Trail Conditions
  • Unknown
  • Snow Groomed
  • Snow Packed
  • Snow Covered
  • Snow Cover Inadequate
  • Freeze/thaw Cycle
  • Icy
  • Prevalent Mud
  • Wet
  • Variable
  • Ideal
  • Dry
  • Very Dry
Trail Flow (Ridden Direction)
Trailforks scans users ridelogs to determine the most popular direction each trail is ridden. A good flowing trail network will have most trails flowing in a single direction according to their intension.
The colour categories are based on what percentage of riders are riding a trail in its intended direction.
  • > 96%
  • > 90%
  • > 80%
  • > 70%
  • > 50%
  • < 50%
  • bi-directional trail
  • no data
Trail Last Ridden
Trailforks scans ridelogs to determine the last time a trail was ridden.
  • < 2 days
  • < 1 week
  • < 2 weeks
  • < 1 month
  • < 6 months
  • > 6 months
Trail Ridden Direction
The intended direction a trail should be ridden.
  • Downhill Only
  • Downhill Primary
  • Both Directions
  • Uphill Primary
  • Uphill Only
  • One Direction
Contribute Details
Colors indicate trail is missing specified detail.
  • Description
  • Photos
  • Description & Photos
  • Videos
Trail Popularity ?
Trailforks scans ridelogs to determine which trails are ridden the most in the last 9 months. Trails are compared with nearby trails in the same city region with a possible 25 colour shades. Think of this as a heatmap, more rides = more kinetic energy = warmer colors.
  • most popular
  • popular
  • less popular
  • not popular
Max Vehicle Width

Radar Time
x Activity Recordings
Trailforks users anonymized public ridelogs from the past 6 months.
  • mountain biking recent
  • mountain biking (>6 month)
  • hiking (1 year)
  • moto (1 year)
Activity Recordings
Trailforks users anonymized public skilogs from the past 12 months.
  • Downhill Ski
  • Backcountry Ski
  • Nordic Ski
  • Snowmobile
Jump Magnitude Heatmap
Heatmap of where riders jump on trails. Zoom in to see individual jumps, click circles to view jump details.
Trails Deemphasized
Trails are shown in grey.
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      235 trails
      titleriding areacityprovactivitytype
      0800 O.S.H. MeRivenrockCartertonmtb
      2 Bee LineTunnel Gully (Pakuratahi Forest)Upper Huttmtb
      250 East ClimbTunnel Gully (Pakuratahi Forest)Upper Huttmtb
      250 East DHTunnel Gully (Pakuratahi Forest)Upper Huttmtb
      250 East ExtensionTunnel Gully (Pakuratahi Forest)Upper Huttmtb
      491Wainuiomata Trail Park (WTP)Lower Huttmtb
      About TimeArapuke ForestPalmerston Northmtb
      Access TrailWainuiomata Trail Park (WTP)Lower Huttmtb
      Ahimate Zig-ZagsPalmerston NorthPalmerston Northmtb
      Albert St Single Trail and JumpsPalmerston NorthPalmerston Northmtb
      Aorangi CrossingWellington Regionmtb
      Arapuke RdPalmerston NorthPalmerston Northmtb
      Arapuke Rd LinkArapuke ForestPalmerston Northmtb
      Arapuke RoadArapuke ForestPalmerston Northmtb
      Back RoadTunnel Gully (Pakuratahi Forest)Upper Huttmtb
      Back TrackArapuke ForestPalmerston Northmtb
      BankerWainuiomata Trail Park (WTP)Lower Huttmtb
      Barney RubbleRivenrockCartertonmtb
      Bee LineTunnel Gully (Pakuratahi Forest)Upper Huttmtb
      BeelineWainuiomata Trail Park (WTP)Lower Huttmtb
      Bees 2 BridgeTunnel Gully (Pakuratahi Forest)Upper Huttmtb
      Billy GoatArapuke ForestPalmerston Northmtb
      Blackberry LaneRivenrockCartertonmtb
      Boulder DashRivenrockCartertonmtb
      BrazilianTunnel Gully (Pakuratahi Forest)Upper Huttmtb
      Cameron RidgePencarrow Headmtb
      Cannon Point roadTotara ParkUpper Huttmtb
      Cater ReserveCartertonCartertonhike
      Check Point CharlieArapuke ForestPalmerston Northmtb
      ChewbaccaArapuke ForestPalmerston Northmtb
      Chur-No-BullWainuiomata Trail Park (WTP)Lower Huttmtb
      Coast to PinCartertonCartertonmtb
      Concrete JunglePaneiri ParkPalmerston Northmtb
      Creek CrossingWainuiomata Trail Park (WTP)Lower Huttmtb
      Cross Creek TrackUpper HuttUpper Huttmtb
      DecompressionArapuke ForestPalmerston Northmtb
      Dela RosaTunnel Gully (Pakuratahi Forest)Upper Huttmtb
      Dennis' DiversionRivenrockCartertonmtb
      DirectaWainuiomata Trail Park (WTP)Lower Huttmtb
      DozerWainuiomata Trail Park (WTP)Lower Huttmtb
      Eastern Block RoadArapuke ForestPalmerston Northmtb
      ECNZ Pylon accessWellington Regionmtb
      ECNZ Pylon track (Northern section)Lower HuttLower Huttmtb
      ECNZ Pylon track (South section)Wainuiomata Trail Park (WTP)Lower Huttmtb
      Ewok RdArapuke ForestPalmerston Northmtb
      Farside RdArapuke ForestPalmerston Northmtb
      Flow KTunnel Gully (Pakuratahi Forest)Upper Huttmtb
      Flow-KKaitoke Regional ParkUpper Huttmtb
      Foo FighterArapuke ForestPalmerston Northmtb
      Foxton Beach TrailFoxton Beach Mountain Bike TrailPalmerston Northmtb
      FreewheelWainuiomata Trail Park (WTP)Lower Huttmtb
      G-DropTunnel Gully (Pakuratahi Forest)Upper Huttmtb
      G-Drop ExtensionTunnel Gully (Pakuratahi Forest)Upper Huttmtb
      Goat RockTunnel Gully (Pakuratahi Forest)Upper Huttmtb
      Going PostalRivenrockCartertonmtb
      Goodwin DriveLower HuttLower Huttmtb
      Grassy ExtensionPalmerston NorthPalmerston Northmtb
      Greens RoadPalmerston NorthPalmerston North
      Greytown Off Road LoopCartertonCartertonmtb
      Gums LoopWainuiomataWainuiomatamtb
      Half Flow (The Wolf)Tunnel Gully (Pakuratahi Forest)Upper Huttmtb
      Hall Block RdTe ApitiPalmerston Northmtb
      Handlebar HillRivenrockCartertonmtb
      He Ara Kotahi PathwayPalmerston NorthPalmerston North
      Humpty DumptyTunnel Gully (Pakuratahi Forest)Upper Huttmtb
      Humpty JumptyArapuke ForestPalmerston Northmtb
      Hutt River Trail - Harcourt Park to Te MaruaUpper HuttUpper Huttmtb
      Hutt River Trail - Hikoikoi to Melling BridgeLower HuttLower Huttmtb
      Hutt River trail - Kennedy Good Bridge to TaitaLower HuttLower Huttmtb
      Hutt River trail - Melling Bridge to Kennedy Good BridgeLower HuttLower Huttmtb
      Hutt River Trail - Taita to Harcourt ParkUpper HuttUpper Huttmtb
      Ice BreakerArapuke ForestPalmerston Northmtb
      Icebreaker LinkArapuke ForestPalmerston Northmtb
      Inner LoopCarterton Mountain Bike ParkCartertonmtb
      Jack And The BeanstalkArapuke ForestPalmerston Northmtb
      Jack and the Beanstalk (Hard)Arapuke ForestPalmerston Northmtb
      Jack's LinkArapuke ForestPalmerston Northmtb
      Jack's Link 2Arapuke ForestPalmerston Northmtb
      Jumping JackArapuke ForestPalmerston Northmtb
      Jungle GymWainuiomata Trail Park (WTP)Lower Huttmtb
      Jungle ScoutWainuiomata Trail Park (WTP)Lower Huttmtb
      Kahuterawa RoadArapuke ForestPalmerston Northmtb
      Kaitoke Hill TrackKaitoke Regional ParkUpper Huttmtb
      Kaitoke PylonTotara ParkUpper Huttmtb
      KāreareaArapuke ForestPalmerston Northmtb
      KereruLower HuttLower Huttmtb
      KilnLower HuttLower Huttmtb
      KinderspeilWainuiomata Trail Park (WTP)Lower Huttmtb
      KingsleyLower HuttLower Huttmtb
      KinkPaneiri ParkPalmerston Northmtb
      Kiriwhakapapa TramlineMastertonMastertonmtb
      Kissing RockArapuke ForestPalmerston Northmtb
      Kissing Rock LinkArapuke ForestPalmerston Northmtb
      Kiwi Ranch TrackUpper HuttUpper Huttmtb
      KohanapiripiriPencarrow Headmtb
      KohangateraPencarrow Headmtb
      Kohangatera LookoutPencarrow HeadWellingtonmtb
      Konini FirebreakWainuiomata Trail Park (WTP)Lower Huttmtb
      LabyrinthWainuiomata Trail Park (WTP)Lower Huttmtb
      Langlands LoopRivenrockCartertonmtb
      Link Track (Directa to Beeline)Wainuiomata Trail Park (WTP)Lower Huttmtb
      Link Track (ECNZ to Freewheel stage 2)Wainuiomata Trail Park (WTP)Lower Huttmtb
      Link Track (ECNZ to Freewheel stage 3)Wainuiomata Trail Park (WTP)Lower Huttmtb
      Link Track (ECNZ to Labyrinth)Wainuiomata Trail Park (WTP)Lower Huttmtb
      Link Track (ECNZ to Spoonhill Hub)Wainuiomata Trail Park (WTP)Lower Huttmtb
      Link Track (Wetland to Wetland)Wainuiomata Trail Park (WTP)Lower Huttmtb
      LoopPalmerston NorthPalmerston Northmtb
      LoopyPaneiri ParkPalmerston Northmtb
      Lower Pig TrackTunnel Gully (Pakuratahi Forest)Upper Huttmtb
      Lower Times TablesTunnel Gully (Pakuratahi Forest)Upper Huttmtb
      Macaskill LookoutKaitoke Regional ParkUpper Huttmtb
      Maidstone DHUpper HuttUpper Huttmtb
      Main Trunk LineRivenrockCartertonmtb
      Makairo TrackMastertonMastertonmtb
      Manawatu River PathwayPalmerston NorthPalmerston North
      Mangaone Stream PathwayPalmerston NorthPalmerston North
      Mangaroa TunnelTunnel Gully (Pakuratahi Forest)Upper Huttmtb
      Mawson Street exitWainuiomata Trail Park (WTP)Lower Huttmtb
      McMillanWainuiomata Trail Park (WTP)Lower Huttmtb
      Middle PigTunnel Gully (Pakuratahi Forest)Upper Huttmtb
      Midslope catch trackArapuke ForestPalmerston Northmtb
      MitesPaneiri ParkPalmerston Northmtb
      Mohaka MeanderWainuiomata Trail Park (WTP)Lower Hutt
      MoreporkWainuiomata Trail Park (WTP)Lower Huttmtb
      Morepork Gracefield Road ExitWainuiomata Trail Park (WTP)Lower Huttmtb
      Mount KenWainuiomata Trail Park (WTP)Lower Huttmtb
      Mr TwisterArapuke ForestPalmerston Northmtb
      Mt BakerWellington Regionmtb
      Mt Baker ReturnWellington Regionmtb
      Mt ClimieTunnel Gully (Pakuratahi Forest)Upper Huttmtb
      Mt Climie firebreakTunnel Gully (Pakuratahi Forest)Upper Huttmtb
      Mt DickCarterton Mountain Bike ParkCartertonmtb
      Mt Dick DescentCarterton Mountain Bike ParkCartertonmtb
      Mt Frith TrackUpper HuttUpper Huttmtb
      Mt LowryWainuiomata Trail Park (WTP)Lower Huttmtb
      NewOldSkoolArapuke ForestPalmerston Northmtb
      Nga TunaWainuiomata Trail Park (WTP)Lower Huttmtb
      Ngapuna TrackWellington RegionLower Hutthike
      No. 8 Wire LinkArapuke ForestPalmerston Northmtb
      NOS LinkArapuke ForestPalmerston Northmtb
      Oak CanyonPaneiri ParkPalmerston Northmtb
      Outer LoopCarterton Mountain Bike ParkCartertonmtb
      PavlovaWainuiomata Trail Park (WTP)Lower Huttmtb
      Pelvic Laser AttackTunnel Gully (Pakuratahi Forest)Upper Huttmtb
      Pencarrow HeadPencarrow Headmtb
      Pencarrow to Wainui Coast RdPencarrow Headmtb
      Pinehaven RidgeLower HuttLower Huttmtb
      Pink PanterPaneiri ParkPalmerston Northmtb
      Pioneer RoadRivenrockCartertonmtb
      Plateau Ridge (Extended Brake)Tunnel Gully (Pakuratahi Forest)Upper Huttmtb
      Playing PossumRivenrockCartertonmtb
      Pondy LoopTunnel Gully (Pakuratahi Forest)Upper Huttmtb
      Powerlines TrackLower HuttLower Huttmtb
      Pukeatua BridgeWainuiomata Trail Park (WTP)Lower Hutt
      Pūpū RahiArapuke ForestPalmerston Northmtb
      PuririWainuiomata Trail Park (WTP)Lower Huttmtb
      Pylon Loop TrackKaitoke Regional ParkUpper Huttmtb
      Pylon TrackUpper HuttUpper Huttmtb
      Quarry TrackRivenrockCarterton
      Radiata RumbleRivenrockCartertonmtb
      RamboArapuke ForestPalmerston Northmtb
      Rata RidgeWainuiomata Trail Park (WTP)Lower Huttmtb
      Red TrackWainuiomata Trail Park (WTP)Lower Huttmtb
      Redfern (Link Track)Wainuiomata Trail Park (WTP)Lower Huttmtb
      Remutaka Rail TrailTunnel Gully (Pakuratahi Forest)Upper Huttmtb
      Rhythm and VinesArapuke ForestPalmerston Northmtb
      Riff RaffArapuke ForestPalmerston Northmtb
      Rimutaka Rd Summit TrackUpper HuttUpper Huttmtb
      RipperArapuke ForestPalmerston Northmtb
      RiversidePalmerston NorthPalmerston North
      Riverside LinkPalmerston NorthPalmerston Northmtb
      RockyArapuke ForestPalmerston Northmtb
      ScootersUpper HuttUpper Hutt
      Scotts RdArapuke ForestPalmerston Northmtb
      ScrimsWainuiomata Trail Park (WTP)Lower Huttmtb
      Second StarWainuiomata Trail Park (WTP)Lower Huttmtb
      Set of 9Wainuiomata Trail Park (WTP)Lower Huttmtb
      Short 4WD road to summit lookoutLower HuttLower Huttmtb
      Shuttle RdArapuke ForestPalmerston Northmtb
      Siberian ExpressArapuke ForestPalmerston Northmtb
      Snail TrailWainuiomata Trail Park (WTP)Lower Huttmtb
      Spexit (Spoonhill link)Wainuiomata Trail Park (WTP)Lower Huttmtb
      SpoonhillWainuiomata Trail Park (WTP)Lower Huttmtb
      Staircase / Forest ElbowRivenrockCarterton
      Station DriveTunnel Gully (Pakuratahi Forest)Upper Huttmtb
      Station LinkTunnel Gully (Pakuratahi Forest)Upper Huttmtb
      Station Link - Easy UpTunnel Gully (Pakuratahi Forest)Upper Huttmtb
      Summit RoadLower HuttLower Huttmtb
      Super Plus (2019) - Upper HalfWainuiomata Trail Park (WTP)Lower Huttmtb
      Super Plus linkWainuiomata Trail Park (WTP)Lower Huttmtb
      Swamp MonsterArapuke ForestPalmerston Northmtb
      Takapari Road TrackTe ApitiPalmerston North
      Tana Umaga TrackWainuiomataWainuiomatamtb
      TaniwhaTunnel Gully (Pakuratahi Forest)Upper Huttmtb
      Te Ara KaikohiArapuke ForestPalmerston Northmtb
      Te Ara o MahurangiTe ApitiPalmerston Northmtb
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