Supported/Adopted Trails

719Mountain Station
9 Point CowbellMountain Station
AccessNelson's North Shore
AccessNelson's North Shore
AccessMountain Station
AccessNelson's North Shore
AccessNelson's North Shore
AccessGiveout and Gold Creek
AccessMountain Station
AccessGiveout and Gold Creek
AccessNelson's North Shore
AccessMountain Station
AccessNelson's North Shore
AccessNelson's North Shore
AccessNelson's North Shore
Access GoldmemberGiveout and Gold Creek
Access RoadGiveout and Gold Creek
Access RoadMountain Station
Access3Giveout and Gold Creek
access4Mountain Station
Access5Giveout and Gold Creek
AntlerSmallwood Creek
BadgerMountain Station
Bear's DenGiveout and Gold Creek
BigwoodSmallwood Creek
BoneyardMountain Station
Born AgainMorning Mountain
Bottoms UpMorning Mountain
Bradley Creek FSRNelson's North Shore
Burl IvesGiveout and Gold Creek
Cherry Tops Access TrailShannon Pass
Climbing Trail 2Nelson's North Shore
Climbing Trail ConnectorNelson's North Shore
ConnectorMorning Mountain
ConnectorGiveout and Gold Creek
ConnectorMorning Mountain
ConnectorMorning Mountain
ConnectorShannon Pass
CrowsnestSmallwood Creek
Dole DosserMountain Station
Doz SlabsNelson's North Shore
Eli SimMountain Station
Eli Sim To Rail TrailMountain Station
Evening Ridge RoadMountain Station
ExpressoMountain Station
Fairly HighGiveout and Gold Creek
Fat ChanceMountain Station
Five Knuckle HuckleMountain Station
Frog JamSvoboda Road
FSRNelson's North Shore
FSR (To Upper Powerslave)Giveout and Gold Creek
Giveout Creek FSRGiveout and Gold Creek
Glade RunnerNelson's North Shore
Gold RushGiveout and Gold Creek
HighballerGiveout and Gold Creek
HighballerGiveout and Gold Creek
HitmanNelson's North Shore
HoneyMountain Station
IlluminatiMorning Mountain
Kokanee Glacier RoadNelson's North Shore
KutcornersMountain Station
LeftyMorning Mountain
Legalize ItMountain Station
Log JamSvoboda Road
Long SvobodaSvoboda Road
LowballerGiveout and Gold Creek
Mister SlaveMorning Mountain
Morning SicknessNelson's North Shore
Nelson Salmo Great Northern TrailNelson
NewtsacNelson's North Shore
NoonerNelson's North Shore
North Selous FSRMountain Station
Oil CanMorning Mountain
Paper BagSvoboda Road
Parking Lot ConnectorMorning Mountain
Placenta DescentaMorning Mountain
Pogies RdGiveout and Gold Creek
Powerslave ConnectorGiveout and Gold Creek
Reservoir TrailMountain Station
Rise N FryMorning Mountain
Rover-Midslope FSRBlewett
Salmo Troup Rail TrailGiveout and Gold Creek
Shannon PassShannon Pass
Shannon Pass AccessNelson
ShastaMountain Station
ShitackerNelson's North Shore
Silverking TrailGiveout and Gold Creek
Sitkum-Alpine FSRNelson's North Shore
SkirtMountain Station
Smallwood TrailSmallwood Creek
Smiling BuddhaMountain Station
Space JunkMountain Station
SpurMountain Station
SpurMountain Station
SqueelerSvoboda Road
Svoboda RoadSvoboda Road
Svoboda TraverseSvoboda Road
Taster's ChoiceBlewett
The GimpNelson
The VeinMountain Station
Tiger BeefMountain Station
TNTMountain Station
to skirt and space junkMountain Station
Toe JamSvoboda Road
TurnstylesMorning Mountain
Una CanumaSvoboda Road
Unit CrewzerMorning Mountain
Upper and Lower Goose BumpsNelson
Upper BottomsMorning Mountain
Upper GoldmemberGiveout and Gold Creek
Upper HitmanNelson's North Shore
Upper Hitman AccessNelson's North Shore
VallelujahSmallwood Creek
WaldorfianGiveout and Gold Creek
West BranchGiveout and Gold Creek
West Kokanee Face FSRNelson's North Shore
West Kokanee Face FSRNelson's North Shore
Wet DreamNelson
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