Supported/Adopted Trails

American Creek to Divide CreekAnaconda
Boulder Rd. to Flume GultchButte
CDT (414)Twin Lakes
CDT (4th Of July)CDT - North Beaverheads
CDT (Anderson Mtn Road)CDT - North Beaverheads
CDT (Bannack Pass-Deadman Lake)Lima
CDT (Bannock Pass-Goat Mtn)CDT - Bannock Pass
CDT (Berry Creek Meadows - Miner Creek)CDT - Upper Bighole
CDT (Berry Creek Meadows)CDT - Upper Bighole
CDT (Big Beaver-Shineberger)Garfield Peaks
CDT (Big Hole Pass)CDT - North Beaverheads
CDT (Black Peak NM)Fort Bayard
CDT (Blair Lake to Red Rock Pass)Eastern Centennials
CDT (Bradley Gulch)CDT - North Beaverheads
CDT (Buffalo Spring)Garfield Peaks
CDT (Chamberlain-Meadow)Lima
CDT (Chief Joseph)Chief Joseph Pass
CDT (Deadman Pass)Leadore
CDT (Elk Mountain)Leadore
CDT (Flesher to Stemple)Helena
CDT (Flume Creek)CDT - Upper Bighole
CDT (FS 1897 to Priest Pass)Helena
CDT (Garfield Mountain)Garfield Peaks
CDT (Gibbons Pass)Chief Joseph Pass
CDT (Goat Mtn-Lemhi Pass)Leadore
CDT (Goldstone)CDT - Upper Bighole
CDT (Harkness Lakes)Lima
CDT (Henderson Gulch)Lima
CDT (Hogan to Schultz Saddle)Chief Joseph Pass
CDT (Jahnke)CDT - Upper Bighole
CDT (Left Fork Peterson)CDT - Bannock Pass
CDT (Miner Creek - Big Swamp Creek)CDT - Upper Bighole
CDT (Modoc Ridge)Garfield Peaks
CDT (Morrison Lake-Tex Cr.)Lima
CDT (NF 136 to Austin Mullan Pass Rd)Helena
CDT (Powerline)Twin Lakes
CDT (Priest Pass to Austin Mullan Pass)Helena
CDT (Raynolds Pass)Mack's Inn
CDT (Road 8275)Lima
CDT (Rogers Pass to Wilderness Bdry #440)Helena
CDT (Rogers to Flesher)Helena
CDT (Schultz Saddle to RWA)Anaconda-Pintler
CDT (Shineberger-Sawmill)Garfield Peaks
CDT (South Fork Sheep)CDT - North Beaverheads
CDT (Stemple Pass to NF 136)Helena
CDT (Swamp Cr - Carmen Cr)CDT - Upper Bighole
CDT (Tendoy Creek)Lima
CDT (Tepee Mtn-Morrison Lake)Leadore
CDT (Tex-Coyote)Lima
CDT (Three Mile Ridge)CDT - North Beaverheads
CDT (Twin Lakes)CDT - North Beaverheads
CDT (West Pole Creek)Carlson Peak
CDT - Divide Creek RidgeAnaconda
CDT - Lower Seymour Lake to Sullivan CreekAnaconda
CDT - Section 7Little Walnut
CDT - Two TopLionhead
CDT Access American Creek Rd.Anaconda
CDT Access Deep Creek Rd.Anaconda
CDT MacDonald PassMacDonald Pass
CDT Targhee PassLionhead
CDT to Hahn Creek Rd.Helena
CDT-Eastern Centennial MtnsEastern Centennials
CDT-Western Centennial MtnsWestern Centennials
Continental Divide National Scenic TrailHelena
Continental Divide TrailCrownpoint
Continental Divide TrailCrownpoint
CT CDTCarlson Peak
CT/CDT (Jarosa Mesa)Carlson Peak
CT/CDT (La Garita Stock Driveway)Carlson Peak
CT/CDT (Snow Mesa)Carlson Peak
Divide RoadMack's Inn
Dry Creek to Seymour Lake Rd.Anaconda
Hahn Creek Rd. to Telegraph Creek Rd.Helena
Lick Creek (078)CDT - North Beaverheads
Long Creek RdWestern Centennials
Marshall Pass (CT-16)Salida
Mile Creek (CDT)Lionhead
Modoc RoadGarfield Peaks
Ontario Creek Rd. to Thunderbolt MountainHelena
Seymour Creek Rd. to Dry Creek Rd.Anaconda
Southern San Juan CDTPagosa Springs
Thunderbolt Mountain to Shamrock Rd.Helena
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