statustitleriding arearatingdistancedescent
435 ft-21 ft
1.6 miles-154 ft
1,961 ft-91 ft
6.4 miles-409 ft
Agate EastKlondike Bluffs
3,665 ft-28 ft
Agate WestKlondike Bluffs
4,013 ft-74 ft
Ahab ConnectorAmasa Back
253 ft-14 ft
AlaskaKlondike Bluffs
3.9 miles-941 ft
Amasa BackAmasa Back
4,603 ft-253 ft
Amasa Back SpurAmasa Back
883 ft-14 ft
Arths CornerMag 7
1.5 miles-294 ft
AzuriteKlondike Bluffs
1.2 miles-280 ft
Baby StepsKlondike Bluffs
2,636 ft-51 ft
Baby StepsKlondike Bluffs
1.1 miles-76 ft
Baby StepsKlondike Bluffs
4,194 ft-91 ft
Baby Steps LoopKlondike Bluffs
1.8 miles-81 ft
Baby Steps NorthKlondike Bluffs
1.3 miles
Baby Steps NorthKlondike Bluffs
1.9 miles-378 ft
Baby Steps SingletrackKlondike Bluffs
1.2 miles-165 ft
Baby Steps SouthKlondike Bluffs
5,140 ft-23 ft
Bar BMoab Brand Trails
2.3 miles-299 ft
Bar M CliffMoab Brand Trails
1,994 ft-67 ft
Bartlett DropoutMoab
1,642 ft-70 ft
Bartlett WashMoab
2.5 miles-275 ft
Behind The RocksMoab
4,416 ft-84 ft
Behind The Rocks (Loop 1)Moab
4,940 ft
Behind The Rocks (loop 3)Moab
2.3 miles-220 ft
Big ChiefDeadhorse Point
3.6 miles-228 ft
Big LonelyNavajo Rocks
3.1 miles-165 ft
Big MesaNavajo Rocks
3.3 miles-497 ft
Blue DotMoab
1.8 miles-642 ft
Blue HillsMoab
6.7 miles-665 ft
BoondocksSovereign Trail System
3,921 ft-171 ft
BoondocksSovereign Trail System
3,467 ft-58 ft
BorderlineSovereign Trail System
5,147 ft-271 ft
BorderlineSovereign Trail System
3,827 ft-142 ft
Borderline ShrineSovereign Trail System
53 ft-1 ft
Boren MesaLa Sal Mountains
2.5 miles-653 ft
Brushy BasinSovereign Trail System
2,292 ft-185 ft
Bull RunMag 7
1.9 miles-591 ft
Bull Run (lower)Mag 7
3.2 miles-479 ft
Bulldog (5504)Abajo Mountains
4.1 miles-87 ft
Burro PassLa Sal Mountains
5.1 miles-2,067 ft
Campground ConnectorHorsethief
577 ft
Captain AhabAmasa Back
4.2 miles-1,441 ft
CarouselSovereign Trail System
5,136 ft-85 ft
Cedar MountainSovereign Trail System
1.4 miles-55 ft
Cedar MountainSovereign Trail System
4.0 miles-747 ft
Cedar Mtn Drop OutSovereign Trail System
222 ft-2 ft
Chilkoot PassKlondike Bluffs
2,383 ft-46 ft
Chilkoot PassKlondike Bluffs
3,045 ft-64 ft
1.4 miles-198 ft
Chisholm (NW)Horsethief
5.9 miles-583 ft
Circle OMoab Brand Trails
3.1 miles-341 ft
Clark LakeLa Sal Mountains
2.2 miles-1,260 ft
Clark Lake LoopLa Sal Mountains
1.0 miles-315 ft
Coney IslandNavajo Rocks
3.0 miles-788 ft
Cross CanyonSovereign Trail System
1.3 miles-281 ft
CrossroadsDeadhorse Point
1.6 miles-151 ft
DeadmansMoab Brand Trails
3.3 miles-723 ft
Deadmans AccMoab Brand Trails
470 ft-18 ft
Deadmans ConnMoab Brand Trails
220 ft
Dino FlowKlondike Bluffs
5.4 miles-511 ft
DunestoneSovereign Trail System
2,373 ft-8 ft
DunestoneSovereign Trail System
1.1 miles-138 ft
EKGKlondike Bluffs
3.7 miles-673 ft
EKGKlondike Bluffs
3,915 ft-108 ft
EKG (N)Klondike Bluffs
4,999 ft-127 ft
EscapeMoab Brand Trails
1,033 ft-58 ft
EZMoab Brand Trails
1.3 miles-71 ft
EZ AccessMoab Brand Trails
1,156 ft-22 ft
Ez AccessMoab Brand Trails
151 ft
Fisher MesaLa Sal Mountains
3,432 ft-150 ft
Fisher MesaLa Sal Mountains
10.6 miles-986 ft
Fisher MesaLa Sal Mountains
3.8 miles-1,151 ft
Getaway (lower)Mag 7
1.2 miles-121 ft
Getaway (middle)Mag 7
1.3 miles-96 ft
Getaway (Top)Mag 7
3.1 miles-640 ft
Getaway (upper)Mag 7
2.2 miles-375 ft
Gold Bar Rim
3,433 ft-107 ft
Gold Bar RimMoab
1.8 miles-999 ft
Gold Bar RimMoab
2.2 miles-247 ft
Goldbar (Mag 7)Mag 7
3.2 miles-354 ft
Goldbar AccMoab
1,805 ft
Golden SpikeMoab
2.4 miles-584 ft
Gooseberry TrailAbajo Mountains
3.3 miles-1,218 ft
GravitronSovereign Trail System
1.9 miles-515 ft
Great EscapeMag 7
3.4 miles-598 ft
Great PyramidDeadhorse Point
2.3 miles-211 ft
GypsySovereign Trail System
832 ft
Hazard CountyLa Sal Mountains
3.0 miles-1,198 ft
Hells CanyonLa Sal Mountains
3.2 miles-2,449 ft
3,048 ft-187 ft
Hidden Valley (Barney Rubble)Moab
2.3 miles-276 ft
HomerKlondike Bluffs
4,034 ft-19 ft
HotdogSovereign Trail System
4,032 ft-62 ft
HoudiniSovereign Trail System
1.8 miles-195 ft
Hunter RimAmasa Back
1.5 miles-289 ft
HyMasaAmasa Back
1.8 miles-254 ft
HyMasa (upper)Amasa Back
3,010 ft-55 ft
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