Valley32-2,922 ft890 ft16 miles
Chinook Bend Natural Area5-18 ft63 ft2 miles
Clark's Creek Park6-414 ft342 ft3 miles
Clearwater Wilderness10-8,406 ft1 mile29 miles
Coldwater Lake / Mt Margaret5-1,318 ft3,946 ft9 miles
Columbia National Wildlife Refuge6-154 ft1,085 ft5 miles
Colville Mountain21-1,994 ft2,866 ft9 miles
Colville Trails12-235 ft531 ft2 miles
Cooper Ranch12-5,130 ft3,262 ft33 miles
Cougar Mountain Regional Wildland Park73-7,781 ft1,596 ft44 miles
Couger Creek Woods Community Park3-117 ft212 ft5,157 ft
Crystal Lake15-380 ft540 ft4 miles
Danville Georgetown Open Space28-1,172 ft801 ft16 miles
Dark Divide165-107,730 ft1 mile583 miles
Darlin Creek Preserve00 ft0 ft0 ft
Dash Point State Park30-1,768 ft549 ft15 miles
Deception Falls State Park2-54 ft1,923 ft3,176 ft
Deception Pass State Park43-3,687 ft491 ft18 miles
Dishman Hills Natural Area6-513 ft2,397 ft5 miles
Dockton Forest32-1,392 ft349 ft7 miles
Domke Lake Resort2-85 ft4,036 ft5 miles
Dosewallips State Park4-367 ft473 ft3 miles
Dry Gulch Preserve5-1,085 ft2,143 ft5 miles
Dry Hill120-19,517 ft2,161 ft58 miles
Dungeness National Wildlife Refuge3-195 ft131 ft6 miles
Dungeness Recreation Area10-140 ft143 ft4 miles
Duthie Hill Mountain Bike Park40-1,340 ft526 ft9 miles
Eagle Ridge8-284 ft2,295 ft3 miles
Echo Ridge42-9,560 ft4,330 ft60 miles
Elger Bay Preserve5-215 ft228 ft2 miles
Enchantment Park10-88 ft1,136 ft2 miles
Enchantments6-4,299 ft1 mile11 miles
Evans Creek Preserve11-774 ft499 ft3 miles
Evergreen Rotary Park4-22 ft24 ft4,964 ft
Fallen Leaf Park19-777 ft476 ft4 miles
Falls Creek27-8,530 ft1 mile93 miles
Farrel McWhirter Park7-554 ft291 ft2 miles
Farrell's Marsh9-52 ft262 ft1 mile
Fauntleroy Park2-92 ft262 ft3,425 ft
Federation Forest State Park12-244 ft1,685 ft6 miles
Flaming Geyser State Park00 ft0 ft0 ft
Foothills42-4,814 ft2,598 ft27 miles
Forest Ridge Park9-33 ft217 ft1 mile
Fort Ebey State Park38-2,469 ft232 ft17 miles
Fort Flagler State Park14-163 ft176 ft8 miles
Fort Townsend State Park20-596 ft341 ft8 miles
Fort Ward Park5-498 ft203 ft4 miles
Fort Worden State Park7-402 ft246 ft3 miles
Frater Lake15-987 ft3,927 ft13 miles
Frog Holler9-140 ft423 ft3 miles
Frye Cove County Park1-84 ft114 ft4,800 ft
Gazzam Lake Nature Preserve13-1,387 ft389 ft7 miles
Geophysical Trails6-202 ft2,588 ft6 miles
Gibbs Lake7-349 ft604 ft5 miles
Gillette Ridge11-3,983 ft1 mile33 miles
Ginkgo Petrified State Forest00 ft0 ft0 ft
Glacier Peak Wilderness70-70,787 ft2 miles332 miles
Glacier View Wilderness8-2,249 ft1 mile19 miles
Glenrose - Phillips Creek7-1,904 ft2,933 ft7 miles
Goat Mountain20-19,695 ft1 mile125 miles
Goat Rock Wilderness56-30,747 ft2 miles180 miles
Gold Creek - Dungeness9-10,482 ft5,277 ft47 miles
Gold Hill Community Forest13-1,485 ft2,693 ft6 miles
Gotchen Creek32-9,219 ft1 mile83 miles
Grand Forest15-618 ft354 ft7 miles
Grand Ridge Park42-3,474 ft1,343 ft25 miles
Grays Harbor College2-65 ft121 ft1 mile
Green Mountain18-3,405 ft1,682 ft24 miles
Green River Gorge2-398 ft731 ft1 mile
Greenbank Farm16-562 ft302 ft5 miles
Haddon Park1-25 ft99 ft1,345 ft
Hall-Grassy Divide17-11,052 ft1 mile62 miles
Hanford Reach1-58 ft867 ft1,319 ft
Hartman Park10-265 ft440 ft1 mile
Hawley Cove Park2-3 ft53 ft1,306 ft
Hazel Wolf Wetlands Preserve3-68 ft529 ft2 miles
Henry's Ridge Open Space42-3,213 ft866 ft18 miles
Hidden Cove Park2-142 ft148 ft1 mile
Highlands Snow Park19-5,410 ft1 mile48 miles
Highline Seatac Botanical Garden3-12 ft384 ft2,090 ft
Hospital Hill/Spring Street11-3,050 ft2,152 ft10 miles
Hovander Homestead Park5-26 ft26 ft4 miles
Howard Miller Steelhead Park2-19 ft241 ft2 miles
Hoypus Hill12-807 ft413 ft8 miles
Icicle Ridge2-6,247 ft1 mile15 miles
Illahee Preserve Heritage Park21-296 ft462 ft5 miles
Iller Creek Conservation Area11-3,496 ft3,671 ft12 miles
Indian Heaven Wilderness33-8,166 ft1 mile67 miles
Interlaken Park9-366 ft369 ft5 miles
Island Center Forest35-903 ft427 ft12 miles
Iverson Spit Preserve3-20 ft22 ft1 mile
Japanese Gulch71-3,448 ft552 ft17 miles
Joe Watt Canyon7-2,803 ft3,211 ft10 miles
Joseph Whidbey State Park6-65 ft68 ft2 miles
Juanita Woodlands Park Trails8-278 ft424 ft1 mile
Judd Creek Preserve4-207 ft246 ft2 miles
Juel Community Park1-18 ft99 ft2,456 ft
Kachess Ridge33-23,146 ft1 mile89 miles
Kamiak Butte County Park00 ft0 ft0 ft
Kanaskat-Palmer State Park17-250 ft870 ft5 miles
Kennedy Summit Lake68-6,629 ft942 ft40 miles
Kilckitat Wild and Scenic Area3-107 ft218 ft4,610 ft
La Center Bottoms3-17 ft148 ft1 mile
Lacamas Park63-2,002 ft398 ft15 miles
Lake Chelan National Rec. Area (North Cascades N.P.)27-9,540 ft2 miles71 miles
Lake Chelan Sawtooth Wilderness48-28,841 ft2 miles185 miles
Lake Chelan State Park00 ft0 ft0 ft
Lake Easton Sno-Park14-207 ft2,274 ft4 miles
Lake Easton State Park30 ft0 ft0 ft
Lake Padden9-1,287 ft902 ft9 miles
Lake Sacajawea Park7-70 ft23 ft4 miles
Lake Sawyer72-2,584 ft733 ft26 miles
Lake Whatcom Park13-4,148 ft2,530 ft19 miles
Lakemount Community Park6-710 ft894 ft3 miles
Lakemount Highlands Park8-510 ft1,114 ft5 miles
Leadbetter Point State Park4-65 ft38 ft6 miles
Leavenworth Ski Hill49-22,475 ft4,490 ft66 miles
Lee Memorial Forest19-813 ft703 ft5 miles
Legacy Park16-150 ft616 ft2 miles
Lewis and Clark State Park10-275 ft567 ft9 miles
Lewis Creek Park5-396 ft1,135 ft3 miles
Lewisville Regional Park1-159 ft253 ft3 miles
Liberty Bell School Campus1-376 ft1,894 ft5 miles
Liberty Lake County Park16-4,172 ft5,006 ft36 miles
Lily Point6-318 ft226 ft2 miles
Lincoln Park17-312 ft170 ft5 miles
Little Bald Mountain11-6,951 ft1 mile39 miles
Little Huckleberry Mountain1-57 ft4,766 ft2 miles
Little Mountain Park40-2,168 ft923 ft18 miles
Little Naches87-58,682 ft1 mile378 miles
Lookout Mountain2-244 ft1 mile3 miles
Lookout Mountain46-22,039 ft2,664 ft53 miles
Loomis Natural Resources Conservation Area5-2,225 ft1 mile23 miles
Lord Hill Regional Park76-5,493 ft760 ft29 miles
Lost Lake6-677 ft4,737 ft5 miles
Lucerne00 ft0 ft0 ft
Luther Burbank Park14-138 ft142 ft2 miles
Lyne Cherry Orchard2-192 ft1,113 ft3 miles
Mad River - Entiat131-118,440 ft2 miles577 miles
Makarenko Park2-24 ft126 ft1 mile
Manastash Ridge Trails30-9,817 ft3,880 ft48 miles
Manchester State Park5-60 ft77 ft4,459 ft
Manzanita Park3-115 ft146 ft2 miles
Maple Creek Park4-471 ft968 ft4 miles
Martha Lake Airport Park20 ft501 ft2,359 ft
Marymoor Park8-225 ft381 ft9 miles
Maury Island Natural Area14-792 ft388 ft7 miles
Maxwelton10-242 ft305 ft3 miles
May Creek Park2-203 ft381 ft2 miles
McCollum Park4-337 ft507 ft4 miles
McCormick Woods Trail System10 ft0 ft0 ft
McKenzie Conservation Area5-713 ft2,592 ft5 miles
McNary National Wildlife Refuge BurBank Wallula6-254 ft417 ft4 miles
McNary National Wildlife Refuge BurBankSlough4-44 ft368 ft2 miles
Meadowdale Beach Park3-396 ft419 ft1 mile
Meadows Open Space7-289 ft956 ft1 mile
Merrill Lake4-751 ft1,713 ft6 miles
Mica Peak Conservation Area27-4,501 ft5,161 ft24 miles
Middle Fork Snoqualmie13-2,542 ft4,969 ft53 miles
Mill Pond7-903 ft3,086 ft5 miles
Miller Peninsula State Park26-2,497 ft422 ft26 miles
Monte Cristo / Nestor Peak25-14,244 ft4,269 ft59 miles
Moran State Park41-15,600 ft2,403 ft46 miles
Moss Lake42-2,499 ft784 ft17 miles
Moulton and Lucia Falls8-512 ft637 ft4 miles
Mount Adams Recreation Area4-291 ft1 mile5 miles
Mount Baker Recreation Area7-1,479 ft2 miles20 miles
Mount Baker Wilderness73-28,024 ft2 miles144 miles
Mount Muller6-6,956 ft3,722 ft22 miles
Mount Pilchuck State Park8-342 ft1 mile11 miles
Mount Pleasant14-2,825 ft2,490 ft11 miles
Mount Si Natural Resources Conservation Area19-2,975 ft4,785 ft33 miles
Mount Skokomish Wilderness17-3,647 ft1 mile24 miles
Mount Spokane27-12,667 ft1 mile41 miles
Mt Bonaparte4-1,083 ft4,222 ft6 miles
Mt. St. Helens National Volcanic Monument91-40,129 ft2 miles189 miles
Mud Mountain5-2,748 ft3,112 ft21 miles
Narbeck Wetlands and Bird Sancuary3-89 ft572 ft1 mile
Nason Ridge17-12,031 ft1 mile54 miles
Newberry Hill Heritage Park25-1,055 ft543 ft15 miles
Nike Park6-384 ft429 ft1 mile
Nisqually State Park00 ft0 ft0 ft
Noisy-Diobsud Wilderness5-1,073 ft1 mile5 miles
Nolte State Park2-60 ft813 ft1 mile
Nooksack Wildlife Area3-11 ft14 ft5 miles
Norse Peak Wilderness19-12,157 ft1 mile66 miles
North Kettle Crest18-10,303 ft1 mile49 miles
North Kitsap Heritage Park16-801 ft339 ft9 miles
North SeaTac Park52-367 ft395 ft7 miles
Oak Tree Park4-22 ft312 ft4,094 ft
Olallie State Park24-3,662 ft4,347 ft33 miles
Oldman Pass17-3,625 ft4,028 ft42 miles
Olympic Discovery8-4,697 ft1,512 ft84 miles
Olympic Experimental State Forest5-5,864 ft2,708 ft38 miles
Orange-Gate Park1-203 ft491 ft4,756 ft
Orchards Park12-15 ft245 ft2 miles
Osborne Mountain25-15,301 ft1 mile96 miles
Pack Forest9-1,098 ft2,013 ft6 miles
Palisade Park21-959 ft2,222 ft12 miles
Panther Creek Falls2-229 ft1,819 ft1,585 ft
Paradise Valley Conservation Area25-782 ft451 ft12 miles
Pearrygin Lake State Park3-656 ft2,231 ft6 miles
Pinnacle Peak Park6-53 ft1,786 ft4 miles
Pioneer Park33-260 ft350 ft6 miles
Pioneer Park10 ft25 ft3,497 ft
Pipestone Canyon31-20,030 ft1 mile90 miles
Point Defiance Park19-838 ft301 ft17 miles
Point No Point Lighthouse and Park1-113 ft119 ft3,757 ft
Port Gamble Forest Heritage Park95-6,319 ft496 ft49 miles
Possession Beach Waterfront Park2-126 ft406 ft3,717 ft
Puget Creek Natural Area20 ft299 ft4,180 ft
Putney Woods / Metcalf Trust Trails44-1,464 ft305 ft14 miles
Radar Dome/Clark Creek OHV Area8-4,409 ft4,459 ft19 miles
Raging River State Forest35-6,903 ft3,361 ft49 miles
Rattlesnake Slope Wildlife Area11-1,208 ft3,548 ft40 miles
Redmond Watershed Preserve43-1,417 ft611 ft26 miles
Rendezvous Basin3-2,522 ft4,236 ft12 miles
Rendezvous Wildlife Area4-2,358 ft3,319 ft12 miles
Rhododendron Park7-28 ft202 ft3 miles
Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge10-83 ft82 ft5 miles
Rim Rock Lake Area21-5,017 ft1 mile45 miles
Ring Hill Forest6-476 ft573 ft3 miles
Rockport State Park6-527 ft821 ft4 miles
Rocky Top18-3,105 ft2,651 ft17 miles
Roosevelt Pond6-143 ft221 ft2 miles
Roslyn Area Trails31-9,515 ft3,773 ft47 miles
Ross Lake National Recreation Area39-11,004 ft1 mile92 miles
Saddle Rock Natural Area9-2,806 ft2,910 ft10 miles
Saddleback Open Space7-514 ft1,042 ft2 miles
Sage Hills37-9,139 ft3,786 ft54 miles
Sakai Park3-69 ft208 ft4,649 ft
Salmon Creek Regional Park3-79 ft73 ft5 miles
Salmon-Morgan Creeks Natural Area4-61 ft303 ft1 mile
Saltese Conservation Area12-1,273 ft2,649 ft13 miles
Samish Crest Open Space36-1,134 ft847 ft11 miles
Seahurst Park8-548 ft399 ft4 miles
Seaquest State Park14-387 ft650 ft5 miles
Seward Park13-422 ft145 ft5 miles
Sharpe Park10-822 ft484 ft3 miles
Silver Lake Park7-351 ft971 ft3 miles
Silver Star Scenic Area22-13,839 ft4,375 ft43 miles
Siouxon Area18-12,514 ft4,198 ft54 miles
Skokomish River29-12,509 ft4,557 ft78 miles
Snoqualmie Ridge6-839 ft1,005 ft4 miles
Soaring Eagle Park36-1,661 ft563 ft13 miles
South Hill Area4-254 ft2,323 ft4 miles
South Hill Bluff18-3,272 ft2,331 ft18 miles
South Kettle Crest12-6,341 ft1 mile29 miles
South Seatac29-1,144 ft432 ft5 miles
South Whidbey State Park9-603 ft429 ft4 miles
Spring Lake/Lake Desire24-2,174 ft869 ft11 miles
Springboard Trail4-583 ft3,599 ft5 miles
Squaxin Park10-309 ft142 ft4 miles
Squilchuck State Park14-2,278 ft3,678 ft12 miles
St. Edward State Park35-2,197 ft592 ft9 miles
Steamboat Rock State Park11-1,179 ft2,346 ft11 miles
Steigerwald Lake5-29 ft46 ft7 miles
Stephen Mather Wilderness33-22,683 ft2 miles132 miles
Stevenson Ridge Natural Resource Conservation Area10-2,119 ft3,506 ft26 miles
Stimpson Family Nature Reserve6-443 ft799 ft4 miles
Suak Mountain Area3-1,266 ft1 mile3 miles
Summit Ridge29-1,429 ft762 ft9 miles
Sun Lakes - Dry Falls State Park10-414 ft1,326 ft9 miles
Swan Creek Park33-1,405 ft446 ft14 miles
Swan Lake2-401 ft3,691 ft3 miles
Table Mountain55-36,893 ft1 mile193 miles
Table Mountain Natural Resources Conservation Area4-197 ft3,412 ft2 miles
Tacoma Nature Center9-150 ft419 ft2 miles
Tahoma State Forest5-569 ft4,732 ft5 miles
Tahuya State Forest42-4,096 ft576 ft64 miles
Taneum Canyon67-45,393 ft1 mile238 miles
Taylor Mountain20-4,294 ft2,552 ft27 miles
Teanaway Community Forest183-48,046 ft1 mile261 miles
Ted Olson Nature Preserve2-77 ft334 ft2,536 ft
Terrence Heights1-180 ft1,472 ft1,932 ft
The Kettles Trails44-2,719 ft259 ft13 miles
Thornton A Sullivan Park2-135 ft517 ft2,268 ft
Three Brothers Wilderness4-1,966 ft1 mile15 miles
Three Forks Natural Area4-12 ft421 ft2 miles
Tibbetts Mountain6-2,730 ft4,074 ft8 miles
Tieton River Trail9-1,073 ft4,374 ft23 miles
Titlow Park4-50 ft49 ft2 miles
Tokul East54-5,473 ft1,011 ft20 miles
Tokul West51-5,904 ft1,024 ft23 miles
Tolmie State Park5-304 ft148 ft2 miles
Tolt Pipeline4-1,366 ft521 ft17 miles
Trapper Creek Wilderness18-5,397 ft4,408 ft30 miles
Trustland Trails Park8-177 ft245 ft3 miles
Turtleback Mountain Preserve8-1,834 ft1,477 ft10 miles
Twanoh State Park2-594 ft421 ft2 miles
Union Bay Natural Area7-62 ft45 ft2 miles
Valley View Forest1-83 ft356 ft2,064 ft
Vancouver Lake Park2-40 ft31 ft4 miles
Waikiki Springs5-658 ft1,780 ft4 miles
Walker Creek Preserve5-189 ft195 ft1 mile
Wallace Falls State Park12-1,937 ft3,423 ft25 miles
Wapato Hills Park6-52 ft410 ft2 miles
Wapato Park8-86 ft356 ft2 miles
Warren G. Magnuson Park10-36 ft44 ft4 miles
Washington Park22-1,023 ft241 ft7 miles
Washington Park Arboretum19-445 ft154 ft8 miles
Wenas Wildlife Area23-12,609 ft4,086 ft73 miles
West Crest Park3-459 ft445 ft2 miles
West Fork Lewis River Greenway4-94 ft272 ft2 miles
Whatcom Falls Park13-335 ft361 ft9 miles
Whidbey Institute8-454 ft450 ft3 miles
Whipple Creek Park30-870 ft308 ft9 miles
Whiskey Dick Wildlife Area5-5,133 ft2,792 ft29 miles
White Mountain10 ft2,682 ft2 miles
White Pass Nordic Center20-906 ft4,768 ft8 miles
White Pass Ski Area43-17,155 ft1 mile21 miles
Whitworth University Back 4037-1,236 ft1,929 ft10 miles
Wild Sky Wilderness - Eagle Rock Unit8-2,150 ft1 mile23 miles
Wild Sky Wilderness - Ragged Ridge Unit00 ft0 ft0 ft
Wild Sky Wilderness - West Cady Unit3-1,459 ft1 mile8 miles
Willapa National Wildlife Refuge9-581 ft264 ft12 miles
William O. Douglas Wilderness67-39,401 ft1 mile237 miles
Willis D. Tucker Community Park8-294 ft570 ft2 miles
Willows Fjords2-263 ft334 ft4 miles
Wind Mountain10 ft1,867 ft1 mile
Wolf Trails19-559 ft2,316 ft4 miles
Woodridge Open Space4-269 ft260 ft2 miles
Wright Park1-41 ft324 ft4,724 ft
Yacolt Burn State Forest42-15,035 ft3,500 ft76 miles

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 Our mission:
Washington Trails Association mobilizes hikers and everyone who loves the outdoors to explore, steward and champion trails and public lands.

We believe:
That exploring nature is good for people’s hearts, minds and bodies, and that hiking is a powerful way for everyone to connect with Washington’s natural wonders.
That people will protect the places they love to hike, from local parks to remote wilderness.

It is vitally important for everyone to have the opportunity to access the outdoors, and we are committed to reducing barriers to hiking trails and lands.
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